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  • The General Basic Truth About Women, Dating and Sex.

    Posted by Tommy Fox

    The General Basic Truth About Women, Dating and Sex.

    --According to new research out of the University of Minnesota, the modern HOOK-UP CULTURE is stronger than ever.

     --Their latest study found that 25% of young single women now report having sex with a guy within the FIRST WEEK OF DATING.

     --And about 30% of sexual relationships are now just that . . . purely sexual relationships. No dating or spending money or having real conversation . . . just some texting and humping.

    --Sociologists say this is a result of simple supply and demand. On U.S. college campuses, 57% of students are women.

     --That means men can be more picky, and women have to be more competitive. The way to beat the competition is to give a guy what he wants . . . and that's quick sex and plenty of it.

     --Once people get out of college, educated, single men are still more scarce . . . so women have to compete the same way.

     (New York Post)

  • Celebrity To Do List: Simon Cowell

    Posted by Tommy Fox

    Celebrity To Do List: Simon Cowell


    His new show "X Factor" isn't the only thing keeping him busy these day.  Let's check the Celebrity To Do List of Simon Cowell.

     --8:00 A.M.:  Wake up from horrible dream world ran out of skin-tight T-shirts.

     --8:30 A.M.:  Breakfast with Coke logo cups, plates, napkins, utensils, tablecloths . . . you get the idea.

     --9:00 A.M.:  Tell housekeeper she's performing like "absolute rubbish."

     --9:05 A.M.:  Admire self in mirror.  Repeat every five minutes for rest of day.

     --10:00 A.M.:  Go shopping for new T-shirts at Baby Gap.

     --10:30 A.M.:  Try to figure out how I can make $100 million a year and still not be able to afford any adult-sized T-shirts.

     --10:45 A.M.:  Flip through newspaper.  Find everything uninteresting.  Freeze expression for rest of day.

    --11:00 A.M.:  Smile when girlfriend once again buys the whole "You're the only one, but I'm just not the marrying type" line.

     --12:00 P.M.:  Lunch with "American Idol" superstars:  Carrie Underwood and . . . uh, yeah.

     --1:10 P.M.:  Give God remarkable feedback for creating me.

     --3:00 P.M.:  Pick up laundry at cleaners.  Complain that shirts WEREN'T shrunk.

     --5:00 P.M.:  Continue to ignore the fact that "pitchy" is a made-up word used by dumb people to mask the fact they don't know anything about music.

     --7:00 P.M.: Dinner with Jane Lynch to swap tips on insulting the weak.

    --8:15 P.M.:  Call up Clay Aiken for "girl talk."

     --9:00 P.M.:  Turn on radio.  Wonder who's responsible for all this crappy music.  Oh yeah, me.

     --11:00 P.M.:  Bedtime.  Thank God for all the wonderful things he's given the world.  Like me.  And also, me.

  • A 20-Year Study Figures Out the Four Types of Marriages

    Posted by Tommy Fox

    A 20-Year Study Figures Out the Four Types of Marriages

    Researchers at Ohio State University just released the results of a 20-YEAR study . . . where they monitored 1,000 married couples for two full decades. And they found there are four basic types of marriages . . .

     --Validator marriages. Couples with equal decision-making input and lower levels of conflict. 54% of people are in these marriages, and most are very happy. These marriages have lower levels of divorce.

     --Avoider marriages. 6% of couples follow "traditional" gender roles . . . wives do housework, husbands make money, and divorce is NOT an option. Believe it or not, they don't fight often . . . since there's no chance at divorce, it's not worth arguing.

     --Volatile marriages. 20% of people are in marriages with HIGH conflict . . . but also high levels of happiness. Basically, the highs are very high, and the lows are very low. They have a decent chance of divorcing.

     --Hostile marriages. 20% of people are in marriages where they fight constantly and are ALSO miserable. These couples almost always get divorced.

     --The study also found that the amount of fighting in a relationship rarely changes over time. So if you fight constantly in your first few years, you'll keep on fighting that much forever. If you don't, you won't.

  • Amazing...simply Amazing

    Posted by Tommy Fox

    These people do some amazing things.  My favorites would have to be the golf shots and the rope swing.  Honorable Mention to the bellyflop gentleman.  Which were your favorites?