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  • Sick!

    Posted by Katie

    Ok I totally respect these guys!  I am not judging their life choices in the least...seriously.  What I am judging is the fact that they waited to have their first kiss until marriage, and this is how the guy kisses.  I am sure the girl was expecting it to be magical- practically see fireworks- not to have her face and tongue chewed off.  The best part is, is after they have a couple goes at it- he is still awful.  What would you do?!?!?!?  I would be pissed.  seriously.

  • Biggest Wedding Regrets

    Posted by Katie

    I stumbled across this article.  Found it super interesting- what are you big regrets, if any, from your big day?....

    What bride doesn't want her wedding day to go exactly as she planned with a  minimal amount of drama? The truth is you can plan your heart out, but things  may not always work the way you hoped they would. We asked newly married brides  to be up-front and honest about their biggest preparation regrets so others  could learn from their mistakes. Here's what they had to say.

    About Receptions

    "I would not have combined a chocolate fountain at our wedding reception with  six flower girls. Thank goodness for Shout Wipes -- they were the only thing  that managed to save my dress."
    Tip:Even if you aren't having small  children or messy foods at your reception, pack a bridal emergency kit. Items  like aspirin, clear nail polish (for stocking runs), and a miniature sewing kit  are musts. If you're worried you'll forget it, ask your maid of honor to be in  charge of gathering the little things you might need.

    "I would have ordered three times more shrimp. My brothers-in-law and a few  of the other guests thought we were offering an all-you-can-eat shrimp  buffet."
    Tip: After sitting through the ceremony and waiting for the  wedding party to arrive, many guests will work up an appetite. Beautifully  prepared appetizers may not always be the most filling. If you have big eaters  on the guest list, you may want to add to your food budget or plan a meal with  lots of options, especially if you're having an evening reception. At  dinnertime, guests expect dinner-sized portions.

    "I would have driven the route to the reception myself instead of just going  by an online map. A lot of people got really lost on the way, and I'm still  hearing about it to this day."
    Tip: If your ceremony and reception  sites are not the same, include directions in the invitations. Don't rely on  online resources because there can be glitches. If guests get lost and  frustrated, it's likely to show in your photos. Map the route yourself and then  have a family member on hand with a cell phone for anyone who's lost and may  need clarification.

    About Being the Bride

    "I would have lost weight. After all, I had the time and the  equipment."
    Tip:If you're gown shopping and you're not thrilled with  the figure you see in the mirror, it's the perfect indication that you might  want to begin a prewedding workout routine. While you don't have to lose weight  to be a beautiful bride, it's important you feel comfortable and at your best  that day. You'll love your pictures so much more if you're not obsessed with  little flaws. Most weddings are at least a year away, which gives you plenty of  time to improve on body issues.

    "I would have searched the dress shop on the Internet before putting down a  deposit. When I went to the designer's website and found two stores in my area,  I should have checked on them both. The Better Business Bureau would have shown  me the complaints made against the one I chose."
    Tip: When you're  spending major cash at a bridal salon, check references. Impulsive purchases  very often don't work out well when it comes to wedding planning.

    "I would have taken pictures of my bustle at my final dress fitting. When I  was 'bustling up' before the reception, we couldn't quite figure out how to get  it right."
    Tip: Arranging the bustle is indeed a not-so-easy task.  Bring a member of your bridal party with you to the the bridal salon when you go  for your last fitting. She can learn precisely what needs to be done for the  wedding.

    "I would not have worn those ghastly fake eyelashes. They work on some  people, but I'm not one of them."
    Tip: Try out new beauty products a  few times before the wedding day. It's better to know how they work and what you  can expect.

    About the Wedding Party

    "I wouldn't have worried about what everyone was wearing. Instead, I would  have given the maids and moms a swatch of fabric and said, 'Don't clash with  this.' I'm glad they choose their own dresses, but having to coordinate colors  between three different designers was more stress than I needed."
    Tip:  Always remember that when dealing with bridesmaid attire, being flexible comes  with a price. Allowing the ladies to pick something that works for them won't  always work for you. If you insist they have options, find a designer that  offers multiple dress styles in the same color: You won't have nightmares about  clashing colors, and they'll get a style in which they feel comfortable.

    "I wouldn't have jumped so quickly to choose my bridal party. I would have  taken more time and given it more thought since I hurt quite a few people in the  process. I realize now that out of sheer excitement, I hastily selected the  people who were closest to me at that time, neglecting the people that were with  me for many years before."
    Tip: When it comes to picking your bridal  party members, give it some time before you contact anyone. There may be  conflicts between who you'd like to ask and who expects you to ask them. You'll  want to identify those problems before you make any announcements. In most  cases, it's inevitable that you'll have to do some damage control, but you'll  most likely feel better if you ask after having thought long and hard about your  choices.

    About the Planning

    "We wouldn't have done DIY invitations. The amount of money we saved just  wasn't worth the time it took us to make them."
    Tip:It's important to  understand the nature of the projects that you're taking on before you or your  loved ones commit to something you ultimately just won't want to finish.

    "I would have hired a day-of coordinator. It got irritating when people would  ask questions like, 'Where should I put the extra programs?' after the  ceremony."
    Tip: The one thing most brides don't get on their wedding  day is a break. If you want to enjoy individual moments more and deal with  questions and disasters less, hiring day-of help should be a high priority on  your to-do list. The quality time you'll gain is well worth the fee.











    -- Charli  Penn

    Read more:  Wedding Planning: Biggest Wedding Regrets - TheKnot.com http://wedding.theknot.com/wedding-planning/planning-a-wedding/articles/brides-biggest-wedding-regrets.aspx#ixzz1f0Jf3sHE

  • Perspective

    Posted by Katie

    As I read my previous post, I am reminded of how some days I am nothing but a big whiner.  I recently joined pinterest and am TRYING to get the hang of it.  I still kinda don't get it....but as I was purusing, I found this.  Totally puts it into perspective, and sometimes us brides...and grooms....need a friendly reminder.


  • Big Ol' Piece of Meat

    Posted by Katie


    This Thanksgiving we are gonna scale things down a bit.  Since I work every thanksgiving it makes planning things a little more complicated.  Last year we attempted to make it to West Allis for the day.  It was ridiculous.  I got up at 5 am to work the turkey trot, then picked up the Diesel and headed to "Stally for the afternoon.  Well, we didn't even make it there until the afternoon.  We were lucky if we were there for three hours.  Since I worked the morning show the next day I had to leave somewhat early to make the two hour drive back home.  Well, Michael stayed the night in West Allis without me.  I drove back the next morning.  So essentially I drove to and from Milwaukee twice in less than a 24 hour period.  Never again. 

    This year we decided with the game we would make things pretty chill and I couldn't be more excited.  I am going to work the turkey trot, and then make it home to grill out for the game.  You would think we were grilling turkey, but not so much.  I tried to talk Michael into grilling turkey legs, but neither of us even likes turkey (unless on a sandwich) so it was a battle not worth fighting.  So instead we are going to celebrate with steaks.  We are major carnivores, so this is going to be perfect!  Steaks on the grill, packers on tv, and maybe and mgd 64 in hand :)  What are you guys doing that is not the norm for the holidays this year?

  • Christmas Wish List

    Posted by Katie

    So I posted earlier in my blog about shoes for the big day.  I am not girly whatsoever when it comes to shoes.  Actually I fail any time I even attempt heels.  I often compare it to Bambi learning to walk for the first time.  It is a guarantee I will trip, and my stems will be killing me after 15 minutes!  So I told my bridesmaids to keep their eyes open for a pair of hit pink flats.  I also wanted to take it one step further and bedazzle them!  One of my bridesmaids was on board with this and looked up the bedazzling process.  We were set to go....until I went shopping last week.  I saw these bad boys.  They are officially on my christmas wish list.  Judge me all you want :)


  • Overwhelmed!!!

    Posted by Katie

    Allright so when I started this blog I had the intent of giving people the inside look at the process of planning my wedding.  The good and the bad.  The frustrations, the joy, everything.  Up until now I have had pretty positive blog posts....well not today.  Today I just need to vent.  And I hope that is okay with all of you.

    Aaahhh...I feel like I have so much to do, but yet absolutely nothing to do.  I am known for my overanalyzing and overthinking of things and that is not a trait that comes in handy with wedding planning.  I was a sent a friendly email remineder the other day that, yep 129 days until my wedding.  Seriously, I did not need that reminder....it doesn't help.  I have a pretty good idea of when my wedding is, but when you put it into actual days, that is a different story. 

    I am a member of the theknot.com...it has proven helpful thus far, but I don't keep up with it.  So when I received the reminder, I looked at "the checklist" they provide for you and realize yep, I have about thirty things on the checklist that need to be checked off. Things that are minor details, but they start to add up.  Like hey, maybe I should get on Father Dave and schedule that couples retreat....or yeah, how about I pick out the readings for the mass...I asked Michael to take some time and pick out a reading last night- I highly doubt that is going to happen, considering I have asked him for two months to get a total of 6 addresses to complete the list- I have still yet to receive any of those addresses...can you tell I am a little frustrated? ( I told you I was going to vent:))

    Lets see- other things on the list...

    1. find music for the mass, one that can actual be sung in a catholic service.

    2. Find sheet music for said song so I can get to my sister in law to practice.

    3. Oh wait, find someone to actually play the piano at our wedding.

    4. Get the groomsmen their info for the tuxes.  Actually have Michael go approve the tuxes I picked out.

    5. Programs...ugh.

    6. Seating Cards...double ugh.

    7. Attempt to plan some sort of a honeymoon (a mini one at least before we take one in the summer)

    8. Marriage license...crap, do I need a birth certificate for that..if so add that to the list.

    9. Send Dad to get me a birth certificate (shocking, I may or may not have lost mine.)

    10. Figure out how much we actually stuck to our budget....a massive UGH.

    11. Start paying off the vendors.

    12. Transportation...this one I am struggling with hardcore.  We would like to be able to transport our wedding party from the hotel (so they don't have to leave their cars at the church and find a ride to pick it up the next morning) to the church, to the bars, back to the reception at the hotel- but some minor flaws.  We have 4 kids standing up in our wedding, and all of their parents are in our wedding....my head is spinning figuring out how that is going to work between carseats, nap time, photographs, etc....

    13. First Dance- yep Michael and I still haven't been able to agree on this one. (again, I know a minor detail)

    14. Groomsmen gifts.  We got the bridesmaids taken care of...now we gotta get the men taken care of!

    15. Parents gifts- do we get parents gifts?  What is the protocal for that?

    16. Invite Invites Invites.  Gotta get going on adressing those bad boys.

    17. Postage, gotta get it bought before the end of the year and prices go up :)

    18. Trying to provide some sort of a personal touch to the ceremony and reception.  Can't think of a single thing.  Nothing that screams Kate and Mike...50% of my fulltime job is planning promotions and parties- I should be a pro at this, but I am having a block like you wouldn't believe!

    Now add on to this stuff, hunting, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years...another wedding, my nephews first birthday.  Lets just say the calendar is full until January.  How the heck did that happen????

    Again, I know this is a whiney post...but I gotta get it out!  I am whiney, I am needy...this just makes things worse.  This is all very cathartic- thanks for reading friends :)

     And yes- I do realize that ultimately this entire wedding is about Michael and me and our marriage.  I haven't forgotten this.  I get to marry a guy I love like crazy.  When I need a little zen, I hit up the Biebs.  He gets me through it :)  Anytime I need a reminder I think of this line "He makes me happy.  I know where I'll be.  Right by his side, cause he is the one."...note number 13- maybe this should be our first dance? :)  Oh Biebs- you are so wise beyond your years.



  • Bridal Party Gifts!

    Posted by Katie


    So it is starting to get to that time that we need to get gifts for our bridal party.  I acutally picked up all of my bridesmaids gifts the other day and I am SO excited about them.  You hope it is gonna be a good gift when you are actually jealous that they get that gift and you didn't!

    The bigger issue we are having is with the groomsmens gifts, and the kids!  What the heck do you get the guys?  I am not knocking previous gifts that we have received, but since we are pretty much the last ones to get married in our group of friends, they used up all of the gifts!!!  They have the mugs with their names on them...they have more flasks than they know what to do with...they have watches...they have money clips....they have coolers....so what the heck???  If we are spending money, we want to get them something we know they are going to use- and I know people are going to suggest individual gifts, but since I have a feeling this is going to end up being my responsibilty, I could pick out awesome personal gifts for some of the guys, but not all- so that idea is not an option :)  So guys- what do you want?  And within reason...what is the average price to spend?

    As for the kids, we are even more clueless!  We have three ring bearers ages 2-6 and a flower girl age 3...help please :)

  • Arizona Baby!

    Posted by Katie

    Michael and I hopped on a plane on Thursday night and spent a weekend in Arizona!  It was a blast!  We flew to Phoenix/Mesa, and we totally cheesed it up!  We went to every tourist spot we could think of.  I would highly recommend hopping on a flight to Allegiant for a quick weekend getaway!  And to fly out of the outagame county regional airport- SO CONVENIENT!  It was great to be able to get home on a Sunday night and not have to dread a two hour drive home from Milwaukee!  Here are some pics of the trip!





    yeah we kept it classy!


  • The fun stuff...honeymoon!

    Posted by Katie


    After several discussions with our travel agent at Fox World Travel, Michele, we’ve finally picked a destination for our honeymoon!

     We will be going to…..  Come on – you know I can’t reveal it just yet!

    Keeping it a secret….don’t want Maino showing up on the beach with his metal detector!!

     As I mentioned previously, our top choices were Mexico; Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, and Jamaica. After talking with Michele about our wants and needs, we were finally able to settle on the place that is perfect for us.  We were really glad we used a travel agent.

    Michael only wants to travel with Fox World Travel due to the chaos someone can encounter at the airport, language barrier, etc.  Fox World Travel essentially set everything up for us- and we don't have a worry in the world. They suggested an all-inclusive vacation package complete with flights, hotel stay, and transportation in the destination.

    I’m glad I don’t have to worry about finding flights that work with hotel availability. And it’s really nice not to have to worry about finding a cab or renting a car to take us to our hotel in a foreign country.  We know that everything will be taken care of by Fox World Travel and Funjet Vacations. They will be there to provide assistance if anything comes up before or during travel.

     Plus they took time to explain to us exactly what happens from start to finish on an all-inclusive vacation and answered some of our crazy questions (more on that later). I got spoiled traveling that way with Fox World Travel in the past (on a WIXX trip); it is the only way I will travel anymore :)

  • Dear 18 year old me...

    Posted by Katie

    I came across this website and I LOVE it!  It is people's letters to themselves at the age of 18.  You always say if I knew then, what I know now...well here is your chance to put it in writing!  On top of that, I am going to write myself a little letter.


    Dear 18 year old me,

    Here is what I wish I would have known when I was 18...

    -that boy you spent 6 years with, break up with him before you go to college.  You will spend two years of your college experience trying to make it work with him.  Guess what, it doesn't work...and you missed out on a lot of fun because you spend a lot of nights in your dorm room crying over who he was with and what he was doing.

    - do not regret dating him.  Because of him, you stayed out of a LOT of trouble in high school. 

    -Do not open up a credit card.  It will do nothing but allow you to spend money you don't have.

    -Take college seriously.  It isn't as easy as high school.  You actually have to try.  They don't seperate the smart kids, from the not so smart kids.  You are all on the same pace, so keep up.

    -Appreciate home cooked meals.  I remember being severly disappointed when I heard my mom was cooking pot roast for dinner.  I would now always pick that pot roast over a restaurant any day.

    -Your parents know what they are talking about.  You will start to see that having parents as "friends" isn't all it is made out to be.  Because my parents weren't my friends growing up I learned how to be polite.  I learned when to say Thank you.  I learned the correct way to treat people.  Your parents will never stop teaching you these things, but as you grow older, they will become your friends.  Give it time, and let it happen.  Don't resist it!

    -Their are other way your parents will spoil you besides with money, and trust me, you are better off.  It is a pretty amazing feelling when you realize your parents will drop anything to be there for you.  That feeling and security goes a lot further than the Ambercrombie and Fitch wardrobe you begged for.

    -You learn pretty quickly the type of people you want to surround yourself with.  Hold on tight to these people.  They will be your best friends.

    -Exercise.  You will hate it.  But you will hate yourself even more when you realize how unhealthy you have truly become.

    -Put money into savings.

    -Your sisters will be your best friends.  Your nieces and nephews will change your life.  You will learn that family is truly EVERYTHING.  Treat them like it.

    -You will fall in love with a man who cherishes family as much as you do.  You will meet some dirtbags along the way.  Its ok, make mistakes when dating.  It will make you appreciate him more when he comes along.

    -Many people will tell you it is impossible to make a career out of radio.  Stick with it.  You will prove them wrong.

    -Two men over 20 years older than you will become two of your best friends.  They will teach you alot.  Let them.

    -Brett Favre will break your heart.  Get ready for it.  Don't be so angry.  An even better quarterback will come along.

  • Cake Tasting!

    Posted by Katie


    We got a lot of wedding stuff accomplished this past weekend and I am quite proud of us!  One of the things we got to particpate in was our cake tasting!  Yummo!!!

    This is one the things I am MOST excited about for our wedding.  One of my bridesmaids godmother/aunt did all of her wedding treats, and Michael got a taste of the red velvet cupcakes at her wedding, and needless to say we booked her on the spot!

    I had this idea a while ago about using cupcakes for the wedding and trying to incorporate them into our centerpieces.  I did some research online and found a bouquet of cupcakes that look like a bouquest of flowers.  I immediately wanted it, and thank goodness, my cake baker can do it!!!  She created this mock up for me a few months ago and I think it is going to be awesome!!!  She is going to make the daisies the same color as our wedding which is black with an accent of hot pink ( the daisy cupcake will be hot pink daisies with black centers, with some white daisies thrown in there.)  She is going to put them in black flower pots with a pink ribbon on them.  I think this is going to be the hit of the wedding!  Not only that- the flavors she is making are DELICIOUS!!!!

    We got to taste them this weekend and here is what is going to be in the bouquets...

    1. Creamsicle, oh yes I said creamsicle (I am already predicting Murphy downs at least 3 of those bad boys!)

    2. Cherry Chip (that was Michael's favorite)

    3. Almond with a caramel frosting to accent our italian dinner (how awesome is it that she did that?)

    4. Vanilla- gotta stick with the classic!

    5. Red Velvet (to die for!)

    6. Chocolate (ok I am not a fan of anything chocolate, but my nephew Aiden scarfed one down and loved it, so we had to keep it in.)

     Like I said- I am SO excited for this...the best part- I save money on centerpieces!  Win WIn baby!

    P.S.- if you want to know who my cake lady is email me katie.marx@wixx.com.  She comes HIGHLY recommended!!!  She is one pretty amazing sugar mama :)