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  • Pro Activ?

    Posted by Katie


    Well about two months ago I started using Pro Acitv- sure I don't have severe acne, but at the age of 28 you would hope acne all together would go away...I was just wondering what everyone thought of it.  I am noticing some difference (like my rosecea is non existent, but then again, I never had it severe, just slighty across my cheeks.  It looked like I was just embarrased a lot :))  Other than that though, nothing!  Still get zits every now and then on my chin, actually I got a monster one coming in right now.  Hot, I know, but hey, it's life :)  I was just wondering if I have to just stick with it, or if, you like myself, may have been scammed out of some money...let me know what you think!

  • 152 days

    Posted by Katie

    Kaden's First Day of School

    Every Wednesday I pick up my 4 year old nephew Kaden from daycare and take him to 4K.  It is a kind of bonding time between me and him.  Well, yesterday when I picked him up from daycare he didn't get the best report.  Just wasn't an overall good day, and lets just say the daycare teachers weren't sad to see him go :)  So on our car ride from daycare to school I asked him what was up?  He said he didn't want to talk about it.  I said, ok well how about this.  If you can be good at daycare for one whole week, the next time I pick you up, I will pick you up early and we can go to lunch- we will go anywhere you want to go.  He then of course said McDonalds.  I then called my sister and told her about the bad report from daycare.  This is the email I got from her this morning...

    By the way Pete had a talk with Kaden about his behavior at daycare and this is what he stated... Yes word for word..

     Kaden:  " Dad you don't have to worry about it because Aunt Katie is taking me to Donalds if I am good for a hundred and fifty two days."

     Pete:     " Oh did she... Well that's pretty nice of her I hope you can do it."

     Kaden:  " Oh yeah it will be easy it is only until the next time she picks me up."

     Kim:  (Busting out laughing)

    - Just think in only 152 more days until you get to enjoy a be juicy Burgar at McDonalds. Ha!

    Man- I love that kid.  I wish that is how I thought of time.  152 days is only one week!

  • I'm Back!

    Posted by Katie

    Well I was on vacation this past week, and not gonna lie, it was kind of boring!  I took the vacation because I had to take the days or lose the days, so I took them.  The week as a whole was pretty unproductive.  Taking my nephew to his first day of school was pretty much the highlight of the week, oh yeah and the Timber Rattlers game- that was a great time!  Since I didn't really do much, I figured I will post pictures of a weekend the Diesel and I took in the Dells with my sister Kerry, brother in law Jason and niece Gracie.  I must say, it was probably one of my top 3 weekends of the summer!


                            Gracie trying out one of the water jumpers!

    The Diesel

             The Diesel teaching the waterslide who is boss!

    Kerry and Gracie

    Kerry (5 months pregnant) and Gracie.  It's hard work being Gracie Hibler!

    Kate and Diesel

                        It's not a vacation without margaritas!

    Gracie and Uncle Diesel

                                    Gracie and Uncle Diesel

    ice cream

               You know you can't go to the Dells without stopping for ice cream!

    Paul Bunyan

    Keeping up with Marx Family Tradition.  You must stop at Paul Bunyans! 

  • Pitbulls

    Posted by Katie


    This morning we talked about a tragic story of a child in Wisconsin being killed by a dog.  This of course always brings out the controversy...that it isn't the dog, it is the owner.  Why are certain dogs always picked on?  My dog is a baby, wouldn't hurt anyone!  Well, we then went online to look at the facts and we saw that Pitbulls were the most dangerous breed of dog.  Of course many people came out for the defense of the Pitbull.  I would like those certain people to check out this link.


  • The Wizard of Oz as retold by a 2 year old

    Posted by Katie

    We went to Muskego this weekend to visit my adorable niece Gracie and I have told you in earlier posts her obsession with the Wizard of Oz.  Thanks to you listeners I was able to find her a dorothy costume, and not to toot my own horn (toot toot) she loved it!  Although I think she liked her ghetto version of Toto even better than the dress!  I have been talking about how she likes to yell at dorothy to get inside the house during the tornado...well here is a video of her explaining the entire movie in a matter of minutes.  I can't get enough of her talking about the witch scene.  Let's just say this girl is gonna be a star- look out Miley Cyrus :)


  • Don't call me Dorothy!

    Posted by Katie

                                           Gracie Kaylee

    I have mentioned on air before how my 2 year old niece is OBSESSED with the movie, The Wizard of Oz.  The reason being is she was in a tornado this summer.  She LOVES the tornado scene! She wants it played over and over.  She constantly yells at Dorothy- GET INSIDE!!!  She is so adamant about it!

    Anyways, my sister texted me last night the picture above.  (I know it is small, but it is from a phone, what can you do?)-I personally love the fact that she is sprawled out across the entire bed- just like her Aunt Kate! If you look closely you will see a pair of ruby slippers on her feet.  I guess she refused to take them off before she went to bed.  After seeing this picture my wheels a started turning.  I must get her a Dorothy Gale costume.  After going on facebook and reaching out to the listeners, you guys again came through for me!  The Dorothy Gale will be delivered to the studio this afternoon- thanks so much Sherry!  I immediately called my sister with the news and even though she was excited, she is also a little skeptical.  Whenever she asks Gracie if she wants to be Dorothy Gale for Halloween she says-"Don't call me Dorothy!  I am Gracie Kaylee Hibler!"  So this costume could either make me the coolest Aunt ever, or turn around and bite me in the butt :)  If she loves the thing, I will make sure to take pictures this weekend and post them on my blog next week.  Thanks again to all of the listeners for your great suggestions on where to get the costume!

  • My Squish 'Ems!

    Posted by Katie


    Well last night I had the pleasure of participating in a fundraiser for the strong kids program with the East Side YMCA.  I got to do my part by spending an hour oh my time in a dunk tank.  I am not going to lie- it was AWFUL.  There must have been a malfunction with the tank- all you had to do was throw the ball in the vacinity of the target and I would fall in.  My nephew Kaden was in heaven.  He must have spent 10 bucks on dunking me.  He is 4 years old, and dunked me 5 times...seriously, it was ridiculous.  The only person not enjoying the entertainment was my nephew Zachary.  He was truly upset everytime I would get dunked.  When Michael took a turn to dunk me, he yelled at him.  He kept yelling "MICHAEL, THAT'S ENOUGH!"  Everytime he threw the ball, he would again yell at him, and Michal being the awesome boyfriend he is, didn't listen to my 2 year old nephew and continued to dunk me.  My sister then bought more balls for the kids and asked Zach if he wanted to throw...he refused.  I even told him it was ok, and he said no and buried his face in my sister.  I even offered for him to just push the button, and he still wouldn't.  Don't worry, though, Kaden gladly obliged.  It is just so funny to me to see the two different personalities between my nephews.  Kaden is a wild child, and Zachary is just a lover.  He is sensitive to people's feelings, he always wants to be hugged.  He actually got the nickname Squish 'ems because he as an abnormally large baby when he was born (1 oz short of a ten pounder!)  So when he was so big, all you wanted to do was squish him!  After that we would just say give him to me, I just want to squish 'em.  And he gladly let you squish away, so this blog is for my godson Zachary Robert aka Squish 'ems...I love how adorably sweet and loving you are.  Don't change.  Love you Zach!

    katie and zach

  • Bubba!

    Posted by Katie


    Well as you know if you have been listening I joined a fantasy golf league for the latest in the PGA tournament.  I have never been a super huge golf fan, but this really got me into it!  I found myself staring at the leaderboard online for literally hours, just waiting for it to update.  I kept texting Murphy with updates- I was so excited.  I had a blast doing it!  I went the girly route and chose an untraditional way to pick my players.  I picked the names that sounded cool...I went with Boo, Sonny and BUBBA.  Lo and behold, Bubba totally showed up to play!  Unfortunately, he didn't win the whole thing, but he tied for first, and lost in a play off.  For my first time around, I really couldn't ask for more :)  I now consider Bubba a bit of a good luck charm!

  • Anyone else remember this???

    Posted by Katie

    Ok, does anyone else remember this song?  Maybe it was just a song they played in 'Stallis?  I loved it in high school, but the only words I ever knew were everybody needs a bosom for a pillow, everybody needs a bosom and that they sang the number 45 over and over.  Somebody please help me out here! 

  • Sonny and Cher done right

    Posted by Katie

    So this morning Maino and I did what some may say the best rendition of Sonny and Cher's I got you babe...EVER.  That is of course before I remembered this amazing clip.  God I love the Golden Girls!

  • Take a Bow, Brett.

    Posted by Katie

    You know when you have those moments in your life where you know things are happening for a reason?  Well I sat down at my computer a few minutes ago to write a blog, and to get me in the mood, I put on my ipod.  (I know, I know, I am always listening to WIXX, but you would not believe how much more privacy people give you when you have a pair of headphones on...also, when I have the ipod on I can manage to tune out every surrounding I have.  I love when the boss doesn't realize I have headphones on and have a full fledged conversation with me)....anyways back to my blog. 

    When I sat down to write, I was thinking, I will not write about Brett Favre.  Everybody and their mother will have something on their blog about Brett Favre.  That is when Baby Jesus himself interceded.  I turned on my ipod to the most aprapo song for the situation, Rihanna, Take A Bow.  It was like the clouds parted and baby Jesus himself or maybe the tattoo on my foot, can't decide which I have to thank for this divine interception, but anyways, they were saying you must rip him.

    I feel like I have matured in these last 7 years, give or take a few, that I have been on the morning show.  I am going to be the better person here.  I will not rip Brett.  Mostly for the reason that I don't want to waste my time when we all know the second training camp is over, mark my words, he will be back. 

    I would first like to thank Brett for helping us to see the light.  For making us see what loyalty and class truly mean, and that is defined by no one more than your successor, Aaron Rodgers.  He showed us that we will love again, and you know what, maybe even more than we ever thought imaginable.  He showed us that the first cut truly is the deepest, but you will come out on the other side stronger. 

    Now all I would like to do at this moment is dedicate this song to the fans of Minnesota...Rihanna, Take A Bow.  Vikings fans, I will NEVER feel for you.  I will not unite with you in our hurt and misery, the only thing I will choose to do is not judge you when you boo the mention of Brett's name, in fact I will join you in your boos.  WE were the ones who got the brunt of it.  WE were the ones who were blindsided, didn't see it coming.  WE were the first.  And, unlike Brett, you can never take that away from us.

    YOU are the ones who thought he had changed.  We warned YOU.  We knew, once a cheater, always a cheater.  But no, YOU insisted this time was different.  YOU swore that YOU would treat him better, YOU knew how to take care of him, YOU appreciated him, he would never leave YOU. You believed him when he said we started the mind games.  But alas, that is not the case.  You know see that WE did treat him well.  WE did appreciate him.  WE did everything WE could to keep him happy.  He is the King of mind games, so I say this to you Minnesota Vikings fans- Game on.

    hate brett

  • Don't Drink the Water

    Posted by Katie


    Well I am finally feeling somewhat back to normal and can get back to blogging.  For anyone who was listening last week and wondering where I was- I was home sick.  I won't go into detail with my symptoms, but it was AWFUL!  After a trip to the E.R. and three iv's to cure my dehydration I am on way back to my normal self.  That is until I opened my mail on Saturday and received a letter from the water department.  Don't worry, my water has been contaminated for the past two weeks.  No need to fret, they got it under control.  Thank you for telling me this AFTER THE FACT!  Especially considering the doctor had no clue where this illness came from and the only thing he could come up with was a viral infection.  Want to know what he told me would make me feel better?  Drink as much water as possible to flush it out of my system.  Little did I know, I was just flushing it right back in.  I have now been converted to a bottled water drinker.  I never did it out of principle.  I would buy a jug and fill it with tap water.  Yep, those days are now gone.  Water company- you have now lost my trust.  Seriously, you couldn't let me know before I downed about six gallons of water, and proceeded to find every orpace in my body to release it out of pretty much immediately?....Thanks, I will remember that next time I come and pay my water bill.  Speaking of bills, feel free to pay my emergency room bill. Jerks.