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  • Americas 200 most popular jobs ranked from BEST to WORST

    Posted by Tommy Fox, a career website, ranked 200 jobs from best to worst based on five criteria: physical demands, work environment, income, stress, and hiring outlook. To compile its list, the firm primarily used data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and other government agencies.  Here are the Top 20 BEST JOBS.  The next table has the Top 20 WORST JOBS.  For the Full List click HERE



    Biomedical Engineer


    Software Engineer




    Financial Planner


    Dental Hygienist


    Occupational Therapist




    Physical Therapist


    Computer Systems Analyst




    Speech Pathologist




    University Professor













    And here are the 20 WORST JOBS

    180 Military General
    181 Maid
    182 Fashion Designer
    183 Butcher
    184 Broadcaster
    185 Waiter/Waitress
    186 Tax Preparer
    187 Dishwasher
    188 Photojournalist
    189 Corrections Officer
    190 Farmer
    191 Flight Attendant
    192 Roofer
    193 Mail Carrier
    194 Meter Reader
    195 Dairy Farmer
    196 Oil Rig Worker
    197 Actor
    198 Enlisted Military Personnel
    199 Lumberjack
    200 Reporter (Newspaper)


  • Tommy's FOXERAZZI for Tuesday APril 23rd 2013

    Posted by Tommy Fox

    So the group swatting Hackers issued a pretty serious threat!  This is the same hacking group that publicly revealed private personal and financial information about Michelle Obama, Mitt Romney and a whole bunch of other celebrities that they take full credit for.  Today they issued an ultimatum to the government and demanded that the U.S. Declare war with North Korea within 24 hours or they will detonate 8 bombs around the perimeter of the white house.  That’s a heavy threat and I’m frankly surprised they haven’t found these fools yet!  That’s a pretty bold and serious threat….and hopefully NOT TRUE!!


    Jenelle Evans the Teen Mom 2 star was just arrested for heroin possession and assault….man these teen mom stars are great role models.  There was the recent Farrah Abraham Adult film fiasco and now a little heroin and assault!  Exactly the kind of people our kids should be watching, NOT.


    Kloe Kardashian was officially LET GO from hosting X-FACTOR.  Not a surprise because she was terrible and screwed up all the time and made cheesy jokes.  I think it marks the first Kardashian to get fired, because when she got the gig she was the first Kardashian to get a job.

  • This is NOT a good way to HIT on women. What a D-BAG!!

    Posted by Tommy Fox

    Even though this pick-up strategy actually WORKED for this guy . . . you REALLY shouldn't do it.  Because eventually, karma WILL get you....not to mention it makes you a giant D-Bag!

    25-year-old Yoshihito Harada of Nagoya, Japan is in court right now facing vandalism charges for SLASHING WOMEN'S TIRES . . . so he could meet them and hit on them.

    Apparently, Harada slashed up women's tires in grocery store parking lots.  When the woman would get outside, he'd walk up and offer to fix her flat tire.  As he fixed it, he'd have a conversation with the woman and ask for her number.

    There's no word on how many times it worked . . . or how often slashing and then fixing tires led to him getting laid . . . but it definitely worked at least a FEW times.

    He got caught after one woman was telling her friend about the guy she'd just met after her tire got slashed . . . and the friend said the same thing happened to HER.  They called the cops.

    Harada was hit with five counts of vandalism, but he says he probably slashed around 1,000 TIRES between April of 2011 and December of 2012.  There's no word on the potential sentence he's facing.


  • Tommy's FOXERAZZI Monday April 22nd 2013

    Posted by Tommy Fox

    A weekend of more celebrity DUI’s…..Legendary NFL Broadcaster AL MICHAELS gets a DUI.  You’ve heard him a million times during televised games.  He gave a half confused smirkish-smile in his mugshot.  He’ll be ok, I have a feeling he can afford a limo until he gets his license back.  I guess if I was a celeb that’s probably the way I would go anytime I decided to even have a drink.


    And another DUI goes to Reese Witherspoons Hubby Toth.  He was popped for DUI and she was popped at that same moment for disorderly conduct because she was drunk and acting very inappropriate.  After numerous warnings from the officer she finally struck out and got arrested.  She released a statement yesterday saying she is very embarrassed and respects the police.


     A party hosted by Snoop Lion for 4/20 was shut down by police Saturday after complaints by neighbors.  So I guess anyone who wants to celebrate marijuana with Snoop Lion will just have to hang around him any other day of the year.

  • Top 5 things that help your sleep, and the 5 that hinder it

    Posted by Tommy Fox

    According to something called the ReDormin Sleep Study, these are the five things that help you sleep LONGER:

    1. Doing YOGA before bed adds 64 minutes of sleep time . . . and also improves the QUALITY of your sleep more than anything else.

    2. Having a small child in bed adds 24 minutes . . . but it's also the thing that hurts the QUALITY of your sleep more than anything else. So you sleep longer, but not as well.

    3. Being in a calm mood before going to bed adds 24 minutes.

    4. Having an adult partner in bed with you adds 21 minutes.

    5. And having SEX before bed adds the same amount as taking a HOT SHOWER before bed . . . about six minutes.


    And here are five things that COST you the most sleep:

    1. Being in an alert mood when you go to bed causes you to sleep 46 minutes LESS.

    2. Having a partner who snores costs you 14 minutes.

    3. Having your cell phone charging next to the bed costs you 11 minutes.

    4. Watching a movie right before bed costs 10 minutes.

    5. And having a fan running costs you nine minutes of sleep.

  • Tommy's YAH er NO Monday April 22nd (With Song Audio)

    Posted by Tommy Fox

    Tonights YAH er NO song broke Macklemore's streaming record Friday in the US as the song with the most streams in one day.  It basically just launched like a rocket.  However, it is a song with an aquired taste.  One of those songs that people are like "Eh" the first time they hear it and love it the 20th time.  It wasn't a crazy knock out of the park and just did "OK".  


    Artist:  Daft Punk f/ Pharrell Williams

    Song:  Get Lucky


    Results: 73% YAHS


    There is a clip below you can listen to and see how you feel about it.

    Yah er NO Daft Punk

  • Famous People Die Sooner . . . Plus the Life Expectancies for 12 Jobs

    Posted by Tommy Fox

    Researchers looked at newspaper obituaries from 2009 to 2011 to find out the average life expectancy for different types of jobs.  Here's when people in different professions can expect to die.  Happy Friday!   


    1.  Business people and politicians live the longest . . . their average life expectancy was age 83.

    2.  Historians, economists, and people in other academic jobs . . . like professors . . . live ALMOST as long.  They die at age 82. 

    3.  Being creative seems to be hazardous to your health.  Writers, composers and artists only live until age 79.

    4.  And performers, like actors, athletes, singers and musicians die EARLIEST, at age 77.  And they're the MOST likely to die of lung cancer.  The researchers weren't sure if it was their lifestyle or the stress of being famous that caused them to die earlier.


    Source: Jezebel

  • Tommy's FOXERAZZI Friday April 19th 2013

    Posted by Tommy Fox

    Will.I.Am is going back to school to study computer science.  He figures that since all his "music" is made on them, he should know a little more about them.

    Kris Humprhries and Kim Kardashians Legal Divorce battle is over.  Kris chose to concentrate on B-Ball and walk away with nothing.  Not a dime or an annulment.  So the whole thing was a giant waste of time…..well…not for the lawyers.  They made a bunch of money

    Sharon Osbourne won't go back to Ozzy until he's been sober for several months.  She'd also like him to be coherent . . . but one can't have everything.

  • Some Random Stats about men and women and lying

    Posted by Tommy Fox

    Random statistics on LYING, and a few are pretty interesting....For example, 63% of men think they can tell when their wife or girlfriend is lying. . . 50% of guys admit they've lied on a first date . . . and when they're telling a lie, men use 29% more words, on average.  Here are a few more random stats.


    1.  The Average Guy Tells 1,092 Lies Per Year.  That's from a 2010 study that also found the average woman tells 728 lies, which is 33% less than men.  Men are also less likely to feel guilty after telling a lie.


    2.  15% of Men Who Do Online Dating Post Photos That Make Them Seem Better Looking Than They Actually Are.  That's according to stats taken from the dating site  For women, it's 21%.


    3.  The Physical Feature Men Are Most Likely to Lie About Is Their Height.  With women, it's their weight . . . which isn't that surprising.



    (Men's Health)

  • What The Male Gender Really Thinks About The Female Gender...and Themselves!

    Posted by Tommy Fox

    So, I was Googling something the other night about the female biology out of curiosity and typed in "Why are women..." as the first three words, when I realized that Google tries to finish your sentence or question for you. The suggested sentence came up with some interesting suggestions ...So interesting, that it proves what the male gender most likely think about women...and what they think about themselves....


    Take a listen below to the conversation I had with another co-worker!

    Guys Google Women