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  • It feels good to be right...

    Posted by Katie

    This morning we discussed the greatness that is Michael Jordan.  I recalled a memory I had of him in the playoffs dunking from the free throw line- clearing over players.  Murphy and Maino scoffed.  After some support from listeners, they told me they had this memory as well.  I still can not find the clip I am thinking of, but watch this video.  At around 17 seconds, proof that Jordan can do it.  And proof that Lebron is no Jordan.


  • I could look at these all day...

    Posted by Katie

    Yesterday was the Donald Driver softball game and it was PERFECT!  Thanks to everyone for coming out for such a great event!  The offense won, the weather was beautiful, but more importantly Aaron and I reconnected :)  I could stare at these pictures all day long!


    This was our prom pose.  Awkwardness.  It was his idea :)


    Pepper (the team trainer) saw me sitting alone and literally just put this in my lap.  My partners quickly joined me for a group pic.


    I think it is very obvious in this picture that out of the three of us, I am his favorite :)


    They let me have my moment with Aaron, I figured the least I could do is let them make a Peta Sandwich!


    I had to keep repeating to myself..."I love my husband, I love my husband."

  • Toast To Success!

    Posted by Katie


    A few months ago the Jones family had contacted me asking me if I wanted to be a part of their annual Toast to Success.  After looking into what it was I said yes and was honored!  Not only is it going for an absolutely fantastic cause, but it looks like a ton of fun!  (and hey, when the receiving core of the Packers are going to be hanging out, drinking wine, how can a girl turn that down?)  If you want to hang out with the Packers, tip back a glass of wine or two, snack on some hors d'oeurves, bid on some fantastic silent auction items, and raise money for the love jones for kids and freedom house ministries- this is the party for you!  The event is on June 9th at Haven salon and spa from 6-9 pm.  Tickets are incredibly affordable!  For more information and tickets click here!  Hope to see you there!



  • One Direction Finalists!

    Posted by Katie

    Congratulations!  Here are the finalists for our One Direction contest.  Winners will be notified via email and telephone as well.  Good luck!

    Autumn Almonte- Green Bay

    Christa Blohowiak- Appleton

    Stacie Clark- Neenah

    brooke dombroski-  greenbay

    Lauren Foegen- Appleton

    holly grose- green bay

    Ally Heiser- Green Bay

    cory hupf - Little Chute

    Chelsea Jansen- Appleton

    Mike Johnson- Appleton

    cheryl laskowski- Pulaski

    Kenneth Lee - New London

    lori olson- depere

    Courtney Popp - Crivitz

    Erin Pynnonen - Appleton

    Molly Skiba- Seymour

    Emily Standa -Green Bay

    sheri vandoorn- greenville

    Hannah Wikum- Ashwaubenon

    Jeanette Woods- Oconto Falls

  • Bieber Announces Tour!

    Posted by Katie

    I have been waiting years for this announcement!  Actually since the last time I saw him and had pretty much the best day of my life.  Bieber is going back on tour!!!  He will be in Milwaukee on October 21st.  Tickets go on sale June 2nd.  Here is the schedule!



    Sep 29             Glendale, AZ               Jobing.comArena                  On Sale June 2

    Sep 30             Las Vegas, NV            MGMGrand                           On SaleJune 2



    Oct 2               Los Angeles, CA         STAPLESCenter                   On Sale June 2

    Oct 3               Los Angeles, CA         STAPLESCenter                   On Sale June 2

    Oct 5               Fresno, CA                  SaveMart Center                   On Sale June2

    Oct 6               Oakland, CA               TheOracle Arena                   On Sale June2

    Oct 8               Portland, OR               RoseGarden                          On SaleJune 2

    Oct 9               Tacoma, WA               TacomaDome                        On Sale June 2

    Oct 12             Calgary, AB                ScotiabankSaddledome        On Sale June 1

    Oct 15             Edmonton, AB            RexallPlace                            On SaleJune 1

    Oct 16             Saskatoon, SK            CreditUnion Centre                On Sale June 1

    Oct 18             Winnipeg, MB                         MTSCentre                            On SaleJune 1

    Oct 20             Minneapolis, MN         TargetCenter                          On SaleJune 2

    Oct 21             Milwaukee WI                         BMOHarris Bradley Center   On Sale June 2

    Oct 23             Rosemont, IL              Allstate Arena                         OnSale June 2

    Oct 24             Rosemont, IL              AllstateArena                          On Sale June2

    Oct 26             Kansas City, MO        SprintCenter                           On SaleJune 2

    Oct 27             St. Louis, MO              ScottradeCenter                    On Sale June 2

    Oct 29             Dallas, TX                   AmericanAirlines Center        On Sale June 2

    Oct 30             Houston, TX                ToyotaCenter                         On Sale June2



    Nov 1              Memphis, TN              FedExForum                           On Sale June 2

    Nov 2              Louisville, KY              KFCYum! Center                   On Sale June2

    Nov 4              Philadelphia, PA          WellsFargo Center                 On Sale June2

    Nov5              Washington DC           Verizon Center                         On Sale June 2

    Nov 9              East Rutherford, NJ    IZODCenter                           On SaleJune 2

    Nov 10                        Boston, MA                 TDGARDEN                          OnSale June 2

    Nov 12                        Brooklyn, NY              Barclay'sCenter                     On Sale June 2

    Nov 20                        Pittsburgh, PA             CONSOL Energy Center       OnSale June 2

    Nov 21                        Auburn Hills, MI          The Palace of Auburn Hills     OnSale June 2

    Nov 23                        Kanata, ON                 ScotiabankPlace                    On Sale June 1

    Nov 26                        Montreal, QC              BellCentre                              OnSale June 1

    Nov 28                        New York, NY             MadisonSquare Garden        On Sale June 2



    Dec 1              Toronto, ON                RogersCentre                                    OnSale June 1 (at noon)      


    January 2013

    Jan 5               Salt Lake City, UT      EnergySolutionsArena           On Sale June 2

    Jan 7               Denver, CO                PepsiCenter                           On SaleJune 2

    Jan 9               Tulsa, OK                    BOKCenter                            On SaleJune 2

    Jan 10             N. Little Rock, AR       VerizonArena                         On Sale June2

    Jan 12             San Antonio, TX          AT&TCenter                           On SaleJune 2

    Jan 15             New Orleans, LA        NewOrleans Arena                On Sale June2

    Jan 16             Birmingham, AL          BJCCArena                           On SaleJune 2

    Jan 18             Nashville, TN              BridgestoneArena                  On Sale June 2

    Jan 19             Greensboro, NC         GreensboroColiseum             On Sale June 2

    Jan 22             Charlotte, NC              TimeWarner Cable Arena      On Sale June 2

    Jan 23             Atlanta, GA                 PhilipsArena                           On SaleJune 2          

    Jan 25             Orlando, FL                 AmwayCenter                        On Sale June2

    Jan 26             Miami, FL                    AmericanAirlines Arena         On Sale June 2

  • Donalds Freestyle

    Posted by Katie

    For anyone who missed Donald's freestyle dance last night- or would just like to relive it- here you go!  I am still slightly annoyed he hasn't incorporated his first down shimmy into it!

  • Be Still My Heart

    Posted by Katie

    Anyone who has ever had to travel for sports can totally relate to this.  You find anything you can to make the bus/van rides go faster.  Watch what the Harvard baseball team came up with...I now have a crush on the entire baseball team.  They give Biebers video for this song a run for its money.

  • Hot Mess Mud Run

    Posted by Katie

    hot mess

    I am so excited about this event!!!  I have gotten into the whole running thing a year and a half ago and have been dying to do a mud run!  So I got the wheels a turning- spoke to some people- and WIXX is making it happen!

    We (along with Miller 64) are going to be sponsoring the 1st ever Hot Mess Mud Run!  It will be September 15th in Greenleaf.  I am going to try to fill you guys in by answering these questions...

    -What is a mud run?

    It is a super fun event!  It will be a 5K obstacle course (that we will be putting together with a little help from the marines.) and of course we will be going through the mud!  There will be walls to climb over- there will be water to run through- mud to slide across-and maybe a little splash of color!  The best part about it- winners who finish will also receive a beer to celebrate a job well done!

    -Do I have to be a hardcore runner?

    Absolutely not- that is what is so great about this event!  You can be someone who runs daily, or someone who just wants to get started.  It is suitable for all levels- you can choose to pass over any obstacle you don't feel comfortable doing!

    -Do I run solo?

    You can OR you can put together a team (for more encouragement, and lets be honest, laughing in the mud with your friends, or having to haul one of your friends over a wall, is just more fun.)  Their will also be awards being handed out for things like, best team name- best tshirt- best group costume! If you can't tell we are focused on the fun part of this event!

    -Is this a girls only thing?

    ABSOLUTELY NOT!  We want men AND women- I can't wait to make my husband participate in this!

    Is there an age requirement?

    Yes- must be 18

    Is their a fee?

    Yes and proceeds will be donated to a local charity

    When is sign up?

    You will be able to sign up midweek- and I will have even more details for you then!

    What if I don't want to run?

    No problem- we need people cheering us on!  We will have a beer tent and bleachers for spectators!  Live music may also be provided!



  • Bieber Boyfriend Video

    Posted by Katie

    I would like to think this is a late wedding present to me.  Justin Bieber's Boyfriend video finally out!  Hate him or love him, admit it, this song is catchy :) I have now watched it numerous times and been yelled at by Murphy to turn it off numerous times.  Murphy can suck it.

  • Settling In.

    Posted by Katie


    Our one month anniversary in the Dells with Family!  Yeah we didn't plan a 1 month trip, it just happened that way :)

    Well it has been a little over a month since we have been married.  It still baffles me that Kim Kardashian couldn't make it longer than three months.  It just makes me think, wow, did you even try?  Anyway, I know it isn't right to judge, and it isn't my situation, but come on, for pure pride reasons wouldn't you have at least made it last like 6 months?

    Now that we are getting the swing of things, yep not much different.  I think we have had a little bit of an attitude adjustmen on certain things.  Like what is the point in bickering?  We are with each other for the rest of our lives, is it really worth bickering over something you are going to have to deal with for the rest of your life?  Yep, not worth it :)

    One fun thing we didn't know, or realize- our insurance went down!  We got our car insurance statements in the mail, and what a pleasant surprise!  If someone could explain why, that would be great :)  Our next big step- buying a house.  Oh boy.  It has already been quite the ride.  Stay tuned for this adventure!

  • Coolest Part of our Honeymoon

    Posted by Katie

    One of the coolest things we got to do on our honeymoon was swim with the dolphins.  It was something I had always wanted to do and I knew with it being our honeymoon we could have the attitude of this is a once in a lifetime thing, cost isn't a concern.  I am going to warn you, it is pricey, but it was awesome!  I had set everything up with Michelle from Fox World Travel ahead of time and it was perfect.  Their was a shuttle ready to pick us up, when we go there they had our names and everything was ready to go, and we had a shuttle waiting for us when we were done.  We were never concerned about anything.  Safety was not as issue!  Here are some pictures of the day!