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  • Tommy's YAH er NO song Thurs. March 21, 2013 (Full Song Audio included)

    Posted by Tommy Fox

    Tonight's YAH er NO song is from American Idol's Jessica Sanchez who was runner-up to Phillip Phillips. The song did fairly well but take a listen and see what you think.


    Song: Tonight

    Artist: Jessica Sanchez ft. Ne-Yo




    YAHS: 72%



    Take a listen below!






  • Tommy's FOXERAZZI Thursday March 21, 2013

    Posted by Tommy Fox

    Despite rumors that have went viral the past few days that NBC may want to pull the plug early on Jay Leno...just know that these are just rumors and they are COMPLETELY FALSE! Leno will be finishing his contract out until September of 2014.


    In other news, Kim Kardashian confessed that she really did love Kris Humphries under oath...or so she says....but as everyone knows there is 3 sides to every story..and in this case, there is Kris's side, Kim's side...and the Truth...Guess we will find out May 6th when their trial is supposed to hit court.



    Apparently Chuck Norris shaved his beard off....Actually, that's not entirely accurate. He simply made a fist and glared at his reflection, and the beard went running for the hills.

  • Tommy's Weekend Box Office Review: March 22-24, 2013

    Posted by Tommy Fox

    This Weekend: March 22nd -24th

    Admission (Rated PG-13)

    Starring Tina Fey and Paul Rudd

    Critic Rating: 2 ½ stars out of 5

    Fey, who plays a University admissions officer, goes on a recruiting visit where she discovers a boy who could be her son that she secretly put up for adoption... what a way to meet your real kid.


    The Croods (Rated PG)

    Featuring voices of Nicolas Cage, Ryan Reynolds and Emma Stone

    A family is forced to leave their cave home after disaster strikes…they cross paths with a resourceful boy who helps reach a land where they will be safe from other disasters…just another happily ever after.


    Olympus Has Fallen (Rated R)

    Starring Gerard Butler and Morgan Freeman

    The White House is captured and the President is kidnapped from a terrorist…the national security team scrambles to use the knowledge of a trapped former presidential guard to save the White House and the President…sounds super intense and full of suspense.


    Spring Breakers (Rated R)

    Starring James Franco and Selena Gomez

    4 teenagers who are desperate to go on spring break..hold up a bank, steal a car, get thrown in jail, and are bailed out by a rapper and drug pusher who convinces them into doing more crime…hopefully no one’s real spring break turns into what happens in this film.


    Last Weekend Box Office Results:

    1. 1.    Oz The Great and Powerful (Rated PG)- grossed over $41 million
    2. 2.    The Call (Rated R)- grossed over $17 million
    3. 3.    The Incredible Burt Wonderstone (Rated PG-13)- grossed over $10 million


    Other Movies Still Doing Well:

    1. 1.    Jack the Giant Slayer (Rated PG-13)
    2. 2.    Identity Thief (Rated R)
    3. 3.    Snitch (Rated PG-13)
  • Tommy's YAH er NO Song Wed March 20th (With Full Song Audio

    Posted by Tommy Fox

    Tonights YAH er NO Song is an artist with considerable success in recent years.  It did respectably well than my previous songs this week.


    Artist:  Jay Sean

    Song:  Where You Are


    Results:  81% YAHS


    Listen below and see if you like it!

  • Tommy's FOXERAZZI Wednesday March 20th 2013

    Posted by Tommy Fox

    ..Another Tour Bus Marijuana find!  This time, Rihanna!  Kinda….A total of 10 buses were stopped (Man she has a lot of buses!) at the Ambassador Bridge, which separates Windsor, Canada and Detroit. Inspectors smelled marijuana on one of the buses and initiated a secondary, bus-to-bus search.  They found a small amount on one of the travelers, but Rihanna herself wasn’t actually on any buses.  So there’s really no story here, but if she were, I have a feeling they would have found a lot more.

    ...The Octomom is under the microscope of investigation for Welfare Fraud….and for some reason I believe it’s true without knowing any more than that.

    ...And Hip Hop Star THE GAME Killed the viral rumors today that he and Chloe Kardashian are sleeping together….ya know…even though she’s married to Lamar……all because of a photo of them hugging it out in L.A.'s Runyon Canyon Park last month.  Stupid Media!

  • Be Careful When You Zip Up

    Posted by Tommy Fox

    If you've seen There's Something About Mary and you're a man, then you are haunted by one particular scene involving Ben Stiller, a pair of corduroy's and a zipping mishap.

    Every single day, every man out there is taking their life in their hands . . . when they zip up a zipper that's so DANGEROUSLY and MALICIOUSLY close to their junk.

    Listen up guys:  We've got the results of a new study that shows just how DANGEROUS zippers are for your package.

    Researchers at the University of California, San Francisco found that precisely 17,616 people had to go to the EMERGENCY ROOM between 2002 and 2010, because their genitalia got in a battle with their zipper . . . and lost.

    That's about 2,000 E.R. visits every year.  Almost ALL of those were men, and in almost every case, quote, "The penis was the only genital organ involved."

    Not surprisingly, that means that for adults, zippers are the number one cause of penile injuries.

  • Tommy's FOXERAZZI Tuesday March 19th 2013

    Posted by Tommy Fox

    LINDSAY LOHAN copped a plea yesterday on charges that she lied to police after wrecking a Porsche last summer.  She'll spend 90 days in a LOCKDOWN rehab facility.  She'll also do 30 days of community service and undergo 18 months of psychotherapy…..YEAH!!  Lock her up!  Maybe after that and some psychotherapy she’ll learn!!


    Kim Kardashians Ex Kris Humphries just scored hundreds of thousands of bucks from one of the wedding guests.... Andrey C. Hicks -- who sat right behind the formerly happy couple at the rehearsal dinner -- was arrested in 2011 for scamming Kris and other friends out of millions of bucks ... by convincing them to invest in a bogus hedge fund. He pled guilty to the charges late last year.  Now, Hicks has to pay the piper ... a judge just ordered him to repay the ill-gotten loot, totaling $2,375,204.60. Who knows how much Kris gets, but it’s hundreds of thousands for sure.


    Since Lil Wayne got out of ICU from his OD, Close friends of Lil Wayne says he should go to rehab…….Wow, really!?  You think!?

  • Wild Conspiracy Theories and Mystical Beliefs...Do You Believe Any of These?

    Posted by Tommy Fox


    Wild conspiracy theories and mystical beliefs are always entertaining to hear about from time to time. It's also fun to see people's latest feelings about them.

    Here are the results for a new survey on aliens, fairies, and conspiracy theories...

    -64% of adults believe there is intelligent life somewhere else in the universe.

    -19% take it just a little bit further... they believe aliens have visited Earth in UFOs.

    -13% believe the moon landings were staged, and man has never been to the moon.

    -6% believe in fairies.

    and finally, 5% believe Elvis faked his death and may still be alive.

    For all the people that do believe in aliens, fairies and these conspiracy theories, you may be able to laugh in our faces one day if any of these turn out to be true.


  • Study Says Parenting is Only a Part-Time Job

    Posted by Tommy Fox

    Here is a study that is going to fill every parent with rage. The results of a new study say that being a parents really isn't a full-time job, but a part time job.


    The study found that average parents spend 28 hour and nine minutes per week taking care of their kids and family.

    Here is the breakdown

    8 hours and 36 minutes goes towards entertaining the children

    4 hours and 48 minutes for making meals

    3 hours and 38 minutes is for doing chores


    It also takes less than two hours for each of these tasks: Making beds, washing up, driving the kids to school and activities, helping with work, running errands, and taking care of pets.


    What parents is buying this? NONE! 92% of parents surveyed said that having kids is DEFIANTLY a full-time job.

    These scientists probably don’t have any children and because of that have way too much time on their hands.

    They aren't worried about changing diapers or rocking their children to sleep.

  • Tommy's FOXERAZZI Monday March 18th

    Posted by Tommy Fox

    So Charlie Sheen is doing what he does best which is abrasively going after his childrens poshy private school. He posted on twitter and said, "Here's why people suck; a group of mindless Viewpoint [School] supporting doosh-bagz have targeted [Denise] and the girls with 'bullying tactics' as a response to my call to arms.”…He said that his daughters had the pleasure of finding a note stuck to a tree with a steak knife that contained threats to their family. Charlie said the surveillance captured two people committing the deed and that he has contacted police. I will say that when you are Charlie Sheen, it’s gotta be nice having the power to create a huge national news controversy with a tweet and a phone call.

    Lil Wayne is officially out of ICU and in stable condition after his OD on Sizzurp last week. Good to know.

    Lindsay Lohan's attorney Mark Heller is in the crosshairs of a possible witness tampering investigation ... after allegations surfaced that he tried to manipulate Lindsay's former assistant into lying on the stand. Man, I hope Lindsay is paying him well….especially if he gets disbarred.

    Tiger Woods Ex Wife Elin Nordegren is dating a billionaire energy executive now. He said, "I made my money drilling all over the planet." And she said, "Yeah, I made my money after finding out my husband was doing the same."

  • My On-Air Apology To A Listener

    Posted by Tommy Fox

    So from time to time we all do it.  We have an off day and we say something stupid!  Something we shouldn't have said, only to realize later it wasn't as good of an idea as originally thought.  Well, last week a listener called in to complain about something on my show and I was a little rude about it.  So...I figured the best way to start the week was with some humility.  You can listen to the apology on the player below. 

    If you want to know what I'm apologizing about, you can listen to THAT by clicking HERE


    Tommy Apologizes