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  • Losing my Dignity Daily

    Posted by Katie

    Well we are finally to the home stretch!  I am hitting my 9th month of pregnancy.  I have said it before and I will say it again.  Anyone who says you are pregnant for 9 months is lying!  It is technically 10.  I blame men for that myth.  I don't know why.  I just do.

    As the days get closer to me meeting this kid, I find that I am slowly beginning to lose my dignity.  It started on Monday.  I was unloading my car full of groceries and I sneezed.  Not only did I sneeze, but I peed.  Yep, peed my pants.  Not a ridiculous amount, but enough to notice.  And all I could say as it was happening was yep, there it goes.  I have had mom friends warn me day after day this would happen- I just figured it would happen after labor.  And I thought labor would prep me for it.  Meaning that so many horrific things would be happening to my body at that moment, that finding out that I may or may not pee my pants now and then was nothing compared to labor.  You know, kind of like an it could be worse thing.

    For one quick second I thought maybe my water broke, and this is it here we go.  That thought QUICKLY passed. After this happened I texted my sister and her text response was "welcome sister, welcome."

    My second loss of dignity came this morning when I dropped my highlighter cap under my desk.  It wasn't just under my desk it fell in some wires and it was far back there.  I meekly yelled for my coworker Abby.  She immediately said do you need me to pick something up for you?  And she did.  It was awful.

    I don't even want to mention the couch breaking incident that happened over the weekend.

  • Men simulate Childbirth

    Posted by Katie

    Ok it is an annoying dutch video with no lick of English, but it still made me giggle.  Two men on a tv show are asked to simulate birth.  They are hooked up to a machine that is supposed to make them feel like they are having contractions.  They lasted two hours.  And no pushing was involved.  Oh boy. I wish all men had to take this as part of a birthing class.

  • My expectations

    Posted by Katie

    As I drive into work in the morning I often think about things I can blog about...topics about my pregnancy that can get people thinking, or commenting.  Last night the hubby and I were talking about a birthday party we were invited to in the beginning of February.  A mere three weeks away from the due date.  As we were looking over the schedule the topic of drinking came up.  I told him, well, we can go, but you are going to need to be sober.  (And no drinking is not an issue, but I encourage him to take advantage of it being a weekend and having a designated driver on hand if we are together.)  He looked at me kind of in disbelief and said, what, why?  My thoughts were well, I could go into labor, and I need a sober labor coach, oh wait and a sober drive to the hospital, especially considering we will be over thirty miles away....so driving myself doesn't seem like a safe option.  For people who don't know me, would probably find it hard to believe that I am a huge planner and control freak.  I may be disorganized, but I do need to know what is happening at all times.  I need my expecations managed.  So once I hit 37 weeks and could possibly go into labor at a moments notice here are my expecations, or limitations I think are necessary for my husband and myself.  What are your thoughts...too extreme?  Or comepletely normal?

    1. Putting my phone call to voicemail is not an option.  Oh what you are visiting a friend and in the middle of a conversation?  Too bad.  My water may have just broken and our house is 30 miles from the hospital.  You answer that phone, and you expect me to say you need to get your butt home now.

    2. I will not travel.  I am not going to be any further from the hospital than I need to be.  I will not be taking road trips to Milwaukee to see my family.  For those three weeks if they are dying to see me, they can come to me.  (I actually started this rule now...no more road trips for me.)  My husband has brought up the point that, Katie there are hospitals in Milwaukee.  Yes, I know that, but I picked this hospital for a reason.  I am comfortable with the staff.  I like my surroundings.  I know that the chances of my actual doctor delivering me aren't huge, but I would rather have the hope of having my doctor, than giving birth to my child somewhere unfamiliar to me.

    3. Yep the husband is going to have to pass on any wild nights out for the month of February.  I think that one is self explanatory. 

    4. If you blow off my contractions, I will hurt you.  My husband is not known for caretaking.  If I am sick I am told to suck it up.  If I call in sick, I am reminded that he nevers call in sick.  So I know when those contractions start he is going to tell me to suck it up-that I am being dramatic- and we aren't going to the hospital until my water breaks.  Granted, their will be a good chance that I am going into false labor, but I don't care if we have to go to the hospital three times and get sent home all three times.  Until it is his body, he does not have a say in how much pain I am in....or how scared I am.

    5. No cell phones during delivery.  I swear to God if his phone goes off telling him that he just won an Ebay auction while I am mid push, I am not sure he will be present to witness the birth of his child.

    6. If you are at work, you go directly to the hospital when you get that call.  He has admittedly said his time management skills are awful.  So I would appreciate him not stopping home to take a shower, check his email, etc.  He works an hour away from the hospital.  I may be in labor for 20 hours, and he may have plenty of time to do all of that, but I don't think that is a risk worth taking.

    So I understand that I am a first time Mom, and all of the moms who have done this numerous times will probably say, relax Katie....I guess it is just the control freak coming out in me :)


  • 6 glorious weeks away from...

    Posted by Katie

    Yeah I know, only 6 weeks away from meeting this thing inside of me that reminds me daily it is here.  But asides from that excitement I think I have narrowed down the two things I can not wait to do.  Feel free to judge me all you want.

    1. I can not wait to sleep on my stomach.  I am a stomach sleeper.  I am the type of person that I can lay in bed all night tossing and turning, but the second I hit my stomach- I am out.  Yep, not so much anymore.  I go back and forth from left side to right side, the only reason I turn at all is the absolute numbness in my hips that turns into pain.  I don't get it.  If my hips are numb, how can that be painful.  Then everytime I do turn it shakes the entire bed because it takes every ounce of energy to turn this stomach from one side to the other while in the middle of sleep induced confusion.  My poor husband wakes up probably every time and doesn't even realize it.  I also hate sleeping face to face, so if I have to turn and it would result in face to face sleeping, I wake him up and tell him he has to turn as well.  I haven't gotten a complaint about it yet, but like I said, I think he is in a blissfull sleep coma and is completely unaware this is happening.  Which in turn makes me bitter thinking, yep, sleep away...just keep sleeping.  Continue to wake up refreshed.  I dare you.

    2. Judge me all you want, but I can not wait to crack open that first beer.  Do you know how badly I would like to watch a Packer playoff game and just enjoy a beer?  No, I do not think I am an alchoholic.  Do I drink every time I watch a Packer game?  Absolutely not.  But the Packers in the playoffs, that deserves a toast of Miller Lite.  It just does.  Then to watch the beer commercials throughout the entire game.  It is nothing but one big tease.  And it is awful.  And to be honest with you, I think my husband misses it as well.  We have been discussing what we want to do for the game.  He wants to head to a bar and watch the game.  Make an event of it.  I would love to do that as well, but I don't want to be the woman in the bar 8 and a half months pregnant, barely able to keep her eyes open drinking my O'Douls, just to prove I can still hang.  The alternative is me sitting at home alone on a couch, watching the Packers in the playoffs, by myself.  The alternative just does not seem fair.  I know, I know, quit throwing myself a pity party....but come on, I think my husband can sit on the bench with me on this one...or is that me being a dramatic pregnant woman?

  • Help Us with the Jake Kelly Intervention

    Posted by Katie

    Jake Kelly wants to grow his hair out.  My response-gross.  We called him on air this morning to ask him to stop.  He said he will let you vote.  Long or short.  He promised he would listen to what you guys thought!


  • You can thank Grandma and Grandpa, kiddo.

    Posted by Katie

    I'm sitting at home on my vacation thinking, ok this kid is going to be here pretty soon.  It is pretty hard to grasp the fact that Michael and I are going to be actual parents.  In charge of someone elses life...someone elses happiness.  It made me sit back and think, what type of a parent do I think I am going to be?  A lot of times people will respond with, well you know what I am not going to do.  I promise you I will not do this.  My parents did this and it was awful. 

    Well I have decided that I am going to do the opposite.  This is what I will do, and it is because of my parents.

    1. You will be my number one priority.  I remember growing up thinking, why don't my parents hang out with friends?  Why don't they ever want to hang out with my friends parents?  Granted they did have friends, but social outings without their kids was very limited.  It took me until I hit college to realize why.  They had no time.  They had four kids for goodness sakes.  Four active kids.  All four of us were heavily involved in sports and I rarely remember a time that I looked over at the sidelines and at least one of them wasn't there.  And if they weren't there it was because they were at my brother or sisters game.  That was the only excuse.  Ever.  Same went for every school recital, band concert, etc.  They put me first.  They could have easily said, ok kids, only one sport- we just can't handle the driving around, the pick ups, the drops offs, the weekends of doing nothing but watching our kids play sports...but nope, they encouraged us to play sports year round.  Soccer in the fall, basketball in the winter, soccer again in the spring, baseball in the summer, oh yeah and lets not forget volleyball.  OH wait, you want me to coach too, sure, why not.

    2. You will play sports.  Or at least try.  I will force you to try a sport.  I will force you to try for a year, or more.  Is it because I want to be a soccer mom?  NO.  It is because I believe sports made me a lot of who I am.  Sports made me active.  Sports made me social.  It is like my mom was dropping me off for a play date every time I had soccer practice.  I truly believe sports is why I didn't drink in high school, or even touch drugs.  Sports taught me to be competitive.  Sports taught me how to lose gracefully-still working on that one.  But again, most importantly, sports taught me how to make friends.

    3. On your birthday- I will do everything I can to make you feel like the world revolves around you.  This is where your Dad and I may or may not disagree.  When I was growing up, Birthdays were HUGE in the Marx household.  Again, I don't know if it was because their were four of us and we were all craving as much attention as possible, but my parents always did it up big.  I will wake up in some special way.  Whether it be you are trapped in your room by wrapping paper, or your room filled with balloons, you will wake up with a bang :) (and granted it may not be until you are old enough to appreciate it.)  I will be the mom that embarasses you by delivering a balloon bouquet to school so you have to walk the halls with them.  I will bake you or buy you whatever cake you choose, even if I hate it.  (to this day my mom goes out of her way to buy me a special cake.  A white cake with ice cream cones on the four corners.  She made the mistake of buying it once...the store that made it has since shut down, but even for my thirtieth she made it a point to have it special ordered.  The worst part, I am the only kid who she doesn't bake a cake for, so I know it kills her.  She does it though.)  We will go out for a birthday dinner, and you will always pick the restaurant, no matter how much we hate it.  If you have brothers and sisters, they will be nice to you...all day.  I will see to it.  And I will do this until I no longer can.  I don't care if you are 40.

    4. I will let you get a dog.  You are going to have to beg your dad, but I will make it happen.

    5. I will mess with you on Christmas.  I will always make you think that whatever present is the present you are just dying to have- you will not get.  I will tell you it is too expensive.  I will tell you it is just not practical.  And if we do get it for you, I will make you wait for it.  It will be either the last gift that magically appears under the tree...or hey it may not show up until you go to bed that night.  My parents messed with me hardcore.  What Kate, we didn't get you a dog.  We just got you these dog toys, because it was the closest you were ever going to get to a dog.  12 hours later, a dog was "left" at my house- for me to keep.  Oh you wanted a bike...no way.  As we were saying goodbye to relatives, what showed up in the garage- a brand new bike.  OH your sister wanted a waterbed?  Lets wait until she throws a pure temper tantrum hissy fit about how nobody loves her, and then let her open her gift of a waterbed.  Trust me, it was one of the times my parents nicely taught me how big of a spoiled brat I was :)

    6. We will travel.  We are going to take road trips.  Some of my favorite vacation memories are crammed into the minivan with my brother and sisters, while my Dad blared John Denver.  We sang at the top of our lungs.  I would do anything to be able to do that again.

    7. You will be raised listening to Justin Bieber.  Their is nothing I love more than hearing a certain song and having memories.  If you play John Denver or the Carpenters I will always think of my mom and dad.  Always.  So when my kid hears Justin Bieber I want them to automatically think...Mom.  And smile.

    I am sure this list could go on and on forever...and my parents have definitely taught me so much more- but these are the things that really stand out for me!  Good things.

  • Push Present...ridiculous or necessary?

    Posted by Katie

    Oh the push present.  Something that I am sure has reared its ugly head in a delivery room or two.  I am a big fan of managing expectations.  And this is one of those expectations I am going to need to self manage.  Do I think a pregnant woman deserves a present for sacrificing her body for 9 months and then proceeding to rip up her body all in the name of childbirth?  You bet she deserves a gift.  Are most fathers even going to think of this?  Not mine.

    I feel like this is another one of those things that the guys who totally get it and are those rare gems amongst the men, ruin it for everyone else :)  Hear me out.  If so and so hadn't heard from their friend that so and so got the most amazing necklace as a push present...or a brand new coach purse when she gave birth...I bet you the thought wouldn't have even crossed her mind.  I am sure she is thinking, well geez, this child I am holding in my arms is present enough for me.  But of course, when you actually take a step back and think about it- (and again I am just being completely honest and feel free to judge me for it.) My husband and I are receiving the same gift, but yet, I am the one who did all of the work!  Of course I want that push present.  I earned that present!

    I am wondering how many awkward moments this has created.  A mom has pumped herself up to see what amazing push present the father has thought up.  She waits all day after giving birth for "that surprise" and nothing comes.  It is like waiting and waiting for that engagement ring at Christmas, and it not coming., even when you open up a jewelry box and he is shocked when your response is really...a charm for my charm bracelet?  You look like a selfish princess, when the thought hadn't even crossed his mind that it is shaped just like a ring box, you have been dating for four years, and you may have even looked at rings. (this is the sole reason I had always told my husband I NEVER want to be proposed to on Christmas.)  And of course you can't be openly mad because you still have this thoughtful gift in front of you, but you are severly disappointed that it isn't your engagement ring.  I feel like many mothers have had this happen to them in term of push presents.  Again, you heard from your best friend the amazing push present she got.  You wait all day, and get nothing.  You can't express your disappointment because you would then be ungrateful and look like a brat.  What are your thoughts on the push present?

  • He totally gets me...

    Posted by Katie

    Someone texted us this morning telling me I just had to see this video, and whomever you are who texted me- THANK YOU!

    This is EXACTLY how I feel when I watch Mariah and Justin duet on All I Want For Christmas Is You.

    This may or may not be exactly how I watch that youtube video daily.  The only difference, I choose to wear a shirt, and I sing a little bit more.

    This video also tells me two things.  I want to be best friends with this man, he totally gets me.  And it makes me wish I had a british accent.

    Warning- swear word at the end, but you can't blame the guy.  He is just passionate for Mariah.  Mad respect.

  • From the bottom of my heart...Thank you!

    Posted by Katie


                            Thank you Malaree for putting a smile on my face with this pic!


    Oh my goodness...when I hopped out of bed on Monday morning, little did I know how crazy of a week this was going to be.  Little did I know that everyone was going to care so much about an opinion.

    For the last two days my cohosts and I have had the "opportunity" to hear the opinions of many others.  Some opinions were well stated.  Some were condescending.  And some were downright hurtful. 

    For those people who chose to take their voice to the internet and chose to hide behind their computers for the sole purpose of slamming me, wow.  I hope that you take a long look at yourself in the mirror.  Especially those of you who are parents.  I was told I was going to be a bad mother.  I was told my looks were gross (and I have no clue what that has to do with anything that was talked about).  I was told I don't deserve to have a job.  I was told I should be fired.

    This is what I want those people to think about.  Do you remember what it was like to be a first time parent?  To be expecting your first child?  I don't know about you, but I am riddled with anxiety daily.  Every hour of the day I pray that I feel my baby kick so I know it is just alive.  Every day I think oh my goodness, Michael and I will be in charge of someone else.  And every day I am scared out of my mind.  I pour over articles on the internet.  I read what is happening to my body on a daily basis.  Yes, I am also that expectant mom that calls the doctor in tears at two in the morning, because something just doesn't feel right and I swear something is wrong.  Every morning I wake up and think will I ever be a good enough mom?  And every day I am scared I won't be.

    For someone who knows what that feels like, and to have the audacity to feed on that fear.  Shame on you.

    Now comes the thank you :)

    I want to thank every person who has supported me.  I want to thank the people who didn't support me but chose to debate with me in a respectful manner.  Who had the respect to email me and give me their sides, but did not question my parenting or integrity.

    Again though, I want to thank everyone who has supported me.  I was reminded that despite a few bad eggs, we have AMAZING listeners!  You guys TOOK THE TIME to show your support through texts, emails, phone calls, and comments on facebook.  I hope you know how much it means to me.

    As I was leaving work yesterday my boss said, I hope you don't let this ruin your weekend...and because of you guys- it won't.  Thank you for the reminder that their are incredible people out there who care about people.  And trust me, my husband thanks you.  If it weren't for you guys, I most likely would have been a mess, and come home and taken it out on the poor guy!

    So one more time- THANK YOU SO MUCH!  I hope you know how much it is appreciated and that it did not go unnoticed.  I do have the best listeners and friends ever!  So from Katie, Michael and Baby Schurk a huge heartfelt THANK YOU!  I wish there was more we could do to show you how much this has meant to us!

  • Breastfeeding...Here we go.

    Posted by Katie

    Ok, it looks like things got out of hand this morning and it looks like I am the one taking the bullet for this.  SO here we go. 

    First of all, nothing irks me more than people who "heard" from somebody, who heard from somebody about something that happened on our show.  Or just heard a certain excerpt from the show and take it completely out of context.

    This mornings show started with the discussion of John Travolta being on the Ellen show.  He told a story about how his wife breastfeeds their 2 year old child.  When they have company over, their child thinks it is adorable to life his wife's "udder cover" (yeah I know what those are, because I own them and plan on using them in public) and invite people to share breast milk with him.

    This is what we were talking about.  Not breastfeeding in general.  If you choose to breastfeed until 4 years old, you have every right to do so.  Just like I have every right to my reaction.  My reaction is..."eww."  Do I think breastfeeding is disgusting?  No, I do not.  Do I think breastfeeding in public is inappropriate?  No.  Do I think visiting with a friend and having their two year old child offer me a "hit" of milk off of his mother's breast disgusting?  Yes.

    As someone on a radio show I put myself out there for criticism and I know I need to be able to take it as much as I give it.  What I am frustrated with is the fact that I made a statement, and that statement was completely taken out of context.  I am 7 months pregnant.  I plan on breastfeeding my child.  To be honest with you, that is none of your business.  I know the benefits of breastfeeding.  I know how good it is for the child.  I have done my research.  I am not "uneducated" and "ignorant" as some of you have called me.  I find it quite ironic that the same people who claim I am judgemental are the same people who are so easy to point their fingers at mother's who don't agree with their stance.  What if I am unable to breastfeed?  What if I don't produce enough for my child?  Will I be a failure as a mother?  Will I still be uneducated and ignorant?  I hate to think that any woman out there feels like a failure of a mother because they chose not to breastfeed their child, or heaven forbid, only breastfed their child for one year.  This is a hot topic.  It is heavily debated.  No side is correct, but to think that I am the only one making "ignorant" statements is false.

    I would also like to point out that their are two other people on the show with me.  Why am I being targeted?  Because I am a woman?  Because I am pregnant?  How is that fair?  We were also repeating text messages and emails sent in by listeners...those were their opinions.  Were they funny?  Yes, I think they were.  Do I get a laugh out of a lot of things about life, yes I do.

    Their has been rumor of a nurse-in being held at our station.  If that is what you would like to do to make a statement, so be it.  I just hope that you don't plan on bringing your children out in the middle of December to breast feed in front of our station, just to prove a point.  Especially when breastfeeding in public was not the issue at all.


  • Welcome to the third trimester!

    Posted by Katie

    Well 2/3 of the way done!  I am officially 28 weeks today!  My cohosts seem to think this time has flown...me?  Not so much.  I feel like this time has dragged on and on.  When am I finally going to get to meet this kid???

    Things about my pregnancy right now that have surprised me.

    -the naseau is back and with a vengeance!  I thought I was past the morning sickness.  Nope, it is back and fierce.  I don't throw up, just wish I could throw up to get rid of the feeling.  I pretty much hop out of bed with a stomachache, and it tapers off early afternoon.  Really makes for a fun show :)

    - Insomnia.  I am tired.  A lot.  But yet, the sleeping part isn't coming.  Sure I get the kicks at night, but thankfully have been able to sleep through them, but if I get out of bed to go to the bathroom, or wake my husband up from the couch, yep, it will take me hours to fall back asleep...and when you wake up at 4 am, I don't really have those hours.

    - I don't have as much motivation as I thought I would have.  We are 84 days away from this kid...or less, and we still don't have the nursery done.  Luckily we do have a basinette, and I took care of the clothes situation this last weeked.  We would be able to last a week with bringing the baby home at this point.  You know, as long as we don't need diapers or anything.  But one thing is for sure.  Baby Schurk will not be sleeping in a drawer and will not be naked. 

    - My appetite.  Eating a half a bowl of cereal is daunting.  I was stuffed after about ten bites of lucky charms...but starving 30 minutes later.  I didn't realize that the only reason I am full is because their simply is no room for food.  So I have now turned into a slow eater.  I need to learn to pace myself.

    It is nice to know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and we all know this kid will be worth it :)

  • Guess who is expecting?

    Posted by Katie

    Yay- they announced it.  It comes official from the palace this morning.  Princess Catherine and Prince William are officially expecting.  Cate has been hospitalized for essentially extreme morning sickness.  She is expected to be in the hospital for a few days.  No word yet on a due date, or how far along she is.  Yay for them!