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  • What More Than Half of Women Would Be Willing To Do

    Posted by Tommy Fox

     According to a new survey, more than HALF of women would be willing to date a guy who was 30 years older than them. 



    If that sounds high to you, it might have something to do with the women they asked.  The survey was done by, and they asked their members . . . women looking for a rich older man to buy them things. 



    Just about everyone . . . 85% . . . said they were comfortable with a 20-year age difference.  52% of the women were willing to date a guy 30 years older than them . . . and 49% were willing to MARRY someone that old. 



    Women were actually less likely to bring a guy 30 years older home to a family dinner or out with friends than to marry him.  Only one in three women were willing to hang out with a guy that old in front of people. 



    27% said that dating a guy 40 years older than them was fine . . . 13% would go 50 years older . . . and 7% of women said that they'd be willing to date a guy who was 60 years older than them.



    From: Huffington Post

  • A Simple Trick to Avoid Getting Your Things Stolen (no chains, locks, cameras or alarm systems)

    Posted by Tommy Fox

     Here's a really interesting idea for fighting CRIME that shows how DUMB and COWARDLY petty thieves are . . .



    A new study out of Newcastle University found that potential criminals get FREAKED OUT by a photo of someone's EYES.



    For the study, researchers put a poster of a man's eyes above some of the bike racks on campus.  The poster had the slogan, "We are watching you."



    And they found the bike racks with the eyes above them had 62% fewer thefts than the bike racks without the poster.  In fact, thieves clearly gravitated to the bike racks without the poster . . . because the thefts from those racks went UP 63%.



    The researchers say this works because it's human nature to, quote, "care what other people think about us, and as a result we behave better when we [think] we're being observed." 


    From: Daily Mail

  • The Worst Thing You Can Say in a Job Interview is...

    Posted by Tommy Fox

     Here's an IMPORTANT tip to remember the next time you're interviewing for a job.  EVERYONE HATES A COWARD.



    A new survey asked hiring managers the WORST things candidates can do during an interview.  And the number one answer was . . . saying "I'm nervous."  Here are the top five results . . .



    1.  Saying "I'm nervous."


    2.  Wearing inappropriate clothes.


    3.  Not making eye contact.


    4.  Checking your phone.


    5.  Fidgeting and bad posture.



    The survey also found the BEST thing you can do is be engaged in the interview and ask questions.  They also want to see your personality . . . and get the feeling you're being authentic.



    From: LiveScience

  • Tommy's FOXERAZZI Thursday April 25th 2013

    Posted by Tommy Fox

    So Jessica Simpson parents…the divorce is final!  I’m tellin ya…even if your not the famous one and it’s your daughter…famousness of any kind entering a family always causes issues somehow, because they started having issues AFTER Jessica became famous.  Just sayin.


    Teen Mom Jenelle Evans made a public statement about her situation today.  If you didn’t hear yesterday, she was charged with assault for attacking her husband with a piece of furniture which led to her charges for heroin possession.  Today she said she had no idea there was heroin in the house and she’s very against it and it’s not hers!  She will battle the charge in court because of it……but ya know…for some reason, even though she said that….Still not a role model mom of any kind.


    Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte has been the butt of a lot of jokes lately across the country from comedians, entertainment shows, news shows…the list goes on….anyway, at a red carpet event the other night he said, “The more haters I have the more I know I’m doing something right”….yea or it could be the more haters you have, the more people hate you, but if you want to be all glass-half full about it that’s cool.   

  • America's Sexiest Jobs

    Posted by Tommy Fox

    For those of you out there that are considering a career change or are just entering school and can't quite figure out what job you want, this recent survey of sexiest jobs may help you make up you mind.

    Here are the five jobs women think are sexiest for a guy to have: 

    1.  Soldier. 

    2.  EMT.

    3.  Construction worker.

    4.  Athlete.

    5.  Doctor.


    And here are the five jobs MEN think are sexiest for women to have:

    1.  Gym or yoga instructor. 

    2.  Doctor or nurse.

    3.  Anything in hospitality or tourism.

    4.  Student.

    5.  Lawyer.


    And these are the five industries overall that are the LEAST sexy . . . although they didn't break this one down by gender.

    1.  Insurance. 

    2.  Manufacturing.

    3.  Community service.

    4.  Call centers and customer service.

    5.  Consulting.

  • Crimes People are GUILTY of Every Single Day

    Posted by Tommy Fox

    If you asked me if I was a criminal, I'd say no.  If I asked you if you were a criminal, you'd probably say no.  And you'd probably believe it.  Well . . . you're WRONG.

    According to a new survey, the average person breaks the law 260 times a year . . . or five times a week.  Now, granted, they're all really minor laws . . . but still, illegal is illegal.  Here are the top 10 most common laws people break . . .

    1.  Jaywalking, or crossing after the sign says "Don't Walk."

    2.  Taking ketchup packets, creamer, or other little single-serving packets from restaurants.

    3.  Taking supplies from work.

    4.  Pocketing the money when you get the wrong amount of change.

    5.  Eating or drinking while driving.

    6.  Using someone else's wifi.

    7.  Downloading or watching pirated movies online.

    8.  Biking on the sidewalk.

    9.  Downloading pirated music.

    10.  Using your phone while driving.

  • Tommy's FOXERAZZI Wednesday April 24th 2013

    Posted by Tommy Fox

    You never really hear much about Edward Norton being hassled out on the street, but a guy that always gets told he looks like Edward Norton walks up to Edward Norton with a camera and said, “Get away from me”, and slapped the camera down…ya know, in that really cool Edward Norton way….of course the guy had to go to the Doctor and say Edward hurt his hand even thought the Doctor said it’s not injured….the guy replied with, but “can you put a splint on it?”…..why, so you can get paid somehow?!


    American Idol, going after J-Lo again!  I guess the idea is to replace annoying miss diva pants Mariah Carey with a returning J-LO.  Will they be able to get her?  Who knows.  Will her return be enough to save the tanking show?  Probably not quite, but still a good idea none-the-less.  See what happens.


    And cops in California confiscated a two-pound joint after a 4/20 rally.  I guess the joint has an estimated street value of whoever’s the highest bidder between Snoop Lion, Miley Cyrus, and Rihanna.

  • Ever Wonder if that McDonald's You Bought Last Week Was Still Good?

    Posted by Tommy Fox

    If you need another reason to kick the junk food habit this should do it.

    A Utah man has unearthed a McDonald's hamburger he bought in 1999 - and the sandwich looks exactly the same as the day it was first flipped.

    David Whipple kept the fast food meal for a month to show friends how the preservative-packed hamburger would keep its composure.

    But he forgot about it, finding it two years later in his coat pocket and then he decided to continue the bizarre experiment.

  • Tommy's YAH er NO Tuesday April 23rd (With Song Audio)

    Posted by Tommy Fox

    Tonights Yah er No song is the resurfacing of an artist that did well not all that long ago.  Her biggest previous HIT was LOVE SONG.  Best YAH er NO this week so far...


    Artist:  Sara Bareilles

    Song:  Brave


    Results:  88% YAHS


    Listen to the clip below to see if you agree with the 88%

    Yah er NO Sara Bareilles

  • I Guess These Are 3 Common Fashion Rules You Can Ignore

    Posted by Tommy Fox

    I (Tommy Fox) Don't claim to be an expert at womens fashion although I'm not bad, but if you want to talk about womens shoes and boots I'm the best there is.  However, If you don't like fashion and hate getting dressed up, here's something that might make the process a tiny bit easier.  Check out three fashion rules you can ignore, according to"Good Housekeeping" magazine.

    1.  You Shouldn't Wear Black with Navy Blue.  It's only true when it's a really DARK navy blue.  Basically, you just want to make sure it's obvious that you didn't ACCIDENTALLY wear them together . . . as in, a black blazer and dark navy slacks.

    If it's a LIGHT navy blue, wearing black with it is fine.

    2.  You Shouldn't Mix Two Different Patterns.  For example, some women think it's bad to wear a flora skirt with a polka-dot blouse.

    But according to "Good Housekeeping", that's okay as long as one of them is more understated, so they don't clash too much.  And they should also both have at least one or two colors in common.

    3.  If You're Overweight, You Should Hide It with Loose Clothing.  The truth is, oversized clothes tend to make you look BIGGER, not smaller.  And almost everyone looks best in clothing that


    So....the question to my fashion pros out there....are these assesments correct? - Tommy

  • 8 Things That Happy Couples in Successful Relationships Do!

    Posted by Tommy Fox

    According to a survey of the happiest couples by, here are eight things you should do if you want a successful relationship: 

    1.  Share responsibilities:  Four out of five happy couples share decision-making . . . two out of three share financial decisions . . . and two in three split chores evenly.  


    2.  Have lots of sex:  Three out of five couples said they have sex at least twice a week . . . one in three have it at least four times a week . . . and 16% of couples do it EVERY DAY. 


    3.  Be affectionate when you're NOT having sex:  69% of happy couples kiss each other and show affection several times a day.   


    4.  Be honest:  70% are always honest with each other . . . and don't even tell little white lies. 


    5.  Stay in shape:  Three in four couples say it's important to be in shape . . . and 18% say their partner's physical appearance is the thing they're most attracted to. 


    6.  Don't talk about politics:  37% of happy couples say they NEVER talk about politics . . . and another 47% rarely talk about it. 


    7.  Be the same religion:  71% of happy couples have the same religious beliefs. 


    8.  Communicate:  72% have in-depth conversations about work . . . life . . . and family on a regular basis.