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  • New Moon

    Posted by Katie

    It is finally here.  The previews have been released for Twilight New Moon!  I know I know, the Twilight obsession may be worse than Justin Bieber and I know what you are all thinking.  Yes I am 27 years old, not 13, but the books got me absolutely hooked!  Not only does the Eclipse dvd come out on March 20th, but we don't have to wait years for the third book in the series, like some magical teen wizards I know (ahem Harry Potter).  The movie does still seem SO far away!  June 30th is going to take forever to get here!!!  Anybody know when the fourth movie is coming out?

  • That's what She Said

    Posted by Katie

    For anyone who doesn't understand why we ever say that's what she said on the show- this is all you need to watch....

  • The Shake Weight

    Posted by Katie

    This morning the boys and I were talking about the shoes that supposedly help you lose weight, the ones that Joe Montana endorses.  We wanted to know if they really worked (never got a straight answer by the way.)  In the conversation I brought up the shake weight infomercial.  It looks interesting and I wanted to know if it really works.  I then had Murphy pull up the commercial on youtube.  They both agreed that the shake weight can definitely be useful in training techniques.  They just had a different opinion on what types of things you could train for with the shake weight.  Feel free to draw your own conclusion :)  Men if you are feeling a little left out on your chance to work out with the shakeweight check out average joe's blog for your answer!

  • Not done blogging about Justin Bieber just yet!

    Posted by Katie

    As you all may have figured out I am a big fan of Justin Bieber.  He was on Jimmy Kimmel last night doing a really cool thing for a 3 year old named Cody.  For those of you who don't know who Cody is, she is the infamous girl who cried over Justin Bieber in the video below


    He showed up on the Jimmy Kimmel show just to surprise Cody.  If you ask me that is one pretty cool 16 year old.  I love when Jimmy tells her this is the best her life is going to get.  It will pretty much be crap from here on out compared to this moment.  After seeing this video- these parents definitely have their work cut out for them.  She is definitely boy crazy!

  • Don't Judge!

    Posted by Katie

    You all may judge me for my love of 15 year old Justin Bieber, but I can't help it.  I love his songs!  They speak to me :)  Anyways, I can not tell you how pumped I was when Murphy informed me this morning of the new facebook page bring Justin Bieber to the Resch Center.  I immediately signed up and I ask you to do the same!  Again don't judge.  Just watch some of his videos and maybe you will understand- although you most likely won't.  Here is the link if you want to sign up (and come on, I know you want to!)


    um yes that is Usher he was talking to in the beginning- if Usher thinks he is cool- he must be!!!!  And yes Justin Bieber, I would gladly have a silly string fight with you any day of the week!

    Yes you are correct when asking- did they just have a dance off in this video?  Any video that involves a dance off is an A in my book!!!!  When Justin Bieber tells you he is going to buy a ring- you have to believe him!


  • Mark My Words...

    Posted by Katie

    The final 24 was finally announced last night for American Idol, and once again the women don't really do it for me.  None of them truly stand out, but of course I have to wait until next week to really start judging them.  Anyways, I have two favorites right now.  I was a Big Mike fan from day one until into my world entered Casey James.  Not only do I love his voice, but he makes me swoon as well.  I am hoping he makes it past the top 24 and come hell or highwater I will vote and do my part and make sure he makes it!  I am almost kind of bummed that nobody has stood out for me to truly dislike.  That is almost as much fun, because as much as I disliked Adam Lambert, it made the season more fun.  It made it suspenseful- maybe I have spent too much time with Maino- I got just as much joy out of Adam Lamberts failure as I did out of Kris Allen's victory.  So mark my words, I am predicting right now, Big Mike and Casey James in the final four- that is if they make it to the top 12.

  • Splish Splash

    Posted by Katie

    This past Friday night Mike and I had the pleasure of babysitting my nephews Zach and Kaden in Green Bay.  We always have a great time watching them, but this time we had some dramatics.  First, we get to my sisters house and learn that they had exchanged valentines in "school" today.  Well, as most of you know, valentines is code for eating as much sugar as possible.  So lets just say they were pretty wound up.  We asked the boys where they wanted to eat and they insisted we take them to Fazolis (I was expecting Chuck E Cheese, but was definitely not going to complain about Fazolis).  We get to Fazolis and the kids were in a great mood.  Granted they were jumping up and down in the booth and fighting over who was going to eat more breadsticks, but for once they stayed in the booth.  (For anyone who deals with 2 and 4 year olds, you know this is an accomplishment all its own.) 

    On our way home we stopped at the Red box and picked up Scooby Doo.  Not gonna lie, it was our way of bribing them into taking a bath.  They know bath time means bedtime, so sometimes they put up a fight.  So instead of fighting them we said allright, we are going to get Scooby Doo, but you can't watch it until you take your bath.  Needless to say I have never seen these boys get undressed so quickly. 

     My sister is in the process of introducing Zach to the potty so she always lets him sit on it before they take a bath.  So I asked Kaden if he needed to go to the bathroom and he said no and hopped in the tub.  I then took off Zach's diaper and got ready to place him on the potty.  Kaden then hopped out of the tub and said oh wait my stomach changed its mind, I have to go.  It was at this moment that Kaden made Zach get off the potty and got on himself.  As we were waiting for Kaden to finish, lo and behold I feel my foot starting to get wet.  Zach was peeing all over my socks!  The kicker is if Kaden wouldn't have kicked him off, he would have gone to the bathroom for the first time!!! 

     Anyways, I am sure you are thinking, ok Katie, don't really care about your nephews bathroom habits, but don't worry it gets better.  The boys are then playing have a great time in the bathtub and all of a sudden Zach has another accident...this time it wasn't number one.  I quickly grab Kaden and Zach and get them out of the tub, but in the process get water all over the floor.  I now have a 2 year old crying because he thinks he is in trouble.  A 4 year old rubbing his back telling him it happens to everybody, and me on my hands and knees in pee soaked socks trying to clean crap out of the tub.  The whole time I was thinking, wow, I actually chose to be doing this on my Friday night.  After that was cleaned up I yelled everybody back in the tub.  Kaden came running through and completely biffed it on the water that I forgot to clean up that was all over the floor.  Needless to say bath time was over. 

    After all of this happened though I can still look at my Friday night and say I had a genuinely good time!  Granted, I don't know how you moms and dads do this every day.  You guys deserve a lot more credit than you get!  Also, I apologize to my nephews who may have to read about their bathroom habits when they are 10 years old.  I know, I know it is on the web forever :)After we told Mike's sister the story, she sent me this song and I got such a kick out of it.  Even if you didn't find the story as humorous as I did, hopefully you will get a kick out of the song!


  • We are the world 2010 Remake

    Posted by Katie

    It debuted tonight at the Olympics.  I didn't get a chance to see it, but I have to admit I have been excited to hear this!  I love it!  Especially the additions they made to it- maybe I could have done without so much Barbara, but I loved Kanye and Will.I.Am.  Remember if you download at itunes all downloads will be donated towards Haiti relief- so pretty much a win win situation!

  • Why I love Thursdays...

    Posted by Katie

    I woke up this morning, drove in to work and the entire way I was thinking it was Friday...lo and behold, surprise, surprise it isn't.  It is still Thursday.  Don't you hate it when that happens?  I always like to count my days by how many more days I have until I can sleep past 4 am.  I completely thought I was on my last day, again, I was wrong.  One thing that did put me in a better mood was Thursday night t.v.  My three favorite shows are on tonight.  Greys Anatomy, The Mentalist, and the Office.  I get really frustrated with people who refuse to accept the fact that The Office is hilarious.  It is one of the few things that Maino and I actually agree on.  I will admit there are some episodes where you are just like, what, I don't get it.  But when they find something funny, they completely hit it out of the park.  One of the reasons I love the Office is not only the sense of humor, but the heart in it as well.  Admit it, we ALL complain about our coworkers and find them annoying, obnoxius, or people we would never be friends with in real life...but the worst part about it is your coworkers are some of the people who know you better than anybody, whether or not you want to admit it.  The episode that highlights it the best is Jim and Pam's wedding.  Here is one of the clips from it.  I think the jokes are pretty self explanatory.  I still get a little teary eyed when I see this clip.  Not sure if I am crying because of the hilarity or because Jim and Pam...oh boy!

  • Gracie Kaylee

    Posted by Katie

    I am way excited to head to Miwaukee this weekend to spend time with my niece.  How can you look at this pic and not love her?  My sister is going to kill me for putting this picture, but I love it!  She looks like I do after a rough night on the town aka Sunday morning!  She could totally hang with Aunt Kate anyday!

    This girl's got style!

  • Sick Day

    Posted by Katie

    Well if any of you were listening on Monday morning you may have noticed that I was not in the studio.  I was unfortunately home on a sick day.  Not that I like to put blame on anybody, but I would like to thank my nephews for passing their colds on to me...Anyways, one of my favorite things about sick days is catching up on tv you would normally never get to watch because you are at work.  Lo and behold the show I got to catch up on...Saved By the Bell!  I was in heaven!  Especially when I found out the episode where Zach and Kelly broke up was on.  So I searched and searched in the land of youtube and shockingly I could not find the clip, BUT I will not disappoint and instead give you my all time second favorite episode of Saved By the Bell- the one where Jessie is on drugs...ahem if you call caffeine pills "drugs."  You know you all know the episode I am talking about.  The one where Lisa, Kelly and Jessie form the pop group, managed by Zach, called Hot Sundae.  Jessie can't handle the pressure of trying to get into Stanford, her relationship with Slater, and being the third member of Hot Sundae, so she turns to "drugs" to help her.  Watch the drama unfold....Oh Saved By the Bell- you were wise beyond your years!

  • Somewhere out there...

    Posted by Katie

    So the last two mornings Murphy and I have mentioned the moon and how awesome it looks.  I then tell Murphy that everytime I see the moon I think of him, because he has some weird fascination with the moon and asks me almost every morning if I saw the moon...so if the moon is looking particularly bright that morning I instanly think of Murphy.  Well, I told Maino this story, so the last two mornings he has brought up this song.  It is called somewhere out there and was featured in one of my favorite movies of all time, An American Tale.  The movie holds a special place in my heart, it was my first movie I had ever been too, and it was when my brother took me.  I pretty much thought he was the coolest person in the entire world...oh the thoughts that go through the mind of a five year old :)  Anyways, if you have never heard the song or know the movie, enjoy this clip.