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  • Will Ferrell and Manny Pacquiao

    Posted by Murphy

    Will Ferrell and Manny Pacquiao did a duet on Jimmy Kimmel's show.

    Enjoy John Lennon's Imagine like you've never heard it before.....


  • Celtics Fan Celebration

    Posted by Murphy


    You know how dudes wearing backwards hats and untucked button down shirts and jeans rock the eff out to Bon Jovi between shots of Jager? That, or Mr. Brightside by The Killers, but mostly Bon Jovi, specifically Livin’ on a Prayer? The epicenter of where this happens every weekend is the fair city of Boston, the ground zero being a Celtics game. However, this is a slight twist on that old classic, in that the star of this clip is a nerdy kid and the fratty dudes are merely his backup dancers and adoring fans. It’s like the end of a really great (mediocre) 80′s movie. Anyway, here is a possibly staged but definitely entertaining clip:


  • Happy Halloween

    Posted by Murphy


    Happy Halloween from your friends at WIXX !!

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  • Chaplins Time Traveler

    Posted by Murphy

    Is Time Travel possible?   Check this old Charlie Chaplin video out.  If you go to the 2:40 point, you start to see the action.  The person in the movie appears to be holding and talking on a cell phone.


  • Darth Vader now on Tom Tom

    Posted by Murphy

    If you use the TOM TOM can now get your Favorite "Star Wars" characters as your navigational voice.   However, the recording session with Darth Vader did go real smooth.                Check it out:




  • Eva Longoria Raps

    Posted by Murphy

    Eva Longoria is hosting the MTV European Music Awards soon and this is her promo. Love her!


  • When Lions Attack

    Posted by Murphy

    I'm guessing working in the circus can get old after awhile.  If you're a Lion there's probably some days you just feel like tearing into someone.....This was the day.


  • Divorce Court

    Posted by Murphy

    All of these Divorce shows are usually pretty stupid....but every once in a while we come across a gem.   

    D’Atra Hicks is the star of the Madea’s Family Reunion stage show. She also likes to dabble in some light husband abusery. When the twain met on the televised musical theater stage known as “Divorce Court,” the musical fireworks began firing. While the husband hurled many an allegation D’Atra’s way (two apostrophes in one word is OK, right?), she chose to preach, sing, and hum her way through the entire proceeding to help deal with her admitted anger management issues.

    It’s Sexual Chocolate meets Sunday Mornings on TV One meets “And I Am Telling You” meets an American Idol finale meets getting stung by a million bees wearing tiny gospel robes. It is the greatest sevenish minutes of your life. Ohhh yeahh… your honorrrr, yeahhhhh juuuuudge!




  • Worst TV Ad in America

    Posted by Murphy

    Over 100,000 people voted.....this is the "Worst"  TV Ad in America.


  • Katy Perry on Sesame St

    Posted by Murphy

    Sesame St. pulled this song with Katy Perry because soem parents complained it was racy.  Too much cleavage?  Really??  You be the judge.