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  • Listen for it at a stadium near you

    Posted by Nick Vitrano

    Photo: Creative Commons

    It’s been a while since we have had a solid infusion of new talent in the “stadium anthem” arena.  One of the few predictabilities in the world of sports is the music we have chosen for its soundtrack. Go to any venue of any sport in any city, and brace yourself for: 

    · "Blitzkreig Bop"

    · "Sirius"

    · "Start me Up"

    · "Get Ready for This"

    · "Whoomp! (There is It)"

    · "Rock and Roll Pt. 2"

    · "Thunderstruck"

    Fill in the blank with your stadium's favorite go-to tune.

    It’s not that the aforementioned suck.  They’re solid offerings.  They’re just old and played out.  The Black Eyed Peas’ “Let’s Get it Started,” is about the most contemporary we get on game day, but I think that’s about to change. 

    Fall Out Boy’s “My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark” is not only a fantastic song (though I have no idea what the lyrics mean), it just makes you want to hit something.  Light 'em up, baby!


  • Thank you, Ron Popeil

    Posted by Nick Vitrano

    Ben Franklin.  Thomas Edison.  George Washington Carver.  Alexander Graham Bell. 

    Ron Popeil. 

    Photo: Creative Commons

    Yep, he belongs in there.  Where else could you put the creator of the Pocket Fisherman, Dial-O-Matic Food Slicer, GLH-9 Hair in a Can, Solid/Liquid Flavor Injector, Electric Food Dehydrator, Showtime Rotisserie Oven, Ronco Pasta Maker, Six Star Cutlery….what else, what else?…oh, Mr. Microphone!  Let’s go to KoolNews 10 for a report:

    Happy birthday to the greatest inventor ever and the motivation behind one of the greatest offerings by one of the greatest parody artists ever.  Man, that’s a lot of greatness:



  • Yo Kris, what’s that in your hand?

    Posted by Nick Vitrano

    The world is less ½ of the rap/hip hop duo Kris Kross this morning.  Chris “Mac Daddy” Kelly was pronounced dead Wednesday night at the Atlanta Medical Center.  Fulton County Police have used every vaguery in the English language to describe what they believe to be the cause of death.  “It appears it may have been a possible drug overdose,” said spokeswoman Cpl. Kay Lester.  “…appears ... may ... possible…”  Right.  Got it.  I think.

    Man.  What a leaker. 

    Most file Kris Kross under “One Hit Wonder,” obviously for “Jump.”  But just because “Warm it Up Kris” isn’t an option at your favorite karaoke bar doesn’t mean it…okay…they’re one-hit wonders.  But “Jump” wasn’t a mere hit, but a lasting #1 hit.  It’s kind of the sports analogy – would you rather be a conference champ every year but never capture the title, or would you rather win it all one time and be otherwise irrelevant?  Though you tell me how this Sprite commercial is irrelevant:    

    In a sign of solidarity, I ask that all turn their clothes to the back with a little slack today.


  • A tatt for a raise?

    Posted by Nick Vitrano

    How far would you go for a raise?  Would you permanently ink yourself if there were no restrictions on how big or where?  The only restriction: it has to be the company logo.

    Yep, that's "it."  At least, that's "it" if you work for Rapid Realty, NYC.  Get the tatt...get a 15% raise.

    With no guarantee of employment and no promise of future financial consideration, I’m out.  That’s a permanent disfiguration…permanent.  The dude could fire you tomorrow, and I have to wonder what signing on for this means down the road?  When my next performance/salary review rolls around, can it be used against me?  “You know, Nick, you got 15% last year…”  And would this gesture of “loyalty” (yeah, I know it’s not really a “gesture” in that the tattoo comes with a raise – it’s a good for a good exchange) come with any future implied considerations?

    Too many unanswered questions = no way.

  • Tartlets…tartlets…tartlets

    Posted by Nick Vitrano

    Katie had a story this morning about the show “Friends” and the amount of coffee consumed on-screen by the six cast members at Central Perk.  Per the story’s calculations, the caffeine ingested over the years of the program is enough to kill hundreds of people.  Solid.  

    Like many, I watched “Friends” pretty religiously – it hit right in my high school to college to real world transition, so it hit home on many fronts.  It’s funny that when I watch it now in re-run, the episodes themselves don’t hold me as much as they used to.  There are great moments in each, but on the whole they’re just kinda “eh.”  Of course, I still tune in, so…

    This is one of my favorite episodes/scenes off all-time:    



  • Do kids still put these up?

    Posted by Nick Vitrano

    Whenever I’m in ShopKo or Wal-Mart, I always make it a point to page through the big poster displays at the end of the aisle and hearken back to a time when I valued their contents – to a time when my bedroom was wallpapered with The Bash Brothers, Andre Agassi, Bo Knows, the fold-out Michael Jordan free throw line dunk, and GNR – to a time when Nick Haig introduced me to Poster Putty and the end of the stick-pin era – to a time when I discovered that Poster Putty left a stain on the poster itself, and worse yet, on the wall behind it – to a time when my Mom discovered that Poster Putty left a stain on the wall behind it.


    Leafing through Bieber and the Twilight cast, I wonder, “Does anyone still put up posters?”

    I can only hope that today’s youth still identify with the poster, but something tells me that kids today find that manner of display antiquated and un-cool.  How could this ever be un-cool?

    Well...okay...bad example, I guess.  But there was a time when this was crazy cool.  I swear!  Happy birthday, Andre Agassi.

  • The language of freedom

    Posted by Nick Vitrano

    Photo: Creative Commons

    It’s the 13th anniversary of the cranes moving in on the Berlin Wall.  April 29, 1990: the destruction began.  Folks had been chipping away at it for months before, but this date marks the “official” demo day.

    Contrary to popular belief (or what he may tell you), David Hasselhoff was not working the crane as the first segment came down, but it might as well have been Mitch Buchannon, for that dude will forever be synonymous the Wall crumbling.  Michael Knight has basically taken credit for the whole thing…just ask him.

    Remember the jacket he wore at the big freedom concert?  In the event that you do not, here you go.  It might be a foreign story, but the language of freedom knows no borders, especially when performed by the Hoff:


  • Roll the dice

    Posted by Nick Vitrano

    Photo: Creative Commons

    All right, so the Pack’s first round pick is in.  I love the draft – less for the actual picks and analysis than the theatrics of it all…the presentation.  It’s not that I don’t find merit in the analysis, it’s just the tone of the analysis, the certainty with which the guys speak.  I wish the experts would simply admit that until the guys hit the field, you just never know.  That doesn't mean we shouldn't talk about it.  In fact, I think that reality encourages discussion, makes it more fun.  After all, as my buddy Brad inquired/stated, "Isn't everybody's guess as good as anybody's?"

    So today, as we wax over the Datone Jones selection and predict what we believe the Pack ought next to do, just remember this:

  • Just because

    Posted by Nick Vitrano

    I have no reason to post this today.  It’s not the anniversary of the incident.  There is nothing about grape stomping in the news.  It wasn’t sent to me with the subject line “remember this?”  Maybe it was our visit with Renard’s Cheese that got me thinking about Door County and wine…I don’t know.  For some reason I just wanted to see this video again.  It's a classic:

  • If you think that's bad...

    Posted by Nick Vitrano

    Social media is (understandably) alive with LOL and ROFLMAO in response to the Kmart’s “ship my pants” commercial:

    What a fantastic spot.  Of course, with anything creative and marginally edgy, groups like One Million Moms (OMM) are calling for the spot to be pulled.  I’m fine with groups weighing in on stuff like this, but it never ceases to amaze me that, in the face of something an individual or group dislikes, the response is to immediately rid the world of it.  Heaven forbid we simply deal with it or use an ad such as this as a teaching/learning experience.  Nope, we’ve got to yank it off the air because it might…MIGHT be uncomfortable to someone.

    Man, OMM must have really hated the old Bud Light Lime in a can spot:



  • Oh, excuse me...sorry about that.

    Posted by Nick Vitrano

    An office side chat today about movies brought us to Jack Nicholson and eventually to this, Jack's 1973 film "The Last Detail:"

    Yeah. What the heck is goin' on here? I feel like I just opened the door to a room I have no business entering. And he's totally doing the high school yearbook sports photo deal where he pushes up his biceps with his other arm. Busted, Jack!

  • How much would you pay?

    Posted by Nick Vitrano

    There’s no debate that we leave the grocery store with fewer bags for the same price than we used to.  Everything is more expensive, but for the most part, I marvel at how much stuff we can get for just a few bucks.  Bananas, potatoes, rice, eggs – they’re all pretty affordable staples.  Or are they?  Check out this video of how far your Lincoln will take you with foreign grocers: