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  • What should the Dad's pack?

    Posted by Katie

    So I know most of this pregnancy has been about me and this kid...but what about Dad?  He is going to be spending just as much time at the hospital as me.  I actually told him since we don't have a kid waiting at home for us, and the hospital is 30 minutes from our house, I would hope he would choose to stay at the hospital with the baby and me.  Lets just say I more than hope.  I may or may not have politely demanded :)

    With that being said, what should the dad pack?  I look up stuff online and these lists are a little outdated.  For example- change for the payphone to call friends and family to tell them the good news.  Can anyone tell me the last time they have even seen a payphone?  Or the list of people to call and their numbers.  Yep, we got that.  It is called a cell phone.  I also reminded Michael he needs to be packed with a bag ahead of time considering he may or may not have to leave work- and his work is an hour away.  Knowing my husband he will want to stop and shower, pack, etc...thus missing the entire birth due to the face he is quite putzy.  So what are your suggestions for Dads in the hospital.  What are their must haves?  What did you wish you would have packed and didn't for your husband?

  • My poor cubicle mate.

    Posted by Katie

    Poor Mark Daniels.  I am so in the Christmas spirit already, and I love our new website we created.  All of the Christmas music and goodies you need in one spot :)  Check it out here!  It is cranked for everyone in my vicinity to hear.  They hate me.


  • Registry

    Posted by Katie

    So I thought my wedding registry was tough...yep, have a kid.  I didn't even know where to start.  We picked a store and ending up spending hours on line getting everything together.  I am super lucky and have my sisters who are donating about half of the haul we need...at least.  I must have called the two of them about six times each, asking ok do I really need this, do you have this, shouldn't I use this?  These poor women.  I don't even know what you would do if you didn't have women like that in your life!  What if I would have been the first one in my family to have a kid?  Yet another perk of being the baby :)

    I think the best section to go through was the breastfeeding section.  As I am quietly whispering on the phone to my sister (so none of my all male coworkers could hear) and the nipple shield?  Is that necessary?  Yep, definitely one of my finer workplace conversations.  Seriously though, talk about overwhelming.  I also didn't appreciate the gentle reminder at the top of the page reminding us that baby Schurk is 90 days away from making its appearance.  I don't know, but Michael and I may be in extreme denial that we are having a child.  I keep waiting for my nesting instinct to kick in to actually accomplish anything baby related, and lo and behold it hasn't.  Eek!  It is starting to make me a little nervous!  Hopefully I actually posess that nesting instinct that everyone refers to, if not baby schurk may not have a room of its own until its 7...even though we have three perfectly good bedrooms open and waiting to be decorated.  Yep, these are my problems people.  Rough, I know.

  • Baby Journal

    Posted by Katie

    A baby journal.  It has been something I have been back and forth on doing for a few months and when I went to the bookstore yesterday, I broke down and bought one.  I do truly enjoy writing, and I know three years from now I am going to completely forget (or have a completely misconstrued memory) of what I was actually feeling like while everything was going on.  It is one of the standard journals.  Asking you how you found out you were pregnant...what was your husbands reaction...etc.  I got really into yesterday.  Especially thinking this was something I was doing for my child. 

    Until you start trying to have kids, I feel like you just don't get it.  I was so naive.  You spend so much of your "party days" trying not to get pregnant, and then when you actually want that child, you are shocked that it doesn't take just one try.  Michael and I were incredibly blessed that it didn't take that long, but even the few months we were trying- it consumed me.  Every thought, every time my body felt slightly off- yep that's it, I MUST be pregnant.  And every time you took that test and saw you weren't pregnant, a slight panic goes through you, thinking how did it not happen.  We did everything we were supposed to.  If it didn't happen now, it may never happen.  So to think that some women do this for years- my heart goes out to you.  I could never truly grasp how much of a miracle this kid is...and if I can convey that to my child in anyway, I want to.  I want my child to know that baby Schurk was wanted so badly by it's mom and dad.

    Maybe this stems from being the 4th kid.  You know, I am an attention (pardon my language) whore.  Everything about me growing up was so dramatic.  My sister one time made the mistake of saying I wish mom and dad would have stopped with three.  Oh you would have thought she kicked me right in the jaw.  I went running to my mom and dad, and i think lobbied for immediate grounding.  This is just unacceptable.  But then again, you always think, was I an accident?  Who ever chooses to have four kids?  Especially when you already have a boy and a girl!  Even though we are all perfectly planned three years apart, I spent much of my childhood convincing myself I had to have been an "accident."  My other favorite part- who cares if I was an accident.  I am here, and my parents love me.  I just think maybe having one of these journals to look at would have been a nice reminder that for 9 months (although when you do the math it is really 10 months) I had my mom's attention for the entire time.  She actually got excited when I did something as simple as kick.  I mean seriously, this kid twitches, and it must be a genius.  I can record every one of these thoughts for them to hopefully read on those days that they think I hate them because I said they couldn't stay out until midnight, have to be home by 10.  I am sure at that point they still won't get it, but maybe when they decide to have a kid of their own, this journal will mean something to them :)

  • Happy Birthday Bobby!

    Posted by Katie

    Our one and only Bobby!  It is his 60th Birthday on Sunday!  Here is a pic of him from 1975!


  • The Great Pumpkin Carving of 2012

    Posted by Katie

    It's that time of year again...We need you guys to judge the pumpkin carving competition!  Every year the Schurks compete against my sister in law and brother in law.  You guys decide who wins!  I took a second attempt at the Bieber this year, and I think it came out quite nicely!  And no, baby's first pumpkin is not for Baby Schurk- it is for my new nephew Merrick!  Vote away!


  • What I didn't Expect!

    Posted by Katie

    We all know that fabulous pregnancy book they claim every mother must read- What to Expect When You Are Expecting.  Yeah, it's a great book, but it still didn't prepare me for the unexpected surprises of pregnancy.  Let me be honest here as well, I did kind of just skim through it :)  So here are the things I did not expect at all...

    1. The time is dragging by.  Everyone keeps saying to me, how far along are you?  Oh my, almost 6 months?  Isn't the time just flying?  Why no, no it isn't.  Especially when you sign up for a weekly email stating what week you are in your pregnancy and what is happening.  I try to patiently wait every week for the email telling me the baby is a mango or a banana, but shockingly, I maybe make it one day and then look ahead at the weeks.  And then when I do receive that email, it is a gentle reminder of how far along I am NOT.

    2. Telling me I am not showing isn't much of a compliment to me.  I get the oh, you look great, you are barely showing.  Yep people, I get it.  I feel like it looks like a muffin top, not a baby.  Every time you tell me I am barely showing, it reminds me that yep, I don't look pregnant, I look chubby.  From someone who has spent the last three years of their life trying to get their weight under control- it is somewhat self esteem damaging.

    3. I guess if you aren't showing as much, you aren't allowed to have symptoms.  Maybe this is a man thing, I don't know.  I walked into the studio this morning after having back spasms all weekend.  Murphy asked me what was wrong, I told him, and his response was, well you are barely even carrying anything right now- how can your back hurt? 

    4. You're husband just isn't going to get it.  I know, I know, their are some AMAZING husbands out there.  You know the ones who bring home flowers every week, who email daily to see how you and the baby are, who will sit and rub your back at night, or go out at two in the morning because you have a craving.  To those husbands- I say suck it.  You give women false hope, that pregnancy is going to be a magical time.  You will be waited on hand and foot.  You will be more beautiful to your husband than you ever were before- he will think of you as a superwoman, he will be in awe of your body's capability.  Guess what ladies- that is not the case at all. 

     Yes, I will say my husband is not the most sensitive man in the world, and I am not throwing him under the bus by any means...but this is our first kid.  He does not get it.  At all.  When I say I am tired, he responds with me too.  I can't blame him.  He just got home from working a twelve hour day, and sees me laying on the couch.  My back hurts, well guess what, so does his.  When you tell him you have a baby growing inside of you, he doesn't get that it is a baby.  He sees it as a one pound mass in your stomach, if that.  He has bowel movements that large, and you don't hear him complaining.  I am pretty confident that if he has to hear one more time that he needs to do something for me,  you know, because of the baby, I am going to get a swift kick to the shin.

    These were four of my biggest shockers the first six months of my pregnancy.  We are just starting to get to the good stuff though.  I am sure these last 4 months are going to be a real peach, so stay tuned for more revelations from me :)  I am sure you can't wait!


  • Baby Pool

    Posted by Katie

    So I know sometimes a fun tradition to do with the birth of a baby is to start a baby pool predicting when the baby is going to make its presence into the world.  I work with a bunch of men who like to bet on anything that they can, so I am just waiting for this to happen.

    I am making the prediction right now.  I am going early.  I know, I know every first time mother thinks they are going early.  I am not wishing to go early, although the further and further I get along in the pregnancy, the more EXCITED I am to meet this kid!  I really would be more than happy to give birth to this baby on March 1st...appropriately Justin Bieber's birthday.  My hunch comes from the fact that this kid is constantly moving.  I have been feeling the baby since my 14th week.  Everyone told me I was crazy, but now that I actually know what it feels like, I know that is what I was feeling!  So essentially I have one heck of an active baby, which tells me this kid is not going to want to hang out the full 40 weeks.  I truly think I am we are going to have our hands full with this one...oh dear sweet karma.

    So here is another question, at what point do I start carrying a piddle pad around with me?  Heaven forbid my water breaks in my husbands car- that truly will be devastating to him.  Or the fact that Otis and I share a desk chair- I would not wish that on anyone.  Am I going to look crazy carrying around one of those things when I still have a month before the baby is due?  What did you ladies do?  Or did you just say hey, its a part of life, it happens when it happens...deal with it :)

  • I already hate my daughter-in-law.

    Posted by Katie

    I have a thirty minute commute one way.  On this commute my mind tends to wander.  Today it wandered to my child getting married.  Since we have only been married 7 months the memory is still fresh in my mind.  I was listening to music and thinking hmm...if we have a boy, I wonder what song we would dance to at his wedding.  Things escalated from there.

    The thought of this baby inside of me getting married made me panic.  The thought of this kiddo loving someone more than me sent me into a near depression.  I mean, let's be honest.  Let's take a look at my record.  For anyone who knows me, knows I am extremely territorial.  Take Murphy and Maino for example.  When women walk into the studio that are unfamiliar to me, and have unkown intentions, I am immediately on high alert.  This has taken quite a few years to get under control...to get manageable.  Their is nothing that angers me more than to hear other women say, oh yeah, let me go on the show with them.  It would be the easiest job in the world.  Women, you have no idea.

    So anyway, let's put things into perspective.  These men are my coworkers.  How am I going to let my baby fall in love?  How am I going to be ok when he is a teenager screaming he hates me, or thinking I am the most annoying thing in the world, and then some little 16 year old hussy comes in and he is the all of a sudden the most polite, considerate gentleman?  I will find anything wrong with this girl that I can.  I can just imagine it now...Michael-did you see how tight her jeans are- that is unacceptable.  Michael, she is a vegan!!!!  We can not have a vegan in our family!

    Once again, thank goodness, Michael balances me out.  Michael loves everyone.  Michael is going to have to be overly nice to make up for me.

    I have no idea why I act this way.  It makes no sense.  I have been blessed with amazing in-laws.  My parents are just as great as well.  So thank goodness I am aware of this issue, and now have 18 years to get it together.  I am not making any promises.

  • Halfway done

    Posted by Katie

    Well I have finally made it past the halfway point!  I am 21 weeks today and this pregnancy thing is starting to grow on me.  I am not sure I still understand the women who claim they LOVED being pregnant, but it is pretty cool!  Granted the concept that my body is not completely my own at this point, still astounds me.

    In the beginning I was worried I would have a hard time becoming attached to my child, you know, with my lack of sensitivity and my cold heart according to Murphy and Maino...but lately that hasn't been a problem.  I kinda feel like it is me and baby Schurk against the world :)  I hate that Michael doesn't get to experience this yet, and I need to remember to be sensitive to that.  That he doesn't feel this baby kick when I eat sugary foods, or that the baby wakes and sleeps at certain times of the day.  He doesn't get to experience that this baby is starting to get a personality...and from what I am learning we may be in for it!  First of all, this kid refuses to sit still.  When we got our ultrasound a few weeks ago we were in the room for an hour and a half.  They couldn't get a good picture of certain things because the baby was constantly moving, so I have to go back in a month for another ultrasound.  They aren't concerned about anything, just want to have everything picture perfect, so it is a bonus for me to get to see this kid another time!  Also, I am already to the point that if this kid isn't moving every hour or so, I panic.  Murphy still thinks it is crazy that I can actually feel him kick.  He thinks it is in my head.  Nope, we confirmed on the ultrasound when I was feeling baby Schurk!  So suck it Murph!  (there is my sensitivity and kind heart bursting through!)

    Another thing this baby loves is sugar!  I crave sugar...still craving on the pancakes...and the second that sugar hits my belly, Baby Schurk is up for a dance party.  This baby also isn't a fan of cooperating.  The doctor said it will be another month or so before Michael will be able to feel the baby kick from the outside...well if the kid is positioned right, I have been able to feel it on the outside.  This has happened maybe two or three times.  I always wait for two or three kicks to make sure that is what I am feeling and then I scream for Michael.  He has always been within running distance, but the second he puts his hand on my stomach- that kid is gone.  I do enjoy the fact that the kid alreadys likes to mess with Dad...It comforts me :)

    Next up- the glucose test.  I will be doing that along with my ultrasound.  I am a little concerned due to the fact that my kid loves sugar...but I am crossing my fingers!

  • Caption Contest

    Posted by Katie

    We put this up not knowing how unbecoming this hat is on Murphy.  Make your own caption.  Please keep it clean!


  • Surprise at Casey Abrams show.

    Posted by Katie

    What a fun thing from last night's show.  These girls wrote a song for Casey Abrams and got to perform it for him :)  What a great guy!