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  • Wrestler does Backflip and lands on his head...

    Posted by Rachel Leigh

    He reportedly fractured his skull, but they say it could have been a lot worse.  The craziest part is, the other wrestler tried to pin him right after it happened . . . and he kicked out of it like he wanted to keep going. IDIOT!


  • I want to meet her so badly!!!

    Posted by Rachel Leigh

    I am a big fan of Rebel Wilson! I saw Pitch Perfect twice already. This interview will show you why I think she is hilarious! 

  • WOW! Teen Mom get's plastic surgery...

    Posted by Rachel Leigh

    Farrah Abraham reveals $16,000 plastic surgery on her face. She got her nose and chin done.... To me It looks terribly bad! She got implants in her breasts too a year or two back when she was on Teen Mom. She looked beautiful before! She could have just fixed her nose and that is it. What is up with people and getting all these surgeries? I would never EVER get anything done.

    Is it just me or does she look even more fake now? Sorry Farrah you shouldn't have wasted your money.....










  • Green Day for Green Day

    Posted by Rachel Leigh

    I had an extra pair of tickets so I stopped by the Fox River Mall and surprised someone wearing green! Check it out!


  • What one is the funniest?

    Posted by Rachel Leigh

     I think Coffee Monkey is the winner! The sales team will agree with me but someone else thinks that Peaches will win hands down. Let's prove them wrong! 


  • Poor Puppy...

    Posted by Rachel Leigh

    The "Today" show did a segment yesterday about a pet adoption app called Pics For Pets, so they had a bunch of puppies on set. KATHIE LEE GIFFORD accidentally dropped one on its HEAD.  You could hear the crew laughing when it happened.  Luckily, the puppy was fine.


  • What's your favorite apple?

    Posted by Rachel Leigh

    Not only do I love this time of year because of the weather, hunting and trees! I love the APPLES! My favorite is Cortland. Apples are so expensive this year but they are so worth it. What is your favorite?