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  • Coach Marx

    Posted by Katie

    While I was at the Y yesterday afternoon I was flipping through their booklet for Spring classes and low and behold I discovered that my nephew Kaden is FINALLY old enough for organized sports.  The second I figured this out I immediately called my sister- she had to sign him up right away.  The days I have been waiting for as an aunt are finally here.  Since the day my sister told me she was pregnant I could not wait to be able to teach him sports.  This is where the dilemna comes in.  The Marx family lived, breathed and ate soccer growing up.  Soccer and TBall are being offered on the same day at the same time, so which does he sign up for?  My sister told me she would ask him and it would be his choice.  Well, he picked T-ball.  I am a LITTLE disappointed since soccer is my forte, but I am still so ecstatic that I immediately told my sister I want to coach.  So Monday morning I will be walking in to the Y to sign Kaden up as first year tball player and myself as first year coach.  Mike warned me to be careful of parents and the politics of coaching, but I would hope at 4 years old, that doesn't quite come in to play as of yet...cross your fingers for me guys!

  • Stan the Water guy

    Posted by Katie

    If any of you are avid listeners of the morning show like I hope you are, here is the one and only Stan the Water Guy.  Low and Behold he was with Murphy at the WIXX Holiday Party this past weekend.  If anybody knows how to party, it is definitely Stan the Water Guy!  I would say Stan showing up was the highlight of the entire party!  Not gonna lie, I was quite a dancing maching myself :)  Actually, it was a fantastic party and thanks once again to our owners for hosting the shindig, they always go above and beyond when hosting.  A highlight of the evening may have been Average Joe singing the humpty dance..enjoy some pictures from the party below :)The Humpty Dancedancing machinesStan The water Guy

  • Wow, Charles Barkley is funny.

    Posted by Katie

    Well I stayed in this last Saturday night and I got to watch Saturday Night Live for the first time in a while.  I actually fought to stay awake because it was SO funny.  When I heard it was Charles Barkley I thought oh wow, this is gonna be horrible.  I thought I would last one, maybe two skits.  Here is one of my favorite ones...

  • I wonder if I would rather die...

    Posted by Katie

    On one of the recent episodes on man vs wild, Bear himself taught us how to put in a personal enema to prevent dehydration...maybe I think I would rather die.

  • I was really good this year!!!

    Posted by Katie

    xmas purseSanta made a surprise visit to the Schurk Family Christmas and it was all in honor of me!  He must have thought I was really good this year- some even said exceptional!  Look at these sweet purses he got me- those coach bags have nothing on these fine purses...just check out the fine craftsmanship!

  • The Shack

    Posted by Katie

    One of the things that many people don't know about me is that I am an avid reader. When you give me a good book, I can't put it down.  It rarely takes me more than a day or two to finish a book, no matter how long it is.  For Christmas I received this book from my sister in law.  I am first going to warn you about the content of the book.  This is a book about Christianity.  We make it a point to not make an issue of religion on air and would never want anyone to ever think we were forcing our religious opinions on them- I just simply find this an incredibly insightful book.

    The author of the book says you shouldn't tell people the content of the book beforehand, but just let them experience it for themselves, but it was the storyline that had me so intrigued.  It is about a man whose daughter was abducted and killed in a shack while his family was on a camping trip.  He and his family had a hard time healing from the accident, until one day he receives a letter in the mail.  It is a letter from God, telling him to meet him at the Shack.  The man doesn't know whether or not to take it seriously, or if it could be the killer (whom was never caught) setting him up.  That is as far as I will go, because the rest you will have to read for yourself.

    I do admit there are times that the author does get a little preachy and makes it hard to stay with the story, but in the end you will find it to be an incredibly enlightening story.  Let me know if you read the book and what you think of it!The Shack

  • Merry Christmas From the Marxs'

    Posted by Katie

    We had the Marx Family Christmas this past weekend and it was an absolute blast. We started out at a breakfast with Santa for the kids and then went back to my sisters for food and presents! My parents, good ole Keith and Kath, really went above and beyond this year.  Mike and I finally got a gas grill along with a set of tom toms.  The nieces and nephews of course had a blast...now on to the Schurk Family Christmas next week!Try getting three toddlers to sit still at breakfast with Santa...nope not so much

    Aunt Kerry and Aunt Kate wanted in on the reindeer action!

    I love my big family!

  • Snow Day!

    Posted by Katie

    As most of you know I am now a resident of Appleton, so during this HORRIBLE snowstorm I stayed with my sister and her family in Green Bay.  That proved to be no help.  I attempted to make it to work that day with two vehicles.  The first one we got stuck in a drift, the second we hit another vehicle- so it was at that point that I officially threw in the towel and decided to have a snow day with my nephews!snow angelsWho turned out the lights?


    Kaden building Frosty 

  • Too much time on my hands?

    Posted by Katie

    Send your own ElfYourself eCards


    This is what I do when I have too much time on my hands at work...so obviously I do have too much time.  Anyways, I have decided that whether they want to or not- Kaden, Zach, Gracie and Aiden are going to wish all of our listeners a Holiday Greeting...don't worry, I am sure I will have more videos :)

  • Really Tiger?

    Posted by Katie

    So there has been speculation that Tiger had been cheating on his norwegian princess Elin.  It was speculation until dirty girl entered picture.  It is now proof- take a listen to the voicemail.  Oh Tiger, if you had only stayed in the house and fought with your spouse like the rest of us.  Instead of running away from her, thus causing a car accident, I promise you none of this would have leaked, or we would have chose not to believe it....This is one of those moments you could relive and make a completely different decision!