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  • The Boston Marathon Bombing . . . Videos of the Tragedy

    Posted by Murphy

    So far, the clearest video of the first explosion yesterday comes from "The Boston Globe", which had a cameraman standing RIGHT at the finish line.

    That one also shows the chaos right after the blast, when police were tearing down barricades along the street so paramedics could get to the victims.


    Then there's footage from pretty much the same angle as the "Boston Globe" video.  But it's from higher up, and you can see people walking around near the bomb before it goes off.


    There was also a woman who was filming the end of her own race.  So there's video from her perspective, and the first bomb goes off maybe 100 feet in front of her.


    The clearest angle of the SECOND blast is cell phone footage shot from down the street.  Right when it happens, the woman who's shooting it is talking about the first explosion.  Then the second bomb goes off, and she immediately starts running.





  • A Bus Driver Beat Up a Passenger, Threw Him Off the Bus . . . And Promptly Got Fired

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    Check out this ball of anger!  A bus driver in Lincoln, Nebraska is out of a job . . . and dealing with assault charges . . . after he flipped out on a passenger, beat him up, dragged him off the bus, and tossed him in the street. Apparently the passenger was being a nuisance, but the security video makes it look pretty one-sided.  After the attack, the driver reportedly asked his supervisor if there was any way to ERASE the footage . . . and was fired soon after that.


  • A Kayaker in Hawaii Got a Little Too Close to a Shark.

    Posted by Murphy

    Here's as close as you ever want to get to a big shark when you're in a tiny boat.  A guy in Hawaii was fishing from his kayak in the middle of the ocean, and had a camera set up that was pointing straight at him.  And out of nowhere, a huge shark jumped out of the water behind him, apparently going for the fish on the end of his line.



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    Back in the day, bearded ladies used to travel with what they called a "freak show." Nowadays, of course, it would be totally rude to pay a dollar to point and stare at a woman with a beard. The facial-haired lady known only as Mariam appeared on British TV to show off her beard. She apparently began growing facial hair after the birth of her son, and at first she spent all her time plucking, waxing, and tweezing. But eventually she gave up the battle and decided to do something incredibly brave. She decided to love her beard.


  • Check Out What Happens When You Cry in Outer Space

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    Have you ever wondered what happens when you cry in space?  Me neither, . but a Canadian astronaut on the International Space Station posted a video where he simulates it by pouring a little bit of water into his eye. Obviously there's no gravity, so the tears don't stream down his face.  Instead, they stick to his cheek and form a big ball of water next to his eye.




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    It's not every day that you see players and fans from both teams cheer at the top of their lungs when someone scores a touchdown, but that's what happened when Jack Hoffman ran the ball into the end zone during the University of Nebraska's spring football game. Hoffman, a 7-year old boy fighting brain cancer, was given his own pint-sized jersey (#22) and placed in the game during the fourth quarter. One of his teammates handed him the ball, and Jack started hustling down the field while players from both teams followed. He ended up running a 69-yard touchdown. Both team's benches emptied out to rush the field and lift Jack up, and the entire stadium went wild.


  • A Four-Year-Old Girl Rejects Prince William's Kiss

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    She will probably be kicking herself in a few years. Prince William and Kate Middleton are visiting Scotland right now. And while they were shaking hands with locals outside some event yesterday, he got shot down by a four-year-old girl he THOUGHT wanted a kiss from him. She yanked her head away when he leaned in, and there was a cameraman right next to them, so there a great shot of it.


  • April Fools Prank Gone Bad

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    On April Fools' Day, a 52-year-old woman in Tennessee called her sister and said, quote, "I shot my husband" . . . then asked for help burying the body.  The sister didn't know it was a prank.  She told another family member, who called 911.  Police IMMEDIATELY swarmed the woman's house and arrested her . . . until her husband got home from work and proved it was a prank.  No charges were filed.  Here she is talking about with the local news crew.


  • Kung Fu Grandpa

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    A video called "Kung Fu Grandpa in the Food Lion Parking Lot" is blowing up on YouTube right now.  It's some grey-haired guy standing next to his truck in a grocery store parking lot . . . practicing NUNCHUCKS.  And the best part is the guy who's filming it from his car, because his commentary is perfect.  Here's a clip of the guy's commentary.