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  • Addressing Invites

    Posted by Katie


    Well I attempted to address the invites this weekend...and lets just say, I got half way through!  I thought that was a personal victory!  Well I was doing that I completely forgot all of the other things that come along with the invites...I forgot about return address labels.  Thankfully I found a site and designed and ordered 250 of them for 4 bucks!  They should be here in a week, so yep, I managed to get myself another week before I absolutely have to finish the invites.  Let's see, I also didn't realize the etiquette that goes along with it.  I must have made three or four phone calls that night between my parents and my future in laws.  All with ridiculous questions...so if she is divorced but still kept her last name is she a Miss, Ms, or Mrs.?  At what point do I replace "and guest" with the name of the person they are dating...what if they have only been together for two weeks?  If I know they aren't dating anyone and won't be bringing a guest, do I still address to and guest?

    And don't bother trying to get the answers on the internet.  The internet creates even more questions!  Their are basically two ways of doing it- old school traditional, or modern.  Somebody will most likely be offended either way-its a no win situation :)  Then I realized this morning, oh boy, I think I am supposed to put directions in, but does that just turn into clutter?  With almost everyone have a computer or gps, does anyone even pay attention to those maps?  To be honest with you, even when they send me directions I still choose to google it anyways.  For some reason I don't find the directions accurate if they simply state if coming from Green Bay.  It is like I need them to personally put my address and mapquest if for me before I would trust those directions, which we all know is ridiculous!

    So I will continue to slowly but surely make progress on these invites- and hey if you got anything to motivate me let me know...because I guess 53 days isn't enough motivation!

  • TJ Miller

    Posted by Katie

    Here is us with TJ Miller- we had a blast with him on the air the other day.  Love him!


  • First comes love, then comes...baby? New celebrity couple expecting!

    Posted by Katie

    Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari have announced they are expecting!  Yay for them.  If you don't know who Jay and Kristin are well get out from under your rock!  Jay is the injury pron quarterback for the Chicago Bears and Kristin is the villian on the Hills, and of course Laguna Beach. She was most recently seen on Dancing with the Stars, where she and estranged fiance Jay, decided to get back together...wonder if a pending baby was any part of the reason...hmmm?    Anyways- I LOVE hearing about new babies coming into this world- so even though they aren't my most favorite people- this is fantastic news!!


  • Jim Carrey's daughter, Jane on American Idol

    Posted by Katie

    Jim Carrey's daughter was on American Idol last night.  She made it through to Hollywood- do you think she was good enough?  I will have to see in Hollywood week if she deserved it :)


  • Centerpiece

    Posted by Katie

    My cake lady aka sugar momma sent me this picture this weekend.  She did a mock up of my cupcakes!  I know I posted about these earlier, but that picture was without the flower pot and stuff.  These are going to look awesome!  I love these, and they are quite possibly my favorite thing we are doing at the wedding!  Instead of roses it will be daisies, but my favorite part- totally don't need centerpieces!  One of these will be at each table- totally saving money!  Not only that- it is assorted flavors and she is putting together a cute poem explaining that these are cupcakes and what flavors.  So pumped!


  • The fitting!

    Posted by Katie

    I had my first fitting for my dress yesterday!  I can't believe how close we are getting!  When I originally ordered my dress I was in between sizes, and I was confident in my weight loss trek that I ordered a size too small.  Well when I tried it on yesterday- it was too big!  Do you know how awesome it is to order a size too small, and have to have them take it in by 4 inches?!?!?!  It was exhilarating!  I must say I am lucky though, because I have to admit the one new thing I added to my weight loss since ordering my dress is Ellipse fitness.  I started going there the weekend of Thanksgiving and I have lost ten pounds since then!  To lost ten pounds during the holidays is something I never thought would happen!  Not only that the classes are AWESOME!  I have hurt in places I never thought hurt before.  Even better- Michael comes with me.  We have tried going on runs together, lifting weights together - and we are both at completely different levels.  What I loved about this was it didn't matter what levels we are at- it is something we could do together.  I was definitely getting sick of running, and was worried I would start lagging on the exercise front...when I came to Ellipse it feels like it rejuvinated me :)  Not only that- their staff is awesome!  They are so fun and supportive- like I said it really doesn't matter what "level" you are at fitness wise- it is totally go at your own pace...and they do push you a little bit :)  SO I highly recommend checking them out- super fun cardio kickboxing classes AND strength training...and an awesome schedule!  Go check them out!  You will look AMAZING!



  • The Bet

    Posted by Katie

    Well since Fantasy Football has ended for the year (which I did quite a good showing for first year, if you ask me).  Football hasn't had the same excitement for me these last two weeks.  SO to make up for it, Average Joe and I put together a friendly wager for the games this weekend.  Yes I am admitting it- I am on the Tebow Train and yes I am picking Denver.  I will never bet against baby jesus.  Here is the rest of our bet....

    the bet

  • Best Wedding Gift EVER!

    Posted by Katie

    A friend and coworker of mine sent me this video this morning.  Can I just say- this is AWESOME!!! The groom gave this to his bride as a wedding gift. But one thing that does annoy me- these are the types of videos that give me anxiety!!!  Everyone wants their wedding to be unique and have that one element that everyone talks about.  Well boom- here it is- not only that, it is going to get a million youtube hits!

    I also have some questions- where the heck do these people find the time???  First of all getting all of my bridesmaids together on the same day to look for a bridesmaid dress was impossible- we plain and simple couldn't do it.  So how the heck did you talk 6 of your groomsmen to get together, and I am guessing multiple times, to practice this...actually how did you even get the groomsmen to agree to this???

    So for anyone coming to my wedding expecting this- don't.  The Diesel has already told me he refuses to make a speech during the reception due to stage fright, so getting up and dancing is completely out of the picture.  Although it does disapoint me, because I am pretty sure his best man Matt would do one hell of a Ludacris :)

  • First Dance

    Posted by Katie

    We still haven't agreed on a first dance.  I still have my heart set on this :)  Listen to the interview with Gavin, Average Joe and Me below the song. 

    After talking with Gavin below- how can this not be our song????


    First Dance

  • Love him!

    Posted by Katie

    I seriously can not get enough of this guy!  You know that band you feel like you "discovered" in college, and it is a band you remain loyal to for the rest of your life, just because of the reminder of that time in your life.  Well that is why I love Gavin DeGraw so much!  He performed on Ellen the other day and totally nailed it.  I am determined to meet this man one day!  Otis- get on it :)


  • Honeymoon right away??

    Posted by Katie


    So unfortunately due to my work schedule Michael and I don't have the option of taking a honeymoon right after our wedding.  (I know, bad planning on my part, but if we would have gotten married a week earlier, it would be st patricks days.  Not gonna fly.)  So instead we are gonna go on a mini honeymoon somewhere in the area and wait to take our honeymoon this summer. 

    What is your opinion on honeymoons right after the wedding, and by right after I mean a day or two after, not when you wake up the next morning?  I really really wish we could take one, because I have a feeling a lot of brides have that feeling of now what?  At least with a honeymoon, you don't have the time to think of that?  My other fear is no matter how much we say we are going to take a honeymoon, life always seems to get in the way.  Considering the last "real" vacation Michael and I took was four years ago, I am guessing it is a good chance we won't...althought I am pretty confident Fox World Travel will make sure that doesn't happen :)