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  • Top 10 chick-flicks that make men cry!

    Posted by Jake Kelly



     A new survey has found that men cry while watching chick-flicks.

    “Boys are taught over and over again not to cry: to scrunch their faces ... [or] to distract themselves.”

    It seems however, that times they are a changing. A survey last year found that 80 per cent of men feel comfortable showing their emotions.

    It has also been found that men are just as emotional about movies as women, they have just been less likely to express it.

    The top 10 movies to make men weep:

    1. Marley and Me
    2. Red Dog
    3. Life is Beautiful
    4. Shawshank Redemption
    5. The Notebook
    6. Forrest Gump
    7. Love Actually
    8. Titanic
    9. My Sister’s Keeper
    10. Toy Story 3


    Call out your man ladies!  What movie makes your man cry?

  • Top 10 biggest turnoffs for women. Do you agree?

    Posted by Jake Kelly

     1 has a list out of the top 10 biggest turn off for women.  Do you agree or can you add to the list. 




    No.10 Overt Drunkenness

    No.9 Dirty Dancing

    No.8 Bluetooth In Ear

    No.7 Negativity

    No.6 Bad Pickup Lines

    No.5 Excessive Cologne

    No.4 Swearing

    No.3 Douchebag Friends

    No.2 Bad Breath

    No.1 A kid (this is their explanation on this)

     Using your child to get attention from women often backfires. This isn't true of everyone, but a single dad can mean a world of trouble: commitment issues, baggage, immaturity, or an angry ex. Plus, not all women are the motherly type. Break the daddy news to her after a few dates, because surprising her with a kid is a huge turnoff.



    Add to the list.






  • WOW! You won't believe this! Smooth-talking escapee evades police!

    Posted by Jake Kelly


    Woe is Carl Bordelon, a police officer for the town of Ball, La. His dashboard camera captured (below) his questioning of Richard Lee McNair, 47,  Earlier that same day, McNair had escaped from a federal penitentiar reportedly hiding in a prison warehouse and sneaking out in a mail van.

    Bordelon, on the lookout, stopped McNair when he saw him running along some railroad tracks. What follows is a chillingly fascinating performance from McNair, who manages to remain fairly smooth and matter-of-fact while tripping up Bordelon.

    The officer notices that the guy matches the description of McNair -- who was serving a life sentence for killing a trucker at a grain elevator in Minot, N.D., in 1987 -- observes that he looked like he'd "been through a briar patch" and had to wonder why he would choose appalling heat  to go running, without any identification, on a dubious 12-mile run. But he doesn't notice when McNair changes his story -- he gives two different names (listen for it) -- and eventually, Bordelon bids him farewell, saying: "Be careful, buddy." McNair remains on the loose. (Note: Video is more than eight minutes long but worth it.)


  • Katy Perry Flashes Her Bare Bottom (and Almost Her Top) at Raging Waters

    Posted by Jake Kelly  posted picts of the pop diva took to the waterpark on a tremendously hot day here in Southern California and it looks like they cleared out a few slippery when wet rides just for Katy and her extensive entourage, none of whom were fast enough to run toward their mistress with coverup when the waves took Katy's bottoms down to her thighs, and her top nearly off 




    NSFW photos HERE!  Warning, bare butt if you click! 

  • Can she pull it off? Miley Cyrus new hair cut again!

    Posted by Jake Kelly


    Miley Cyrus, who debuted a new, light 'do recently, has decided to bring the scissors back for a much shorter and dramatic haircut. Yeah, she pretty much chopped it all off.

    She showed off the new look on Twitter over the weekend, and wrote, "Never felt more me in my whole life."


    Do yo like the new Miley?  Comment below!