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  • I can't believe this is true! WARNING! You won't be able to sleep tonight after seeing this.

    Posted by Jake Kelly

    I can't believ this is true!  I thought she was crazy!   Listen to the caller below tell me about why she can't sleep with something covering her ears.   You won't be able to either after reading the story. 



    In what can only be described as a nightmare-come-true, a spider crawled inside a woman's ear canal and lived there for five days before doctors extracted it.

    The woman, referred to only as Ms. Lee, arrived Hospital Aug. 8,. she complained of an itchy ear and was hoping doctors could treat her.

     When Dr. Liu Sheng took a look inside, he found a spider living in the woman's ear canal. Apparently, the spider had crawled into Ms. Lee's ear while she slept.

    (A photo of a spider found living in a woman's ear canal.)



    The doctor and his colleagues decided to force the spider out of the woman's ear canal with a saline solution, as they worried that attempting to take the living spider out with equipment would only cause it to drill its barbs deeper, the report notes.

    A photo of the woman's ear was posted to Reddit by user Psycho0222. Within the Reddit thread, another user recounts a similar incident in which a spider crawled out of his or her ear in the shower.

    As scary as it might sound, insects will crawl into an ear for shelter.


    "The insects are probably entering the canal as harborage, for heat, and/or for moisture," Philip Koehler, an entomology professor at the University of Florida, told The Huffington Post last year.

    I thought she was crazy!

  • Do you think this new app will stop bad teenage driving?

    Posted by Jake Kelly




    A Florida father has channeled his protective parenting into a new mobile app that compiles feedback on teen drivers. 

    Mike McManigal created the 'How's My KID Driving?' app, along with a corresponding bumper sticker to solicit feedback from other drivers on the road performance of the novice motorists.

     For an annual member fee, $15 the first year and $10 annually thereafter, parents register the license plate number of their child's car on the website,, and then affix the eye-catching bumper art to the new driver's car. 

    With your iPhones or Androids you can punch in the tag number and send your feedback via text, to the parents monitoring the account. 


    McManigal, from Cooper City, Florida, said he came up with the idea from seeing the 'How's My Driving?' bumper stickers on semi-trailer trucks along the highway during a road trip.

     Once [teen drivers] leave the driveway and turn the corner and they're out of sight, no one's policing them.'

     The app, which officially launched in late July, has been recognized for its ingenuity.

    Car accidents are the number one cause of death for U.S. teens, who are four times more likely than older drivers to crash, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


  • Women would you give up this for perfect hair?

    Posted by Jake Kelly



    Salon selective has a study out that says 8 out of 10 women would give up relations for perfect hair!!!!    

    They asked 1000 women and 80 pecent said they would give up sex and personal weath if some genie would grant them the wish for perfect hair!!  


    Would you?  Please comment below. 

  • Do you use any of these passwords? If so, you should change it!

    Posted by Jake Kelly




    The publicaton of the list follows the news that computer hackers attempt to break into at least 600,000 Facebook accounts using stolen username and password details every day, according to the social networking giant.

    Facebook has an estimated 800 million users and receives over a billion login attempts every day.  
    1. password 2. 123456 3. 12345678 4. Qwerty 5. abc123 6. Monkey

    7. 1234567 8. Letmein 9. trustno1 10. Dragon 11. Baseball 12. 111111

    13. Iloveyou 14. Master 15. Sunshine 16. Ashley 17. Bailey 18. passw0rd

    19. Shadow 20. 123123 21. 654321 22. Superman 23. Qazwsx 

    24. Michael 25. Football

  • Can you see it? Answer.

    Posted by Jake Kelly


    Can you see it answer!!!!  Click on the audio to hear it.




    Can you see it answer!

  • 1st thing women notice about other women is how...... Do you?

    Posted by Jake Kelly

     First thing women notice about other women is how FAT they are



    That is the first thing your rivals will be looking at when they size you up, research revealed yesterday.

    For the study, 2,000 women aged between 18 and 45 were questioned about how they formed first impressions.

    The majority admit to reaching an opinion on another woman in a matter of seconds purely by judging their appearance.
    While 54 per cent said they first looked at the size of a woman’s waist, 45 per cent said they checked whether they wore too much make-up.



    • How fat the other is
    • Whether they are wearing too much make up
    • Each other's dress sense
    • How they have styled their hair
    • Their smile
    • Skin and spots
    • How tall they are
    • If they have noticeable hair roots
    • If they have over done the fake tan
    • How they have done their eye make up
    • Their shoes
    • How big their boobs are
    • If she has tattoos
    • How short their skirt is
    • How straight their teeth are
    • Jewellery
    • What man they're with
    • Whether or not they have white teeth
    • Whether they have manicured nails

    What do you notice first?

  • HOLY EFF! Read how strange these OCD's are!

    Posted by Jake Kelly




    10 weird OCD's from completely normal strangers. 


    *Every morning I have to put 9 strokes of deodorant under my left armpit and 10 under my right, with the last of the 9 strokes descending and the last of the 10 ascending.

    *Claudoarmariumaphobia- a fear of opened cupboards


    *I fold my trash!  And at home I gently set it in the bin, instead of throwing it in.  

    *In airports, I always grab my butt, making sure I haven't lost my wallet.(20-30 times every 10 minutes)

    *If I ever see the McDonald's advert on tv, I have to whistle the theme tune straight after the person in the ad whistles it.

    *When going into the bathroom, check the shower curtains for people, things, ect...

    *Having to always be stroking and rubbing something in hands.

    *Scared to death of getting pregnant even though it's NOT possible if you do not have sex. I'm a virgin and yet I have this fear

    *Fear of looking in mirrors due to thinking i might see other things besides me.

                                                     Some sources are from and

                                                                These are other peoples phobias, not mine

    WHAT ARE YOUR WEIRD/ STRANGE OCD'S? answer with a comment below.