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  • There is an app for everything!

    Posted by Rachel Leigh


    I know my mom always had trouble getting me to do chores. What parent didn’t have trouble or still has trouble. They say that there is an app for everything and that is so true. There is a new app called Choremonster and it claims it will make your kids beg to do chores. This sounds so awesome!

    Here‘s how it works….

     Parents program chores in the app and they give each chore point values. So, for cleaning their bedroom it could be worth 15 points and then one point for closing the cereal box up.

    Parents then set up rewards that your kids can redeem after they earn a certain number of points. You can decide what the grand prize is. It could be as little as a video game or as big as a camping trip or sleep over with friends. Kids can download the app to see the chores and review their rewards.

    The people behind Choremonster say that so far they’ve gotten a ton of positive feedback from parents. You can get the app free for iPhone.

    Parents sign up at to get their kids registered.

    If I had kids I would totally use this. I think it will work well for parents and getting their kids busy with chores. With technology these days I’m sure kids will love to use the iPhone or iPod Touch to look at their chores instead of their parents telling them.

  • We are never EVER getting back together

    Posted by Rachel Leigh

    Taylor Swift hopes to send a powerful message to one real-life ex-boyfriends with the release of her new break-up anthem We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together because he just cannot take the hint she is over him.

    With the release on Monday of the new single Swift explains she grew so frustrated by endless rumors she was reuniting with a certain unnamed ex, she decided to set the record straight.

    She tells news show Nightline, "I was writing in the studio and then this guy walks in, who was a friend of my ex's, and he starts talking about how he's heard that we are getting back together and that was not the case."

    So when this friend of the ex left, Swift's songwriting partner Max Martin was like, "So what's the story behind that? and so she started telling him this story of this break-up, get back together, break-up, get back together and how it was just the worst. Swift then picked up the guitar and Max said, "This is what we're writing".

    As much as some people say they do not like Taylor Swift, I think they can relate to her new single, "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together". I can relate to the song so I know others can. I want to hear your stories. I am sure there are some good ones.



  • Anybody have bad tattos?

    Posted by Rachel Leigh

    The other day I was watching TLC and started watching the show America's Worst Tattoos. It made me laugh at times. I was also in shock that people would get a tattoo done that was so stupid or trust someone they shouldn't have and then they get stuck with a bad tattoo. I should say a REALLY BAD tattoo.

    I would like to know if any of our listeners have a tattoo they regret. I have zero tattoos and I'm going to keep it that way because I do not like needles. If you would like to send a picture to me that would be awesome too!


    Here's a little clip of the show on TLC if you haven't seen it yet!

  • I can't breathe through my nose. I need help!

    Posted by Rachel Leigh

    Most of you know that I am sick because I sound funny on air. I really would like to enjoy my sleep and most of all, I would LOVE to be able to breathe through my nose. My lips are dry and I can't drink enough water to make my mouth not dry. I've been getting text from you on how to get rid of my cold or whatever it is. I swear I've tried everything but I did find steps to get rid of a cold.

    Step 1

    Take herb echinacea or vitamin C or zinc. These could help reduce the length of the cold.

    One should probably take these everyday. I should listen to my Grandma she did say to take my vitamin C.

    Step 2

    Take a supplement such as edlerberry or aconitum. Elderberry, also known as edler, is sold commercially as extract called Sambucol. According to the University of Maryland, Sambucol has been shown to reduce cold symptoms by three days.

    I am on day 5 so I know for next time to take some Sambucol when I have my first symptom.

    Step 3

    Take an over-the-counter pain reliever such as acetaminophen for headaches or body aches.

    Advil is taking care of that for me!

    Step 4

    Take and over-the-counter decongestant or an over-the-counter decongestant nasal spray to reduce congestion and enable better breathing.

    I am taking Dayquil and nasal sprays make my nose bleed so that will not work.

    Step 5

    Take and over-the-counter cough syrup if you have a cough associated with a cold.

    I cannot stand the taste of cough syrup. I would probably not keep the cough syrup down.

    Step 6

    Drink fluids such as water, juice or warm tea to avoid dehydration from fever or your body's production of mucus.

    I feel like I'm drinking something all the time and it's still not good enough.

    Step 7

    Rest as much as you can. If possible, stay home from work or school to allow your body to rest and regain its strength to fight off the virus. Many people (like me) go days without resting and by the time they take off from work, the cold has gotten much worse.

    Hehehehe! That is totally me. Yesterday was the first day I laid in bed all day. I didn't sleep because it was hard to breathe but I at least did nothing all day. My boss was nice to let me lay low yesterday.

    Step 8

    Gargle with warm salt water or drink warm tea with lemon or honey for a sore throat.

    From all the drainage my throat is sore. The warm tea feels awesome but only after I drink the tea and it still hurts after.



    Cannot believe I'm showing everyone this but this is how I looked all day. My Dad laughed at me when he saw me today. Oh well, you have to do what you have to do and I'm sure we've all done this at some point in our life!



    Read More on how to get rid of your cold fast here!

  • Road Kill

    Posted by Rachel Leigh

    I managed to hit two birds in the same week when I never hit an animal before. I got close to a possum the other night and man oh man do those things look freaky! When I lived in Minnesota I was driving back to Green Bay for a Packer game of course and a big black bear decided to cross the highway right in front of me but luckily it decided to run for it's life and I didn't hit it. 

    I would like to know what animals have you hit in your life? Hopefully it's not a kitty cat or a puppy!

  • Really Katy Perry?

    Posted by Rachel Leigh

    Alright so I came across this the other day and I couldn't believe it. Some artists are so strange but then some are so normal! Katy Perry said something that just is very weird to me.....

    Katy Perry doesn't use toielt paper. She says she's a really big fan of baby wipes, because they're so dynamic in their usage. Katy says you can use them for so many different things. To take off your makeup, to do one of those quick showers and to clean things in crevices. 

    Oh my goodness I cannot stop laughing. I hope she has different packs and containers because I think that is wrong if she used the same wipe container for going to the bathroom and taking her makeup off. Note to self do not use Katy Perry's wipes :)


    Read more here






  • Call Me Maybe - Olympic Swim Team USA

    Posted by Rachel Leigh

    I think these videos are awesome! How fun would this be. Make your own music video to your favorite song! I am totally making this my next project!

  • I love weddings and my family!

    Posted by Rachel Leigh

    I am so excited to be a part of WIXX! I am having a blast so far and I cannot wait to see what happens next.

    My brother just got married Saturday and it was the most perfect day! I though I would share a few pictures of my family and of myself. You probably want to see the face behind the voice!


    My awesome family at my brother's wedding!


    My parents, my heroes!


    The handsome man in my life :)


    The lovely Bridesmaids

    bride and groom

    The Bride and Groom and their first dance