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  • Cats Play Patty cake

    Posted by Murphy

    Two Cats Played Patty-Cake . . . Then Argued About Who Screwed It Up?

    A while ago, someone posted a video on YouTube of two cats playing patty-cake.  But then someone else added voiceover for the two cats, and made it a lot funnier.  In one month, the new video has gotten over four million views. Very funny!



  • Michael Buble Invite

    Posted by Murphy

    Moms everywhere can rejoice today, because not only is Michael Buble the kind of dapper gentleman who will comply when you interrupt his concert to ask him to listen to your son's singing, he'll actually invite your kid on stage.

    That's actually exactly what happened at a recent show in England  when a mother approached the stage and Buble not only invited the 15-year-old up to the stage, but let him sing in front of the audience. Bonus: the kid's voice is actually good.

    Watch Buble freak out and support this kid's burgeoning talents after he starts singing.

  • Christmas Parade Tragedy

    Posted by Murphy

    Whoever planned the Christmas parade in Richmond, Virginia this year screwed up big time.  Because they failed to realize that their huge Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer balloon was too big to fit under the town's traffic lights.  When they tried to go around the first one, the top of Rudolph's head got impaled on a pole.  Then everyone watched as his entire face started deflating.

  • Julia Roberts Coffee Commercial

    Posted by Murphy

    How long would it take you to make a Million bucks?  Julia Roberts was reportedly paid $1.5 million to appear in a 45-second commercial in Italy. And she doesn't even have any lines. The ad is for a coffee maker, and all Julia does is take a sip, smile, then giggle a little bit.  Check it out:


  • WGN Bridge Implosion

    Posted by Murphy

    A Local News Crew Gets Excited About Covering a Bridge Implosion . . . Then Misses the Shot

    The local news crew on WGN 9 in Chicago was covering a story last week about a bridge being imploded.  And they really wanted to show it live.  They even talked about how they'd never shown a live implosion before, and they stayed on the shot for four or five minutes, just waiting.  But then they cut away for ten seconds and missed it.  The best part was how the anchors reacted.  All three of them yelled, "Are you kidding me!"

  • Bad Golf Shot

    Posted by Murphy

    This is why I never golf in front of big crowds.....I would take somebody out for even happens to the Pro's.  This happened over the weekend at the Australian Masters.


  • Skydiving Hottie

    Posted by Murphy

    I'm thinking now might be a good time to get back into sky diving.  Sure....I've only done it one time and that was in Pulaski....and I didn't see anyone who looked like this out there.....but I'm willing to give it another shot.  Check this out....come join me!  


  • Justin Biebers Girlfriend

    Posted by Murphy


    A 14-year-old girl named Michaela Wallace is apparently trying to win JUSTIN BIEBER'S affection by releasing her own song on YouTube.  It's called "Justin Bieber's Girlfriend" . . . and admittedly it's pretty catchy.  The lyrics include the line, quote, "18,000 other girls here, but he'll be lookin' at me.  I'll hold up a homemade sign, 'Will you marry me?'"  And the chorus goes like this:  Quote, "Gonna be Justin Bieber's girlfriend tonight, and we're gonna be dancin' in the moonlight.  He'll play my song, then it's love at first sight . . . gonna be Justin Bieber's girlfriend tonight."

  • Keenan Cahill and 50 Cent

    Posted by Murphy

    There's a 15-year-old named Keenan Cahill who suffers from a disease called Maroteaux-Lamy Syndrome (--pronounced mar-oh-toe la-MEE).  It caused him to stop growing when he was around eight years old.  You might have heard his name before, because he posts videos on YouTube where he lip-syncs to popular songs.  He does a new one every week, and the one he did for KATY PERRY'S "Teenage Dream" in August has gotten over 15 million views. 

    But his newest video is for the 50 CENT song "Down On Me" . . . and 50 Cent actually PARTICIPATES in it.  They recorded it the other day when Keenan was a guest on "Chelsea Lately".


  • New Mr. Peanut Commercial

    Posted by Murphy

    Robert Downey Junior is the new voice of Mr. Peanut.  If you're wondering who was the old voice.....there wasn't one.  He is the first voice in it's 94 year history.


  • Middle School Trick Play

    Posted by Murphy


    A middle school football team in Corpus Christi, Texas ran a trick play in their championship game on Saturday, and the video has become an instant hit on YouTube.  Here's what they did:  After a penalty was called, the referee moved the ball five yards, and both teams lined up for the next play.  But then the quarterback pretended the referee was stopping play again to mark off ANOTHER five yards, and he told his center to hand him the ball. The center handed the quarterback the ball over his shoulder instead of hiking it through his legs . . . which technically started the play.  Then the quarterback calmly walked past the other team's defensive line before making a mad dash to the end zone.  Kind of bush league if you ask me.

    The game ended in a 6-6 tie


  • Game Show Malfunction

    Posted by Murphy

    Have you ever wondered what happened to Carlton from Fresh Prince of Bel Aire?  He is actually hosting a game show on the Game Show Network.   Things didn't go as planned when a contestant tried to show him her special skill.  She went all Janet jackson on him....check it out: