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  • We made up...

    Posted by Katie

    Last night was breakfast with the boys, and lo and behold, Aaron Rodgers stopped by.  It finally gave us the chance to bury the hatchet after this summers "tweet incident."  In all seriousness, I give the guy a hard time but he is a pretty cool guy.  Not gonna lie though, he does give it right back, and that is what I think is great about him!  Awesome sense of humor :)

    katie and aaron make up

  • I don't think I have ever hated a food this much...

    Posted by Katie

    One of my friends from home sent me this video a few weeks ago and I have been meaning to post this. It is a video of her son Max at the dinner table.  The premise of the video is Max has to eat a brussel sprout before dad comes back in or he won't get any dessert...watch what happens...

    I think my favorite part is Max saying "I can't do it!"  And my friend Shannon going, "you can....and you will!"  Imagine the torture this kid thinks he is being put through!  I don't think I have ever truly hated a food this much!

  • O Town

    Posted by Katie

    With my love for all that is boy bands, I can't believe I let this one slip through the cracks!  Who can forget about O town?  (Well obviously I can.)  It was when reality tv hadn't quite exploded onto the scene yet.  It was like a precursor to American Idol, but with way more drama, which is my kind of style.  The premise of the show was to find the next boy band, and that dirty old man who is now in jail and discovered the likes of NSYNC, Lou Pearlman was on the hunt.  Oh the drama that ensued, remember when one of the guys quit and had to be replaced?   I thought that was the end of Otown right then and there!  Then Ashley (who was my personal favorite) went solo and MTV did a show on that.  I remember the finale was proposing to his baby mama by putting a onesie on his child saying will you marry my dad and the ring around his neck...anways, the point of my blog was to say, they had some good music...like this one!

    or what about this one....

    I would also post liquid dreams, but I wasn't as big of a fan as that one :)

  • Happy Halloween!

    Posted by Katie

    This past Sunday we had our annual pumpkin carving extravaganza in Oshkosh at the Gonwa household.  And before you look at the pictures I am learning from previous blogs that I need to clear things up- my crush on Justin Bieber is all in good fun...I am not "making a play" on a 16 year old.  I know that it is inappropriate to have a crush on a 16 year old, but seriously I love the kid's music.  Ask the Diesel, I have it on my ipod 24/7.  It brings me back to my Hanson days and it makes me happy!  I don't even know why I need to clarify myself, but I get frustrated when people don't get my sense of humor and take things I say WAY too seriously, if you are wondering what I am referring too, check out my blog about Deanna Favre.  Anyways, I appreciate the people who do get my sense of humor and will look at these pictures and laugh :)  The favorite thing about my pumpkin is it has to sit on the Diesel's brother in law's front porch.  Everyone will think it is his, and may judge him for it :)


    Can you guess which one is mine?

    justin bieber

    That is right- I heart J.B. and for those of you judging me- the Diesel's sister Sherry got me the poster.  She is what we refer to as an enabler.

    lit up

    The pumpkins on display!

    the crew

    The Pumpkin Carving Crew!


  • Deanna Favre on Good Morning America

    Posted by Katie

    Ok, so Deanna Favre was on Good Morning America this morning and here is an article discussing what happened...

    Deanna Favre Sidesteps Discussing Scandal on 'Good Morning America'

    Deanna Favre appeared on "Good Morning America" Thursday as scheduled, and deftly avoided questions about the Brett Favre-Jenn Sterger sexting scandal.

    She appeared on the show to promote her latest book, "The Cure for the Chronic Life: Overcoming the Hopelessness That Holds You Back," and referred back to the book whenever the show's hosts asked about her husband.

    Deanna Favre wouldn't "go into anything personal," but intimated that faith, "has gotten me through many difficult struggles. It will get me through this one, and that's the reason Shane [Stanford, the book's co-author] and I wrote the book ..."

    She later appeared on "FOX & Friends" and pointed to her past struggles with breast cancer and the death of her brother as examples of her resiliency, saying, "I think I'm a survivor. If I can get through that, I can get through anything."

    Both appearances were scheduled before her husband's scandal came to light..

    Ok here is my take now on the interview....

    So I know Deanna is a "victim" in the situation so I hope not to offend anybody in this rant, but here we go.

    I find a lot of things wrong with this situation.  I know, I know there are still people out there that actually believe Favre can do no wrong.  But I ask you this- why are they not denying any of this????  You refuse to talk about the situation one way or another.  Again I know, I know this is none of our business- but Congratulation Favre's you chose to make this everyones business.  You refuse to get out of the spotlight.  You choose to go on Greta Van Whatever her name is when you want to talk about the situation with Green Bay, which if you ask me should have stayed between the Green Bay Packers and Brett Favre.  (and if you are wondering, no I do not believe Brett's side of the story.) 

    Since Brett and Deanna refuse to address the situation, I have no choice to believe that the voicemails and text messages are true.  I can tell you this.  If some woman accused the Diesel of doing this and I knew for a fact the allegations were false- I would fight like hell to clear my husbands name.

    Case in point.  Brett what you did to Deanna was downright embarrasing.  What you did to Deanna is unforgivable.  Deanna you try so hard to portray being a strong woman- well be that strong woman you claim to be and walk away.  Leave him.  I would have so much more respect for you.  I know you have been through a lot in your life, but no woman deserves that.  I also find this hard to believe that you had no idea this was happening.  I am not even married to the man and I have heard a dozen or so rumors about his activity while he was in Green Bay.  I find it hard to believe you hadn't heard these rumors as well.  You have been such a great role model for women in terms of your breast cancer.  I ask that you continue to be an incredile role model, if not for us, for your daughters.  Ask yourself if your daughters were in this same situation, what would you wish for them to do?

    This is my other wish.  If you are not going to talk about the scandal, please stay off of television.  I find it somewhat self righteous to go on a television show, tell them that you will address the scandal, and then expect to be able to skirt around the issue.  If you ask me, it is somewhat insulting.  I understand that I am not married and this is not happening to me, so I could never put myself in your shoes.  No one may agree with what I have to say, but if you ask me, if you truly believe you want to stay married and forgive him then stay out of the spotlight.  Stay away from the media.  Don't show up on every news network and television outlet, but refuse to stay away from the one place you should be.  At the football field supporting your husband, standing united.  I think if you did that it would be like a giant middle finger to the world, and that Deanna, I would respect.

  • Take a dip in the gene pool

    Posted by Katie

    Not gonna lie, sometimes it just isn't fair the gene pool that some kids are blessed with.  Her parent are Will and Jada Smith.  Are we really surprised she is as talented as she is at the age of 9?

  • What Lorraine...What?

    Posted by Katie

    One of my all time favorite movies is Back to the Future.  Whenever it is on tv, you just have to watch it!  I also love Back to the Future II, now III, that is a seperate issue all on its own.  I gotta say though, one of the reasons the movie is so amazing is Michael J Fox as Marty.  PERFECT CASTING!  It is hard to believe he wasn't the first choice!  They actually filmed for five weeks with another actor, Eric Stoltz, before producers went to Spielberg and said you gotta get Michael J Fox.  Thank goodness they did.  Here are some scenes with the original Marty McFly...Click the link below.


  • Nesting

    Posted by Katie


    Well my oldest sister Kim is expecting her third kid and she is due some time in November.  She knows that I love to cook, but unfortunately don't have many people to cook for.  If Diesel had it his way we would eat tv dinner and cottage cheese every night...he hates a mess, and he thinks when I cook he has this huge mess to clean up, when in reality it means he follows me around with a washcloth and wipes down counters after I do....

    Anyways, my sister asked if I wanted to come over and help her "nest."  Or at least that is what I like to think she is doing.  We are going to spend the day putting together casseroles and freezable meals for the family while she is trying to take care of three kids.  Is it weird that this is something I am kind of looking forward to?  One problem- my nephew is a picky eater!  I thought I was bad, but this kid hates cheese!  How many casseroles can you think of that don't involve cheese?  He will eat the cheese though, if he doesn't see it :)  So this is where you guys come in- I need your recipes for soup, casseroles, anything that can be easily frozen and reheated.  My only request is no seafood since I am deathly allergic- it wouldn't be the greatest idea for me to be handling sea urchins.  Just email me your recipe at katie.marx@wixx.com.  If I end up using your recipe- you may very well get a surprise in the mail :)  Thanks everyone!

  • Somebody Explain Please...

    Posted by Katie

    miss piggykaty perry

    I was watching clips from the View the other day. and Whoopi Goldberg made a vaild point.  Can someone explain why Katy Perry can't wear revealing clothes, but yet Miss Piggy can?  Explain to me the difference?  I mean I get that one is a puppet, but if you are going to start talking about what is inappropriate and what isn't, I almost think a puppet wearing a low cut top is worse....(and trust me I found even more revealing outfits on the pig.)


  • Summer is Done-zo!

    Posted by Katie

    Justin Bieber

    Even though I hate to admit it, when I stepped outside and the thermometer ready 39 degrees this morning I finally admitted defeat.  Summer is over.  I must start packing up the capris, tank tops are strictly pajamas now, and even though I will keep them out until snow is practically falling, the flip flops will be the last to go.  This summer was crazy busier than any other summer I have ever had, but there were also some incredible and unforgettable moments.  I must say my number one summer moment was the Justin Bieber concert.  I had the time of my life.  I don't know if it was Justin himself, or the fact that I got to spend the day with my girls!  The older we get the busier we become...some of us have gotten married, engaged, bought houses, moved out of town, etc.  Unfortunately we are growing up and there is always that fear of growing apart.  Things are just going to get more and more hectic, pretty soon babies, job promotions, and life itself are just going to add to the difficulty of getting together.  I was glad that I got this day as a reminder of yes, we still got it.  You can put the four of us together and we can be ridiculously silly. We laugh at each other, make fun of each other, and heaven forbid you try to shut us up when we are together.  I mean seriously, how many friends do you have that would accompany you to a Justin Bieber concert and not just sit there, but actually participate and make the most of the ridiculousness of the situation?  Someone said if you can count the number of good friends you have on two hands consider yourself lucky- well with these girls I know that one hand will always be full! 

  • The Y is free!

    Posted by Katie

    The Y is free...well at least this week anyways!  You only have two more days left to take advantage of it, but you should take advantage of it!  Anyways, I am in three weddings this year and when you go to get fiitted for those bridesmaid dresses, nothing brings you back down to reality more than those measurements :)  I am not like Maino, I do not have weight loss goals.  I do not want to lose "so many" pounds- I just want results!  I have managed to head to the Y four days in a row so far, running/walking three miles a day.  So far no results!  I know, I know, it is going to take time, but seriously, you go from doing nothing, to something, and you would hope to notice something!  No wonder so many people get deterred!  I mean seriously, I don't even have any aches and pains!  I want some proof that I am doing something to my body!!!  The only improvement I have seen is in my ipod!  I keep downloading more music to motivate me to workout!  The other thing- I GET SO BORED!!!  It is so boring!  I am on the treadmill for 45 minutes and I try to play little mind games like ok, don't look at the clock for an entire song.  I even workout on a treadmill that has tv's attached to them.  The second a commercial comes on I immediately lose all patience! (I would personally like to blame time warner and their dvr for that habit.) 

    The worst part is I am still not used to a treadmill.  Everytime I get off I feel like I can't walk.  No, not because my workout was so intense, but because in that 45 minutes I seem to forget how to walk on normal ground.  I literally have to hold on to the side as I am getting off the treadmill, everytime secretly praying, God, please don't let me stumble in front of all of these people!  They are going to think that I am so out of shape that 45 minutes on the treadmill causes me to pass out!  Then when Iactually get on "land" I feel like I am not moving fast enough, like no matter how fast I am walking, it is snails pace compared to what I was doing on the treadmill....listen to me whine, shocking, I know :)  Anyways, hopefully I can stick with this!  The Diesel heads to the Y three days a week and throws it in my face every chance he gets, and as most of you know I am pretty competitive, so hopefully that alone will be enough motivation for me.  I already said to him last night, wow, I have been three times this week, and you have only gone twice so far.  It was like a big fat suck it and I loved it!  He then brought me back down to earth with how "so much more intense" his workouts are than mine.  Oh well, I need to keep telling myself baby steps!

  • One of my favorites!

    Posted by Katie

    So I heard this on WIXX the other day and I completely forgot about how much I love this song!  It is still one of my favorites!