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  • Look what I can fit into....

    Posted by Rachel Leigh

    I was packing on Friday for my move on Saturday and I asked my mom if I could fit into my comforter bag....Well I could! Haha! My mom kept the bag open a little so I could breathe...don't worry, it was safe :)


  • Can you believe I ate all of this?

    Posted by Rachel Leigh

    I ate SOOOO much food for Thanksgiving! Does the bun look familiar? My mom found out you can by the buns from Texas Road House and she got their apple cinnamon butter to go with too!


  • I want to do this!!

    Posted by Rachel Leigh

    Doesn't this look like a blast? The only downer is the thought of having to pick all that back up.... :/

  • Do you REALLY use the toilet in front of your significant other?

    Posted by Rachel Leigh

    If you're trying to trace your steps back to the moment your relationship lost its magic, it's probably the time one of you USED THE TOILET in front of the other.  And I'm not talking about peeing, I'm talking about REALLY using the toilet.

    According to a new survey, 51% of couples say they use the toilet in front of their significant other.  That means less than HALF of couples are trying to keep that mystery.

    The survey ALSO found that 51% of people say they'd break up with someone over bad toilet habits.  So, I guess some people have seen the other person use the toilet and deemed their habits "not bad" . . . otherwise those numbers wouldn't work.

    About one in three couples say they ARGUE over bad toilet habits.  The main fight is over leaving the toilet seat up. 

    The second-biggest cause of arguments is leaving the toilet a mess.  Number three?  Making too much NOISE on the toilet.

    And finally, 75% of people surveyed say they do their BEST THINKING on the toilet.



  • What piece of candy would you eat?

    Posted by Rachel Leigh

    Most of you know that I got stuck with two bags of candy after the Green Bay Holiday Parade. I didn't want to take it home because then I would eat ALL of it by myself. So obviously I would leave it at the station in our WIXX studio. Everyone is probably ticked at me because now they have to eat it with me! Now I don't have to feel as guilty eating it by myself at night because I know other people are eating it during their shift! hehehe :)

    I want to know what piece of candy you would eat out of this bag! Look at the picture and let me know which piece you would steal first!

    Oh and since when is there a Banana flavor Tootsie Pop....I don't not approve of that!

  • Christina and Blake "Just A Fool"

    Posted by Rachel Leigh

    I was worried about a pop artist like Christina and a country artist like Blake teaming up together but man oh man do I like this song! Do you?

  • P!nk's OUTSTANDING performance at AMA's

    Posted by Rachel Leigh

    I got the chills watching this performance! Plus this would be REALLY hard to sing and dance to and she did a phenomenal job! Check it out...


  • Justin Bieber owned the AMA's

    Posted by Rachel Leigh
    I stayed up and watched the AMA's instead of sleeping before my show....I was very pleased and then I wasnt'. I was annoyed with all the lip syncing. 
    Justin Bieber and his clique were very lucky. Carly Rae Jepsen won Favorite New Artist, Usher won Favorite Soul/R&B Male Artist, Nicki Minaj won Favorite Rap/Hip-Hop Album and Favorite Rap/Hip-Hop Artist and T*Swift won Favorite Country Female Artist.
    Bieber went home with 3 awards: Favorite Pop/Rock Male Artist, Favorite Pop/Rock Album and Artist of the year!
    Check out Bieber's performance! LOVED the acoustic version of As Long As You Love Me but I did not care for Beauty And The Beat because I could tell he lip synced...
  • For all you Twilight fans....

    Posted by Rachel Leigh

    I think Jimmy Fallon is hilarious and a lot of you went to see Robert Pattinson last night in the premier of Breaking Dawn Part 2. Check this video out!