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  • This Makes Me Not Want To Drink Coke....

    Posted by Rachel Leigh

    Six Crazy Things You Can Do With Coke, Other Than Drinking It

    The world drinks more than 100 MILLION GALLONS of Coke EVERY DAY.  And after more than a hundred years, we've found out a whole bunch of ways to misuse it.  Here are six of the best ones, from

    1.  Rust remover.  Coke has baking soda in it, along with phosphoric and citric acids.  Which basically makes it an industrial-strength cleaner.  You can rub it on a chrome car bumper and it'll take the rust spots right off.

    2.  Pain reliever.  You can pour Coke on bee stings and jellyfish stings to take the pain away.  That way no one has to whip their junk out in public.

    3.  Fertilizer.  Pour a can or two of Coke into your flower beds once in a while.  The acids help break down organic material, and the sugar attracts microorganisms to enrich the soil.  But you should let the Coke go flat first.

    4.  Gum remover.  When your kids get gum stuck in their hair, soak it in Coke.  The gum will slide right off and you won't have to cut it out.

    5.  Toilet cleaner.  Dump a can of Coke in your toilet bowl and swish it around.  It'll take care of rust, mildew, mold, and any OTHER kind of stain you might find in there.

    6.  Odor neutralizer.  Coke can supposedly combat SKUNK odor too.  If your dog ever gets sprayed, the high acidity in Coke can neutralize the alkaline ingredient in the skunk spray.  That's why citrus and tomato juice help too.

  • This Shall Be Fun In The Morning!

    Posted by Rachel Leigh

    I decided to go check the weather outside! It's hailing but it's seriously a pea size or smaller! My car is covered in them. Hopefully it doesn't freeze bad. I will have to start my car way before I need to leave! 

    I love storms if they don't do any damage! Thunderstorms are my favorite! I sleep the best during thunderstorms!

  • What A Deal!

    Posted by Rachel Leigh

    I know Melissa does the Addicted To Shopping blog, but I have to tell you about the deal I got yesterday or should I say steal?

    My  mom wanted to buy me an Easter dress because she is the best and because I'm singing at two Easter masses at church!

    I found some I liked at Express and surprising they had all of the dresses I was interested in. I had to narrow it down to one and then my mom said I could get two because they were on sale. 

    Well, we got to the register and the lady asked if I had an Express NEXT card and I said yes I do. I gave her my phone number and she goes holy cow, you get $60 off your purchase today PLUS I got to use my $40 off $120 coupon. My mom then said to go get the other dress I liked.

    Here is the total of all the dresses together!

    WAS $59.90 WAS $79.90

    SALE $41.93SALE $41.93


                                             WAS $120

                                            SALE $89.90


    GRAND TOTAL - $259.80

    SALE- $173.76

    $40 OFF $120 - $133.76



    That is such a good deal! I still cannot believe it!

  • Deer In Trunk Of A Car???

    Posted by Rachel Leigh

    I love hunting! I would never ever put a dead deer in the trunk in my car though! Then again I wouldn't put a live deer in my car either.

    Early Tuesday morning, police in Kalamazoo, Michigan had a run in with a deer that was supposedly dead. This all happened while they were checking on some guy in a parked car outside a hotel. The man told officers that he'd hit a deer earlier in the night and that it was in the trunk of his car, so he could take it home and eat it???

    Sadly he didn't get to do that.....

    Check out this video out! I got a good laugh!

  • Ombre Hair

    Posted by Rachel Leigh

    The "ombre" style is very in lately. I've been loving the ombre hair. I just got my hair done yesterday and I'm obsessed with it! My hairstylist did an amazing job! I know it's very hard to do and she did it the way I wanted!

    Here are some celebrities and I with the "ombre" style. What do you think about it?



  • Who's Butterfly Tattoo Is This?

    Posted by Rachel Leigh

    Apparently this is Harry Styles from One Direction. Why the heck would he do this to himself? He also has 30 tattoos! How many do you have?