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  • Minneapolis Reporter Gets Flattened During Live Shot

    Posted by Murphy

    A female reporter in Minneapolis got absolutely FLATTENED during a stupid NFL playoffs segment on Saturday. She was reporting from a bar, and had one of the bartenders throw a pass to her cameraman, who was standing behind her in the shot. Then after he caught it, he ran straight at the camera and accidentally slammed into her like he was trying to break a tackle.  Luckily, she was fine.


  • Watch an Eagle Swoop Down and Pick Up a Baby in a Park

    Posted by Murphy

    You have to check out a video someone uploaded to YouTube, of a huge Golden Eagle swooping down on a park in Montreal Canada . . . grabbing a fairly large baby . . . and trying to FLY AWAY WITH IT. Luckily the kid was too heavy, and the eagle dropped it. But not after grabbing it and lifting it through the air for several feet.

  • Would you Kiss a Stranger Under The Mistletoe?

    Posted by Murphy

    You never know when a Mistletoe may fall from the sky. A guy and a girl at Brigham Young University stood around with clipboards, asking people fake poll questions about the holidays . . . like, "Do you drink eggnog" and "Do you put up Christmas lights."  Then when they asked each person if they've ever kissed someone under the MISTLETOE, a string with mistletoe on it dropped down from above, so it was hanging right over them. Now, you'd ASSUME that most of the student body at BYU would be pretty conservative, since it's a religious school. But almost everyone in the video gave them a kiss. Except for one girl . . . who SLAPPED the guy and ran off.  Would you do it? 

  • Jerron McMillian Fight Song

    Posted by Murphy

    Every week James Jones has our Packers guest perform his college fight song. Jerron McMillian was the best so far.   Maybe Randall Cobb can top it tonite.  Don't miss "1 on 1 with the Boys" LIVE tonight at 5pm at the Salvation Army Kroc Center on Lime Kiln Rd.  Hope to see you there.  No tickets needed.




    See the entire 1 on 1 With the Boys episode >>



    Posted by Murphy

    You folks who are looking to speed up bowling night a bit, may want to consider doing it this way. haha.  Down in Gainesville, Florida, Chad McLean bowled nine strikes in one minute. That's a Guinness World Record. He didn't score a strike on all of his throws, but he did on most of them.


    Posted by Murphy

    After experiencing pain in his hip after going for a jog, 14-year-old Zach Sobiech did what most teens do, and saw a physical therapist for treatment. But the pain kept getting worse, so he went in for more extensive tests and found out that he had a rare form of bone cancer. Now, at 17, Zach's had many rounds of surgery and chemotherapy, but devastatingly, nothing's helped destroy his Osteosarcoma.

    Doctors estimate the Lakeland, Minnesota, teen only has a few months to live, but Zach's decided to embrace every day with hope and joy. He's funneled that outlook into music and has written, performed, and recorded a tune called Clouds, which is his goodbye song to family and friends. For a $20 charitable donation you can download Zach's album at


  • Dumb Ways To Die - Music Video

    Posted by Murphy

    In less than a month, an animated music video called "Dumb Ways to Die" has somehow racked up over 30 million hits on YouTube, and been downloaded over 10,000 times on iTunes. Which is weird, because it's actually a public safety ad for Australia's train system. The lyrics list a bunch of idiotic ways you could get yourself killed . . . like by eating a tube of Super Glue, or setting fire to your own hair. And apparently people find the song kind of catchy.

  • Brass Knuckles Don't Work For Killing Spiders

    Posted by Murphy

    Some guy posted a video on YouTube where he freaks out over a spider on his wall, then kills it using brass knuckles.  He also manages to accidentally punch through the wall.  And he freaks out, because it's not actually HIS wall . . . he's still living at home with his mom.  Here's a clip from the video.