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  • Murder Plot for Bieber

    Posted by Rachel Leigh

    A murder plot targeting Justin Bieber surfaced on Wednesday, revealing that three men were involved in a plan to kill and castrate the superstar singer in New York City last month.

    Convicted Criminal Dana Martin devised the plot to kill Bieber at his sold-out Madison Square Garden show in November. Martin recruited former fellow inmate Mark Staake, who then recruited his nephew Tanner Ruane, to strangle Bieber and his bodyguard with a paisley tie and then castrate them. 

    The whole Bieber murder plot failed when Martin, who apparently is an obsessive Bieber fan with a tattoo of him on his leg, turned his accomplices in.

    Did these people really think that this was going to work? I do not get some people sometimes.

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  • $30,000 Custom Coffin....Really?

    Posted by Rachel Leigh

    BuzzFeed posted this and I don't even know what to say. The CataCombo is apparently real. If it isn't, it's maybe the most wonderful fake product. 

    Your friends and family can create custom playlists to be piped into your coffin after you're dead.

  • Are these really ornaments?

    Posted by Rachel Leigh

    What do you think about these ornaments? Kind of strange but, they make you laugh!

    Winnie Pooh in a bikini....really?

    Santa, I think you are now on the naughty list.....

    Ummmm.....that's all I have to say


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  • Clever or Stupid?

    Posted by Rachel Leigh

    Here's a Christmas present you can give to that special guy in your life! It's on sale at Amazon for only $12.99!

  • Would you get this for your daughter?

    Posted by Rachel Leigh

    There's a lot of strange toys out there now a days. I came across this one.... 

    I do not have a problem breastfeeding but, I would never think of buying this doll. I could see people using it as a teaching tool for their kids. Which would be a good idea.

  • Trust Fall FAIL!

    Posted by Rachel Leigh

    I thought this was pretty funny! Totally didn't see this coming at all! I knew something was obviously going to happen. 

  • Caviar Nails

    Posted by Rachel Leigh

    I decided to have a girly day and I ended the day by painting my nails. I found micro beads at Michaels because the Caviar set at Ulta or Sephora is very expensive. 

    1. Paint your nails the color you want (I do two coats usually)

    2. Pour the micro beads on the nail you want to be the accent.

    3. Take a good clear coat nail polish and dab over the beads with it. (You need to dab because you will move the beads around if you don't)

    4. Put the clear coat on the other nails as well.

    5. Let dry and you are done :)

  • WHOA!! Keep those in Miley!

    Posted by Rachel Leigh

    I don't know about you but, I miss the OLD Miley Cyrus. Really I just miss Hannah Montanna! I cannot believe all the things Miley is doing now! Is she going to start going down hill?

    She was recently a guest performer at a dub step star Borgore's "Christmas Creampies" on Saturday, December 9th. She sang alongside a dancer (wearing practically nothing) doing her thing.

    I wouldn't be caught dead wearing this. I am in SHOCK! What do you think about her outfit?


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  • How good is my dancing? Be honest :)

    Posted by Rachel Leigh

    I was so excited when I found out there was going to be a Flash Mob! I wanted to be a part of it somehow. I was in it for like 20 seconds but it's all good! I still had a blast :)

    You can see the full Flash Mob right here and see how it grew!