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    How would you like get paid to Facebook? Imagine, share with the world that you're sipping coffee at your favorite cafe and get $1. Post a few mundane updates a week and who knows, you might earn enough to pay your high-speed Internet bill.  Sources say Facebook is testing a new feature that will allow a select class of users, whom Facebook calls 'Advanced Facebookers', to earn money while using the social networking service. According to sources close to the program, Facebook plans to pay the top 4 percent of the first batch of selected users up to $1 per activity during the initial global roll-out phase.  Want to get paid to Facebook?  Click here to apply.

  • Wisdom Teeth Drama....Girl Thought She Killed Her Teeth

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    It's been a while since we've seen a video of a drugged-up kid who just came from the dentist. But the newest one was well worth the wait. It's of a girl in Kansas named Abbie. And through the entire video of her car ride home, she can't stop crying . . . because she's convinced she MURDERED her wisdom teeth.  She's holding them in a little cup the whole time, and a lot of what she says is slurred. But first she tells them that they were "taken against [her] own will," and quote, "I would have kept you. I loved you from the moment on." Later, she delivers one of her best lines, telling her mom that, quote, "They were just trying to help me chew, but I didn't accept them! . . . I deserve the pain. I took lives."

    And after she's home, she looks at them one more time . . . says they can, quote, "come back" if they want to . . . and actually tries to put one of them in her mouth.

  • Urinal Games...coming to a Urinal near you!

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    The newest stadium attraction for a minor league Phillies affiliate will likely trickle down to urinals across the country, lengthening the wait time for men’s rooms everywhere.

    The (AAA) Lehigh Valley IronPigs will give their male patrons the first squirt at a new technology being brought over from Europe called the “Urinal GamingSystem.”

    Video screens will be mounted above each urinal, and as a visitor approaches, the screen will activate a gaming mode that’s controlled and operated solely by the aim and consistency of the user.

    The scoring of each game runs primarily on speed and accuracy; although there’s been no confirmation other skills won’t spill over.

    Don’t miss the video demonstration below…


  • Kid Asks Girl to Prom by Singing a Jason Mraz Song

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    video is blowing up on YouTube of some kid in the suburbs of Baltimore asking a girl to prom . . . by singing his own version of "I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz. The fact that he has a decent voice didn't hurt, and according to the YouTube description, she said yes.



  • Murphy's Pic of the Day

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    I'm not old enough to know what a Grasshopper is or I'd be a little freaked out right now.