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  • Buried Alive!

    Posted by Katie


    Our first round of presents...you can probably find these piled in our spare bedroom :)

    Ok for anyone out there who has just gotten engaged, or for that matter, just completed their registry...words of advice...When you get home today- go to a spare room and clear EVERYTHING out!  I wish that is something we would have done a few months ago!  We are being buried alive by all of our gifts!  Trust me it is as awesome as it sounds, but these last few weeks leading up to the wedding- we do not need any extra stress!  And when you live with someone who has ocd, having to climb over boxes to get to the couch, does not make things very relaxing around the house!

    I feel awful, because I know this is really frustrating for the Diesel.  He comes home at night, looks at one of the piles, and says, do we really need this stuff, why don't we just return it?  What makes it worse, is we registered for a lot of things that we will use when we own a home.  So we are using our apartment for nothing but storage purposes right now!  The one upside, is I really do think this is a gentle reminder to him daily that we have outgrown our apartment, and it is time to purchase a house.  The presents do all of the nagging, without making me look bad.  It is a win win in my book :)

    Another word of advice- start the thank yous!  It is an awesome feeling getting that accomplished before the wedding even starts!  Stay ahead of the game! 

  • Just wishing...

    Posted by Katie

    Well I had my bachelorette party and shower this weekend and it was FABULOUS!  My bridesmaids did such an amazing job at putting it all together!  Thank you so much ladies!  It is just what I needed!

    Things have been getting pretty hectic and stressed with only 18 days to go!  If I could go back and change one thing about the wedding planning process is I would have worked the date of the wedding better so I could go on a honeymoon right away!  The thought of getting to meet with my travel agent at Fox World travel to get excited about an anticipating honeymoon in a few days.  I wish I could sit back and daydream at work about being on a beach with a drink in my hand and my husband by my side...but alas due to the poor planning on my part, we are going to have to wait at least 6 months before that happens!  Darn it Katie!

    Instead I will just go back to reminiscing about my super fun weekend with my very best friends!

    Thanks again to all of our friends and family that worked so hard to make this weekend so special for Michael and me!



    Our first shot of the night...RUM CHATA!  Yummo!



    The boys came out and brought a dance party!


    My sisters!


    I am so mad I didn't get a pic with all of my bridesmaids!

  • Here we go...

    Posted by Katie


    Well this weekend officially starts all that is wedding.  Tomorrow I will be having my shower/bachelorette party being thrown by my bridesmaids!  If you are out in downtown Appleton tommorow night and happen to run into me, I apologize in advance :)  We are starting our night off at an all you can drink wine bistro- this should make for interesting results!

    I did have some stipulations on my party.  No penises.  I do not want to be the girl in the bar holding the inflatable penis, knocking everyone around.  I also don't want to do suck for a buck.  For two reasons, I hate putting that on the bridesmaids.  When the bride isn't getting enough attention for suck for a buck, it always seems like the bridesmaids get stuck pawning off the suckers.  And second I don't want to carry that thing around all night!  It is bad enough carrying around a purse, but add a bouquet of suckers?  NO thanks!

    The Diesel is also having his bachelor party Saturday night as well...not sure yet if we are going to run into each other, but it may happen :)  I also apologize in advance for him.  If you are see a bald man on college ave making inappropriate comments, it will most likely be him!

    I will be sure to have pictures and updates on fun games we are playing for anyone who needs to plan one of these shindigs in the near future!  Wish me luck :)

  • Hypnotist

    Posted by Katie

    This is when I "attempted" to get hypnotized...yeah didn't work...


  • Leftovers?

    Posted by Katie


    We had quite an interesting conversation about this on air the other morning.  We were talking about my wedding and the pending snow.  Maino then brought up how funny it would be if their was a snowstorm on the day of my wedding.  It was just hilarious let me tell you...Anyways I said what would annoy me is the fact that we paid for all of this food!  So hence the conversation- can you bring home leftovers?  Let me tell you we got a ton of different answers, and no two answers were the same.  Do we have anyone out here that is an authority on this?  Is it acceptable to bring home leftovers...and is it tacky? :)


  • Marriage Advice I won't be taking...

    Posted by Katie



    OH Hell to the No!  Here is the tips Michelle Duggar lives by.  Sure it may work for her, but it is not the way I was raised.  Take all of the religion part out of it because I do not want to turn this int a religious debate...What are your thoughts?

    As shown in the season premiere of the Duggars’ TLC show 19 Kids & Counting, Michelle recently attended a conference where she spoke to a group of Christian women about the institution of marriage and the role of a wife. She provided a hand-out to the women in attendance that was titled “Seven Basic Needs of a Husband.” Here they are:

    1. A husband needs a wife who respects him as a man: This one states that a woman destroys her husband’s manliness by “being financially independent; Love is killed by self-sufficiency.”
    2. A husband needs a wife who accepts him as a leader and believes in his God-given responsibilities
    3. A husband needs a wife who will continue to develop inward and outward beauty: Your hairstyle, for example, can show “obedience vs defiance” and “personal discipline vs inconsistency,” among many other things.
    4. A husband needs a wife who can lovingly appeal to him when he is going beyond his limitations and wisely respond to those who question his ideas, goals, or motives: “Ask your husband to tell you when you have a resistant spirit; ask forgiveness whenever you do.”
    5. A husband needs quality time to be alone with himself and with the Lord.
    6. A husband needs a wife who is grateful for all he has done and all he is doing: “Expect nothing and be genuinely grateful for each little evidence of your husband’s love.”
    7. A husband needs a wife who will be praised by other people for her character and her good works.
  • It's getting real up in here...

    Posted by Katie


    Oh boy we are officially one month away from the Big Day!  Am I getting nervous?  Absolutely-but not about the marriage.  I am nervous about the day in general.  I never understood what was so stressful about being a bride, but I realized it is about relinquishing control.  You have to trust other people to do their jobs.  You have to trust the flowers will show up on time.  You have to trust the photographer will be there on time.  You have to trust the driver is going to pick you up and get there on time.  You have to trust that the weather will be cooperative.  Tons of stuff that I have absolutely no control over, and it is frustrating!!!

    We sent out the invites about three weeks ago, and still waiting to get about 2/3 of them back.  It is funny when you are sending them out thinking oh boy I hope not everyone can make it, it is going to be pricey, but then when you start getting the no's it really gives your ego a shot.  You start to think, oh did I do something to offend them?  Or whats worse is the people who haven't responded yet.  You sit and think wait, don't they already know if they are coming or not?  Were they really lying to me when they said they were excited for my wedding?  If they are so excited, why have they not rsvp'ed??  It is so ridiculous!  No wonder I have been grinding my teeth at night!  What did you guys find to be the most stressfull things when you were getting down to one month?

  • 1st Shower

    Posted by Katie

    We had our first shower this weekend and we had a blast!  It was a family shower put on by Michael's fantastic Aunts.  The Marxs' and the Schurks all gathered in Neshkoro to celebrate the upcoming nuptuals!  We got quite the haul and loved spending the time with our family!  Thanks again to our Aunts- you guys are the best!


    I love the sign they made us!  Our last names combined are the Scharx...We aren't exactly sure who gave us the name, but we have been called the Scharx for years now. 


    They made these adorable favors!  They really went all out to make us feel special!


    One of our ringbearers Zach and our flower girl Gracie


    The kids LOVED these!


    We played some games.  I dominated!


    The Scharx!  37 days away from the Schurks!

  • Card Box

    Posted by Katie

    So as I was purusing the websites once again, I realized I needed a card box.  No problem, should just be able to check that off the list...yep, not so much.  First of all- if you look online, do you know how ridiculously expensive they are?  Don't even waste your time on the crafty websites looking for one-you would struggle to find one for less than 50 bucks, and a friendly reminder, this serves no purpose except to hold your cards from your wedding for about six hours.  Just another ridiculous and obnoxious cost in the wedding planning process.

    I decided I was going to call my future father in law and see if he could help me out.  And you bet he did.  I sent him a picture of something I was considering, and just let him go.  I think his wife helped him quite a bit, (or at least I would like to think that she was the one who suggested glitter :))  Anyways, it is PERFECT!  I LOVE IT!!!  So when you are thining of things to do to make things a little less expensive, here is an easy way to save money.  Either make a card box yourself, or enlist a friend of famly member to make one for you.  I think this is so much better and personal than anything I could have purchased online.  Thanks Jim and Sue!!!


  • Maybe the most useful Wedding Advice I will ever post.

    Posted by Katie

    Found another fantastic article...



    Because this seems to be a topic that has several people hitting the panic button, here is how to pee while wearing your wedding dress:

    On arrival at your venue

    • Open the door of the ladies' room and look in.  If the floor is not clean, call the venue staff and ask to have it cleaned.
    • If the floor is clean, walk into the ladies' room and open the door of the handicapped stall. If the floor of the handicapped stall is not clean, call the venue staff and ask to have it cleaned.

    This ensures that you will not later get the train/back of the dress dirty just by having it touch the floor.

    When you need to go

    • Walk into the handicapped stall.  Remove (don't just pull down) your underpants.
    • Facing the toilet, pull up the front of your dress to your waist.
    • Walk straight forward, so you are straddling the toilet, and sit down that way. The train/back of your dress will now be away from the toilet, so you won't get them wet or dirty.
    • Lean forward before peeing.  That way, even if you drop the front of the dress onto the seat, you will not pee in its direction.

    Special tips for hoop skirts/crinolines

    • When lifting your skirt, make sure that you grab all of the hoops together. this can be done by reaching under the bottom flounce and pulling straight up. If you are wearing an under-petticoat, don't forget to grab it too. This can be, and has been, a very bad thing to forget.
    • Once you have a good handle on the hoops, swing the whole thing to the rear, as if you are preparing to hula-hoop with your dress. This will move the whole contraption behind you and out of the 'danger zone'. It will also slightly lift a shorter train off the floor which is a plus.
    • When you are done, drop the hoop straight to the floor and give a little circular hip-shimmy. This will help you to get your dress hem back over the bottom hoop. It is always a good idea to have a friend do a 360 of the hem to make sure nothing is showing that shouldn't be.

    And in case no one has told you this yet, never ever under any circumstances step straight backward while in a hoop. You will step on it, and you will fall over, and this will give a free show to anyone standing in front of you. Not directly related, but one of the top tips for wearing a hoop.

    You may now resume your panic about all the other topics for your wedding day.

  • Unique Ideas...ring bearer pillow

    Posted by Katie

    I was online and I ran into this idea on one of the many sites I visit and I LOVE IT!  Instead of using a ring bearer pillow, we would use a bible to tie the rings together.  My faith is something we joke around about, but it is something that was so prevelant in my life growing up, and something I want to instill into our marriage and hopefully one day our children.  I would even like to make it more personal and use my Grandma's bible..but not sure who got that when she passed away:)

    Have you guys seen any other cute, unique ideas.  Do share!


  • 5 Must have for your registry...allegedly

    Posted by Katie

    I found this article on theknot.com today.  The 5 things on your registry you should splurge on.  Am I just that cheap that I highly disagree with most of these???  My pots and pans don't have to be hundreds of dollars to be good- I will burn the food either way...My 10 dollar coffee pot works just fine and dandy (and if you ask me, I thought the ten bucks was a little pricey.)  As for fine china- yep we will never be entertaining anyone who wouldn't judge me for actually using fine china.  What do you guys think?  Is this accurate, or totally pretentious?


    When choosing goods for your newlywed nest, everyday plates, stainless flatware, and small appliances are shoo-ins, but don't pass high-ticket items by because you think no one will buy them (guests can go in on gifts together), or that you'll never use them (think to the future). This is the time to upgrade the everyday versions of what you have, and also to get all the indulgences you need for special occasions (hosting Thanksgiving dinner four years from now.) So get that scanner ready for these five super-fine splurges:


    Make a Sterling Choice

    In our parents' time, sterling silver flatware was a fixed item on most wedding registries, and complete sets were passed down from one generation to the next. These days, couples tend to skip over sterling in favor of stainless, liking its lower price tag. But stainless will never hold the value, beauty, and heirloom quality of real silver. And it wears so well -- the more you use silver, the better it looks and the shinier the patina grows. Although it has to be hand-washed, the extra elbow grease is worth it for beautiful silver.

    Work your china into your everyday dinners, as this top-quality tableware is meant for regular use.

    Fine Dining

    A lot of people shy away from fine dinnerware, thinking that usage once or twice a year doesn't make this fragile purchase worth it. But the truth is that porcelain and bone china are actually tougher and more durable than common stoneware. So don't save china for special occasions only, instead work it into your everyday dinners, as this top-quality tableware is meant for regular use.


    Slice and Dice

    High-quality knives are probably the single best investment you can make in your kitchen. Allowing you to prep meals faster, more easily, and more safely, you will immediately notice the impact of a quality knife on your cooking. Don't worry about getting the whole 23-knife set (although definitely do if you'll put them to good use). Instead invest in three basic types -- a chef's knife, a paring knife, and a serrated knife. When you register, pick each knife up at the store, checking for comfort, weight (should be on the hefty side), and balance (shouldn't feel like it's toppling out of your hand). You can't go wrong with brands such as Wüsthof, J.A. Henckels, and Shun.



    You need more from a stockpot than the ability to boil water -- after all, there's a reason half the food gets burned when you use your cheap college cookware: Inexpensive pots and pans won't heat evenly or properly. Upgrade to stainless (corrode-resistant) pots and pans with aluminum or copper cores (great for heat conduction), any other copper combination, anodized aluminum, and cast iron.


    Perk Up

    Stop relying on your neighborhood barista to get your caffeine fix. Instead, use your registry to treat yourselves to the sophistication of espresso at home, sipped from the comfort of your own kitchen table. Sleek espresso machines often come with a hefty price tag, so put one on the registry and look forward to brunches and after-dinner noshes full of fun cappuccinos, espressos, and happily caffeinated guests.

    Read more: Wedding Registry: 5 Registry Items to Splurge On - TheKnot.com http://wedding.theknot.com/online-wedding-registry/bridal-registry-tips/articles/wedding-registry-5-registry-items-to-splurge-on.aspx#ixzz1lFr9tt2H