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  • Mi familia

    Posted by Katie

    My cousin sent me this picture over facebook.  I love pictures like this.  I am the small one in the lower left hand corner.  Down the row is my sister Kerry, Kim and brother Brian.  Then my cousins Laura and Steve are in the second row, along with my Grandma and Grandpa Marx.  I distinctly remember this picture because I was pissed about the dress I was wearing.  Originally my mom had bought three of the same Easter dresses for all of the girls to wear.  I think this was my second or third year wearing the dress.  Being the youngest I was stuck wearing all three dresses at one point or another.  God, I hated hand me downs!

    the family

  • Dear Aaron Rodgers...

    Posted by Katie

    Dear Aaron Rodgers,

    Hello Friend, although I am not sure if I can even call you that anymore due to our lack of communication in the last four months...This year when you came to Breakfast with the boys I asked you if I could ask you absolutely any question, no hold?  You replied with a sure.  I then asked you if you and Hilary from Lady A were an item, you told me no.  I then went forward when people repeatedly would ask me if you two were an item, and I vehemiently denied it...cause you know we are practically bff ;).  Anyways, you are making my job that much harder when you are photographed with Hilary in Las Vegas a night before the country music awards- the same weekend last year when you two were first spotted.  So alas you have put me in an awkward position  If you would have given me your changed number I could have called you and warned you, but now I ask myself- do I put this picture online for all to see? Or do I stay true to our friendship and wait until every other media outlet covers it before me?  Well friend, here is my advice for you-  the girl is hot!!!  She just won a country music award.  We play her repeatedly on WIXX.  So as your friend, I am going to do you a personal favor and show this picture.  Maybe then you will brag to the world that you hang out with people even cooler than the murphy in the morning crew (although their may be no one cooler than us, let us know when you find some!?!?!?!)  Call me when you get back in to town, we have a lot of catching up to do old friend :)

    p.s.- I know you did tell me that you are just friends, but hey if it can't be me, I would like your girlfriend to be Hilary- think about ;)


    Katie Marx

    just friends?

  • I am a name dropper

    Posted by Katie

    Rob Thomas came in to the studio yesterday and he was nothing short of fantastic.  It is days like today that I sit back and think Wow, I am so lucky to have the job I do.  The whole time Rob was thinking he was doing an acoustic set, so it was pretty mellow, and while he was thinking I totally thought his next project should totally be a lullaby album.  I think it is a cd that parents would actually enjoy listening to!

    rob thomas

  • Go Duke

    Posted by Katie

    Last nights NCAA championship game, Duke vs Butler, was absolutely amazing.  You couldn't have asked for a better game.  I was on the edge of my seat the entire game, and throughout the night, the game truly could have gone either way.  I have to admit the real reason I was cheering for Duke was if they won, I won the March Madness bracket I was entered in, so really it was for purely selfish reasons (honesly, would you expect anything less?).  So lets just say I was more than thrilled when Butler missed the final shot....Here are some things I noticed in the game last night...

    The Russian

    1. is the massive guy on Duke's team russian?  If not, he may be offended that Mike and I called him the russain guy all night.

    2. Did anyone else notice the fastest the russain guy ran all night was after they clinched the title, and it was to run to the bench to celebrate?

    3. Seriously, could the russian guy be any slower or heavier on his feet? (as  you can tell I focused a larger portion of my evening criticizing the russian.)

    4.  I now have a new crush.  Jon Scheyer of Duke.  Not only are you amazing, but I singlehandedly have you to thank for your victory last night. You are truly an animal. You came to play, not just last night, but the entire tournament and I thank you for that.

    Jon Scheyer

    5.  Butler, I will never cheer for you.  Ok seriously, I  know most of you were rooting for the underdog here, but some people forget that I spent a large portion of my life as a student at UWGB, and if you are familiar with UWGB you will know that Butler is our main rival.  As Maino said this morning, cheering for Butler would be like cheering for Minnesota to win the Superbowl.  I don't care that they are in the same division as us, I will never cheer them on.  Hell, I would most likely wish ill will on the entire team in their journey to obtaining the Lombardi Trophy (which I pray on a daily basis to baby jesus that I will never see that happen in my lifetime.)


  • Sometimes I am a girl....

    Posted by Katie

    pink laptop

    Well it happened yesterday.  The computer took a big crap.  I went to go turn it on when I got home from work and I got the blue screen of death.  I immediately called Mike at work (mostly to proclaim my innocence, especially since I grew up in a house where if anything was broken or lost it was most likely blamed on me due to the fact that I was the youngest, regardless of whether or not I had even been in the vicinity of the broken item.)  Anyways, I felt I had to make sure he knew I didn't do it and he took it surprisingly well.  When he came home from work he tried to putz around with it insisting he could fix it until I finally broke down and called a friend who is a genius at i.t.- considering he does it for a living.  (I hated calling him because I know he works with computers all day, the last thing he wants to do when he gets home is get a phone call from me asking him to fix my computer over the phone.)  After patiently trying to explain to me to hit F8 and put the computer in safe mode (trust me I was lost after F8) he decided that he is going to have to take it for a few days and take a look at the hard drive.  In the mean time Mike and I had been debating over getting a laptop for a few months, so we decided there is no better time than now to get one.  I went on the computer at work this morning and started researching laptops.  I was immediately drawn to the laptops that are bright colors.  I then stopped reading the features of each computer and I decided I want a pink one...is that wrong?  See every once in a while, I do portray some girl like qualities :)  Anyways if anyone has any advice on laptops that would be great, but keep in mind I am on a budget (so no macbook), and if you can find a pink one, that would be even better!

  • Happy Easter

    Posted by Katie

    This weekend Mike and I got a chance to spend some quality time with our nephews.  Saturday we got to go to the NEW Zoo to attempt to break the bunny hop record with Kaden and Zachary.  Then we tried our hand at dying Easter Eggs- which I found out I still suck at.  The next day we got to head to Neshkoro to spend time with family and hang out with this adorable Easter bunny Aiden.  I hope everyone had a great time and spent the holiday with family!

    Aiden Bunny

  • The Last Song

    Posted by Katie

    One of the things that most people don't know about me is that I am a hardcore bookworm.  Once I get a book that I am really interested in and I can't put it down.  I will literally sit down for an entire day just to read a book.  I feel like I can't get to the ending fast enough.  The latest series of books I really got into are Percy and the Olympians.  Judge me if you want, but I love this series.  I am well into the fourth book.  What I love about it is it is based on the gods, olympus, rome, etc. (something I know nothing about).  Reading the books kind of make me feel smart :)  My next book I want to tackle is The Last Song.  Trust me, Miley Cyrus completely turned me off, but after talking to more and more people they said this is one of Nicholas Sparks best books.  (if you aren't familiar with Nicholas Sparks he wrote the Notebook, Dear John, A Walk To Remember, Nights in Rodanthe.)  So I am just wondering if any of you out there have read it, and if it is worth it.  I may head out to Target right now and pick it up!

    The Last Song

  • TV Medlies

    Posted by Katie

    Ok, so one of my weird talents I have is that I can pretty much sing the theme song to pretty much any tv show I have ever watched.  ( I don't know if you call that weird, or pathetic- insinuating that I watch A LOT of tv.)  Anyways, I saw this clip on youtube and thought it was fantastic!  Although I want him to add another ten minutes to it.  I think Charles in Charge may be my favorite, and admittedly I haven't seen some of the shows- like firefly?  What the blog is that???

  • OAR at Summerfest

    Posted by Katie

    I am so excited- I just went on a Summerfest website and they announced OAR is going to be at Summerfest!  OAR is pretty much my all time favorite band ever (second to Justin Bieber.)  I have always wanted to see them, but they have always played during the week- but not this time!  They are playing Thursday July 1st and Friday July 2nd.  Between Justin Bieber and OAR I may just have to take vacation that week :)

  • Another reason for a countdown!

    Posted by Katie

    This countdown is much shorter.  As I was watching American Ido last night previews for the new season of Glee was on- only 3 weeks left!!!!  If you aren't watching this show you need to start!  I love it!  I just got season one for my birthday and have not stopped watching it since Sunday! 

  • The countdown is on!

    Posted by Katie

    The countdown is on!  I will be seeing Justin Bieber perform live at Summerfest on June 27th...let me figure out how many days that is, and then I can start the countdown :)  He was on Letterman last night and I must say I was impressed.  His previous performances I was thinking oh boy this may be a rough concert, but he has definitely improved!!!  Does anyone else think he should have girl background dancers- way too much testosterone on the stage???  Also, just me or his voice getting a litter lower? 

  • Happy Birthday Friend!

    Posted by Katie

    Happy St. Patricks Day Everybody!  Not only is it St Patrick's Day, but it is also Maino's birthday!  We celebrated with Shamrock Shakes and Heath Bar Cake- it has been tradition for almost 6 years now- isn't that crazy to think the three of us have been together that long???  Anyways, since this blog is my blog I am going to make it all about me.  I get excited for Maino's birthday because not only is it St Patricks Day, but that means my birthday is 4 days away- that is right the 21st.  Last year I had an amazing party with tons of good friends at Shenanigans, but I think I am going to keep things a little more mellow this year.  Since I am now a resident of Appleton I figure I need to start embracing it sooner or later- so my friends and I will be terrorizing the streets of College Avenue this Saturday night.  I don't go out in Appleton often, so if you have any suggestions of fun places to go- email me katie.marx@wixx.com.  My friends and I love to dance, but I am not into techno- keep that in mind :)  Here are some pics from my awesome party last year!  I know this year probably won't hold a candle to it, but I need to start mellowing out in my old age.  (the big 28 if you are wondering, and hey I am still WAYYY younger than Murphy and Maino).

    Drew and katie

    My friend Drew and I- Yes I am the girl that loves wearing crowns during my birthday- I Am a Birthday Princess!

    Kim, Kerry and Mike

    My family even came from Milwaukee to help me celebrate- my sisters Kim, Kerry and of course the Express

    Maino- the other guest of honor :)

    oh look who that is- Maino made an appearance- thanks for not coming Murphy (just kidding, he had a valid excuse his son was in the state basketball tournament)


    I told you we like to dance!

    The Gonwas and The Hibler

    Mike's family came from Oshkosh (his sister Sherry and brother in law Matt) and my brother in law Jason from Milwaukee

    ryan and the express

    one of my bff's Ryan knows bloody marys are one of my favorite drinks, so he got all of the fixings I would need to make a perfect one and also a dog bed for the dog I do not own but hope to one day :)  And yes he and the Express are close :)