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  • This is my Christmas!

    Posted by Katie

    In the midst of all of the excitement with Justin Bieber, I ALMOST forgot that the 4th of July is almost here!  The 4th of July is my absolute favorite holiday.  It is my Christmas...actually it is better than Christmas!  Reason being, it is a holiday, so no work.  Plus, I always spend it with friends and family, minus the pressure of having to find the perfect gift.  It is in the middle of summer, so it always revolves around my favorite summer activity- cookouts.  Plus it is expected to consume at least one beverage in honor of Lady Liberty- then you get to top it all of with fireworks!  I couldn't ask for more!!!  I just love the reminder of how awesome America is!

    Anyways, I have worn the same outfit to ring in the holiday the last 3 years.  I feel the need to be patriotic, so I wear a red sleeveless shirt and a stars and stripes scarf in my hair.  Last year I had moved a few weeks prior to the 4th so I somehow lost the scarf (sad, I know!).  I had always hoped no one would notice, or just be like, yep she is such a patriot, but lo and behold the Diesels brother in law called me out!  Last year he reminded me that the was the third year in a row I had worn it, and he didn't even know me the first year!  I wanted to continue with tradition, but I had purchased a blue tank top for the Brewer game I went to last week.  I had an epiphany the other day, blue is just as patriotic, so this tank top will now be in the 4th of July rotation.  Now if only I could find that damn head scarf!!!


                                           July 4th, 2007


                                                 July 4th, 2008


                                                July 4th 2009


    No this is not from 4th of July, but I would like to introduce you to the Diesel's brother in law Matt- you know, the guy who called me out on my fashion faux paus :)



  • This week just keeps gettin better!

    Posted by Katie

    A friend had told me that Teen Mom was returning for a second season.  I wouldn't believe in until I saw it.  Guess what?  I saw it- July 20th!!!  Oh Farrah, Macy, Catelynn and Amber- I have missed you hot messes so.  I don't know how I missed more though, Farrah or her Mom.  I will now be counting down to July 20th.  Again, starting to be the best week ever!


  • Justin Bieber

    Posted by Katie

    bieberYesterday was the Justin Bieber concert and seriously, BEST DAY EVER!!!  I will post pics tomorrow- I still haven't figured out how to downlaod pictures to the computer, so I have to wait for the Diesel to get home to help me- don't judge...But here is a picture of me and two of our listeners, Lauren and Morgan, at our seats, and yes I am wearing a Justin Bieber tshirt :)


  • Soccer Update

    Posted by Katie


    Well we are about halfway through the soccer season, and I can tell you it has definitely been interesting.  Interesting and very entertaining!  I have such a great time with every one of these kids.  Here is an update of what has transpired throughout the season...

    1.  The kids decided to name the team the Sharks, after a drill we did with them in the first two practices called minnows and Sharks. (All kids start out as minnows with a ball and my sister and I are the sharks, you are supposed to learn control of your ball by dribbling around the sharks without it being stolen.  When it is stolen you become a shark and try to also steal the balls from the minnows.  Too bad the kids think sharks are the coolest and all wanted to become one, thus defeating the entire purpose of the drill.)  Anyways, so far two other teams are also called the sharks because of said drill.  Who knew 4 year olds though sharks were so cool?

    2.  Because of our team name, we play the song Shark in the Water by V.V. Brown to pump up my nephew before every game.

    3.  It does not matter what time we play, my nephew will have a meltdown and cry when the ball is stolen from him.  It is inevitable- if anyone has any great suggestions on how we can teach him about sportsmanship, that would be great!

    4.  Don't make 4 year olds play in the rain!  We had a game in the rain two weeks ago.  It is hard enough to keep their attention during a sunny day, add rain into the equation and forget it!  Two girls left the field to pick flowers, another kid cried every time he got his pants wet (you guessed it, that kid was my nephew and I love him for it.)

    5.  Heat doesn't work either.  We played last night and I am still laughing about the scenario.  It was 88 degrees and humid.  The kids were literally just walking off the field when they got tired.  One kid decided to just lay directly in the middle of the field, not caring that he was going to be trampled by the players (again that kid was my nephew, and again I couldn't be more proud.)  At one point we only had three players from our side on the field, because no one wanted to play in the god awful heat.

    6.  It does not matter how many times you tell them which way they are supposed to be going, they will ALWAYS score on the wrong goal.  The leading scorer on our team, has scored only for the other team.

    Again, I am having such a blast with these kids, and I am still laughing about last nights scenario.  It can only get better, right? :)  Go Team Sharks!

  • Damn You Miley!

    Posted by Katie

     it's no secret that I am not the biggest Miley Cyrus fan...although after a conversation with a friend, I may be a closeted fan.  She just really angers me.  She made her money from Disney.  She made her money making children fall in love with her.  The second she gets the chance she throws them under the bus.  I am sick of the stupid, well I am growing up.  Yes you are Miley, but you are still only 17!  So many kids look up to you, and this is the route you choose for them?  Like I said it really makes me angry.  Miley this is what you signed up for.  Seriously, I am so sick of the people won't leave me alone, everyone judges me, etc.  Well Miley, I can guarantee if you started your career with the path you are going now, you wouldn't have a career.  Hence why I love Selena Gomez.  She stays true to the mouse!  She gets that Disney made her a star.  Obviously they steered her in the correct direction in the beginiing, no reason to believe they won't now.  Their goal is to make money as well.  I just hate that kids have few role models to look up to these days. 

    Alas, the reason for my rant...Miley did a remake of every rose has its thorn by Bret Michaels.  She performed a duet this morning on Good Morning America.  I loved it, and I hate her for that :)  I know I know some peoople will dislike the original being messed with, and yes people I was around for the original.  It was one of my favorite songs.  I will never forget my sisters buying the tape, playing it on repeat and my mom asking a friend, who are these poison people?  Should I let my kids listen to them?   Here is my take on it.  I love the song so much that I couldn't really care who redoes it, as long as it stays somewhat true to the original.  If it means I will hear it on the radio again, I am loving it!!!!  What do you guys think???


  • Flying Solo

    Posted by Katie


    yummyWhen I found out the weather was going to be nice today, I was almost a little bummed.  Don't get me wrong, this weather has been just as depressing to me as it has been for the rest of you, but I kind of wanted to go to a movie, but now since it will be nice out, I feel like it is a waste of an afternoon.  The funny thing is is I still probably won't leave the confines of my apartment, but I like to pretend I would :)  So back to the movie thing.  I was looking forward to going to a movie by myself- is that weird?  About 5 years ago Murphy and Maino dared me to go to a movie by myself.  I did, and I was pretty much mortified.  In my defense I think it was because I turned out to be the only person in the ENTIRE theater.  ( I went to Fever pitch at the old ghetto Marcus at like 4 in the afternoon on a Tuesday.  The theater has now been demolished.)  So having to sit by myself as the ushers did their little theater check was so embarrassing!  About two months ago I went to go see The Last Song by myself (Mike refused to go, and I was bored one night.)  I found myself actually loving it!  Actually, sometimes I think I prefer it!  A friend of mine had asked me to go see Sex and the City 2 with her when it came out, and I found myself disappointed because I was hoping to go to the movie by myself.  I enjoy sitting by myself, not having to make conversation as you wait for the movie to start, not having to listen to their input throughout the entire movie, purchasing the small buckey of popcorn, not having both hands digging in one at a time- and of course in the middle of the movie that person going- is there any popcorn left?  Granted I do still love going to movies with friends and Michael, but certain movies you just want to see alone.  For example, any movie I had read the book to.  I like to silently analyze the differences in my head.  If someone knows I read the book ahead of time, they will often ask me questions in the middle of the movie- like wait, what just happened, or who is that person, or why is this so important?  Again, like I said that doesn't mean I only like going to movies alone.  Actually going to movies is a huge common interest for Mike and I.  But like I said, I prefer certain ones with him,  I love going to comedies with him, and especially thriller or scary movies!  I am just wondering if anyone else agrees with me, or if I am kinda different ;)?

  • New Katy Perry Video!

    Posted by Katie


    Here is Katy Perry's video for California Gurls (and yes that is spelled correctly)...totally now what I thought it would be.  For some reason I imagined rollerblading in a bikini...or was that just me?!?!


  • Rescue 911

    Posted by Katie

    Kaden is special

    I was over at my sisters the other day hanging out with my nephews and I had noticed they both had report cards from their swimming lessons.  I looked at the report card and saw what Kaden had "learned."  I believed most of what they said he had passed until it came to the part where it said Kaden had passed the part where they learn who to call in case of an emergency.  So I asked my sister, does he really know who to call.  She goes, you know, I don't know, I just assumed.  I was like, no way, I don't believe it.  (I know, I know, I have such faith in my nephews.)  So I yelled down the hall to Kaden and I said, "Kaden what phone number do you call if Mom gets hurt and you can't help her?"  Kaden replies with "that's easy 9-9-1!"  My sister yelled, "nope, but close."  Kaden yells back "9-9-2?"  I yelled "almost!" Kaden then yells "9-9-3!"  My sister and I were pretty much dying of laughter at this point (don't worry, he was in the other room so he couldn't hear or see us.)  I then pointed out that I want to meet this teacher who claims he knows how to call 9-1-1.  I then asked my sister if she was dying and he had called 9-9-1 would her response still be oh, so close...no, she wouldn't be able to respond because she would be dead.  It's true when they say kids say the darndest things...He makes me so proud...I would also like to point out that the tshirt he is wearing in this picture is a shirt that has a picture oh himself on it and it says "I'm Special."  Mike and I got a HUGE kick out of the shirt!


  • Vacation!

    Posted by Katie

    It is getting to be that time of year again.  The time where we are all ready for a vacation.  Unlike you people not in the radio world, we have a small window of time that we can actually take a vacation.  The boss states we are allowed July-August and February-March...So when we get vacation we have to truly savor those days off...and trust me, if I didn't wake up so early, I don't think I would ever even want or need a vacation- I take vacation to solely sleep in :)

    Anyways, I am sure you are all wondering where this rant is going- I am just looking for some great and affordable vacation spots.  I haven't been on a trip since the Diesel and I went to Cabo, and that was almost three years ago!  I would love love love to go back to Mexico, but the Diesel isn't as pumped.  He has his heart set on Vegas.  If you ask me, Vegas spells nothing but drama...he loses money, I lose money...we are broke on the second day- to be honest with you, it just doesn't sound fun to me!  I would also LOVE to try a cruise, but I hate spending so much money on the unkown- so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

    katie in cabo

  • Secretly a slob?

    Posted by Katie

    Murphy's office

    So when I walk into the "morning show office" (I use that term loosely because it has one desk, chair and computer, and Murphy is the only one who can actually log onto the computer.) and for the past couple of weeks I notice this.  The mountain of water bottles.  Not only are the water bottles not full, they are drank until about two inches of water remain.  He must then open a new bottle and start the process all over again.  Ok the reason I am so shocked is we all know how big of a neat freak Murphy is.  I can not believe he would let this slide....seriously?  I am so disappointed in him.  This is a side of him I never thought I would see!!!!  FYI- after I went into the office and took this picture, he immediately cleaned the bottles up and threw them in the recycling bin (wasting a ton of water by the way- I told him to conserve in case this massive oil spill gets any worse.)  I would also like to inform you that it took him two trips :)

  • 6 things men notice

    Posted by Katie

    channing tatum

    We talked on air this morning about the first 6 things men notice when they see you.  Here is the rundown

    1. smile

    2. hair

    3. cleavage

    4. makeup

    5. skin

    6. purse

    Murphy and Maino HIGHLY disagreed with these findings...except cleavage of course :)  They couldn't believe eyes was left off of the list.  We then got to talkign about what women look for.  I immediately said jaw line.  I am weak for a man with a stong jaw line.  They had never even heard of this feature.  They asked how you obtain such a feature and I said you can't- it is a god given feature.  Maybe that is why I like it so much :)  I also gave two examples of the perfect jawline.  Kellan Lutz and Channing Tatum.  I would personally like to thank baby jesus for giving these men the perfect jawline.  So what other features do you like ladies?

    kellan lutz

  • The art of a perfect marshmallow

    Posted by Katie

    This is how you do it!

    We went camping this weekend for Memorial Day weekend with family and friends.  We had a great time, minus the sunburn and god awful heat!  Really though, it was a good time :)  We did get on a debate around the campfire about the perfect roasted marshmallow.  If you ask me- I like em charbroiled!  But nope. of of the guys in our group insist I sit in front of the fire and slowly let it turn.  It was so boring!!!  I want to instantly light it on fire and blow it out.  I love tasting the burntness of it!  I mean really, who has the time to let it slowly cook...half the time it ends up catching on fire anyways.  So you might as well skip a step and immediately burn it.  Am I right, or am I right????

    Dave thinks he makes the better marshmallow...I think not