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  • Jessica Simpson Is Having A......?

    Posted by Rachel Leigh

    Jessica Simpson is expecting a baby boy! She accidentally told the world on Jimmy Kimmel!

    To bad she used the name Maxwell for her daughter because that's a good boy name! Do you think she is going to use a strange name for her son?


  • Creepy Old Photobomb

    Posted by Rachel Leigh

    I didn't notice this right away but you first look and the cute kids and then all of a sudden BAM, there's a creepy old guy in the background! Who knew photobombing started way back in the day!

  • TSA Detains 3-Year-Old Girl In A Wheelchair

    Posted by Rachel Leigh

    I know the TSA has to do their job but did they really have to do this? They can see the girl is upset and they ask the family the same questions over and over again! What do you think about this? 

  • Rihanna's Stay Music Video

    Posted by Rachel Leigh

    I love this song but I do not care about the music video! I think they could have done more than just seeing Rihanna in a bath tub. Too simple for me! What do you think? 

  • This is CRAZY!!

    Posted by Rachel Leigh

    I seriously started watching this and tried very hard to figure out what he was painting! I thought it was a joke and someone was going to say it was! You need to watch how crazy this is! AMAZING!!!

  • Who Else Got Stuck?

    Posted by Rachel Leigh

    The gosh darn snow beat me today! I almost go stuck in the street on the way to work but instead I got stuck in the parking lot instead! Our AWESOME guys who plow our work parking lots pushed me out! THANK YOU!!!

    Did you get stuck at all? 

  • Valentine's Day Date Ideas for Every Stage of Dating

    Posted by Rachel Leigh

    Wondering what you should plan for Valentines day or what is appropriate plan for relationships longer than 2 months?

    It can get confusing (for the guys) ;-)

    A relationship expert from has three suggestions for every stage of dating.

    1.) If you've been dating for two to six months. Go wine tasting. Take dance or cooking lessons together. Check out live music at a hip lounge. 

    -My advice would be a day trip to Door County for wine tasting 

    2.) If you've been dating for about a year. Take a hike with wine and a picnic lunch. (Just don't do the picnic lunch outside if you live in Wisconsin, haha) Do a scavenger hunt around town with sentimental locations. Book a room at a nearby boutique hotel.

    -I would agree with the scavenger hunt and then at a nice hotel and either going home or go to a hotel and have a picnic lunch in front of a fire. 

    3.) If you've been dating for more than two years. Plan a ski trip and get a room with a fireplace or a jacuzzi. Book a spa weekend and get an in-room couples massage. Propose as well, but you should have done sooner if you knew she was the one ;-)

    -There is just something about a fireplace and a jacuzzi that is romantic!