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  • Does this girl have the perfect face? Science say's yes!

    Posted by Jake Kelly

    Does this girl have the perfect face?  Science is saying yes.


    What do you think?  Comment below!


    Meet Florence Colgate...



    According to extensive studies of ‘attractiveness’, researchers believe the ‘beauty’ of a woman’s face can be summed up in a series of simple ratios.

    The ‘perfect’ face has a distance between the pupils of just under half, or 46 per cent, of the width of the whole face from ear to ear – pretty Florence’s ratio is 44 per cent.

    Scientists believe the distance between eyes and mouth should be a third of the overall length from hairline to chin on the perfect face – Florence’s face has 32.8 per cent ratio.

    According to researchers Florence’s youthful, feminine features, such as her large eyes, high cheekbones, and full lips, are subconscious tell tale signs of fertility, health and good genes.

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  • Read this and share ~~Movie Star Batman Christian Bale should meet Real Life Batman Eric McLean

    Posted by Jake Kelly





    By: Beth Yauger Lasak

    Hi Christian, I just spoke to your publicist on the phone in regards to you visiting a pretty amazing man. Before I b...

    egin, I would like to explain, that this request isn't just for any person. This request is for a real life super hero. A man that has defied all odds when everything was against him. His strength & his courage earned him the nick name "Batman". He would get knocked down & get right back up again!

    When I share his story with you, you will understand why. Eric McLean was diagnosed with AML (Acute Myelogenous Leukemia) Cancer on June 23, 2003. He would begin his battle with cancer never realizing the lives he was about to touch. In his eyes he was just your everyday man, but in the eyes of thousands, he was unstoppable.

    After receiving 2 intense rounds of Chemo he achieved remission for the very first time. Everyone sighed with relief. They could finally breathe a little. At least for now. Eric's brother, Mike, decided to run the Iron Man Wisconsin & their father, Brian, came up with the moniker "Leukemia Ironman Fundraiser for Eric" L.I.F.E was born. They would go on to raise thousands of dollars to help fund the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society to support cancer research.

    Unfortunately, 4 1/2 years later the cancer returned. Eric was 23 yrs old at the time & he had just graduated from college. Again, he started with some intense chemo treatment & radiation, but this time he also would receive stem cell treatment from his sister, Lindsey. Eric was cancer free again for nearly a year until June 5, 2009, when his AML relapsed again. Only this time doctors gave him a terminal prognosis, saying it could not be cured. He immediately began a journey to complete his "Bucket List" - a list of things he wanted to accomplish before it was too late: skydiving, driving in a Dodge Viper, gambling in Las Vegas, going to the Caribbean with his family, riding in a hot air balloon, and so much more. It could not have been done without the support and help of many friends, family, and people whom we have never even met.

    Eric was advised not to treat it, for fear that it would only make him very sick, with the same fatal outcome. When death was his only option, he chose to fight it. Just 2 of his 11 doctors agreed to it. They tried a regimen of Decitabine and Mylotarg that had never really been attempted before on a patient as young as Eric. It worked, miraculously, and Eric again achieved remission status! In 2009, L.I.F.E. became its own 501(c)(3) non-profit entity so that it could begin helping other patients directly. L.I.F.E would go on to raise thousands & thousands of dollars, fund several research projects & help many other patients battling cancer.

    The interesting part was that the whole time Eric was fighting his own fight with cancer, he was also working diligently on raising money & getting L.I.F.E off the ground so he could help other's in need. He is one heck of a selfless man! Then on January 12, 2011 Eric's bone marrow biopsy returned positive. Facing AML Cancer for the 4th time, he was given DLI (donor lymphocyte infusion) from his sister Lindsey to promote GvL effect.

    The treatment worked and Eric entered remission again on May 4th, 2011. Through all of this, Eric has had the support of one amazing woman. They married on July 16th, 2011. Her name is Cari. She has been their for him through this hard journey, stood by his side & fought when Eric had no fight left in him. When they wed, Eric was working for Harley Davidson in Milwaukee WI & she was working (she owns) for Manty Dance in Manitowoc, WI. Eric would spend months in the hospital down in Milwaukee & Cari would drive back & forth to work & the hospital just to be with him. She put in thousands of miles traveling each way & always did it with a smile. She spent so much time trying to run her dance business in Manitowoc, WI to support them, yet still driving back at night to the hospital in Milwaukee, WI to be there for Eric while he struggled through this treatment.

    It isn't every day you see a couple so caring & so in love as Eric & Cari. I do believe with all of my heart that he has held on & fought this terribly hard fight with much more strength because he had Cari by his side. Not sure if you have ever seen the show Friends, but as Phoeby says, "He's her lobster". They are truly a beautiful couple. After they married, they honeymooned in the Caribbean & he just knew something wasn't right. Upon their arrival home, they went from the airport straight to the ER.

    After several tests Eric would find out the cancer had returned yet again. What a wedding gift?! Eric went through more chemo & another anonymous donor stem cell transplant & achieved remission status for the 5th time on August 24th, 2011. Eric & Cari got back into the groove of their normal life & finally were able to enjoy the normal things we all take for granted like: washing the dishes, sipping a hot cup of coffee, sleeping in their own bed, mowing the lawn, doing the laundry or taking a walk outside.

    Due to all the treatments & battling this for so long they don't need any fancy things, simply being at home with each other & sharing moments with their family & friends was all they both truly wanted.....just a normal life. Eric continued work at Harley Davidson & Cari continued teaching dance at her studio. They both pressed forward with the L.I.F.E foundation & continued helping others & doing different fundraisers to continue fighting this fight. Tragically, Eric officially relapsed for the 6th and 7th time on March 7, 2012 - one cancer was in his bone marrow, the other cancer was in his brain. To combat the 7th relapse, he immediately underwent brain surgery so chemotherapy could be administered directly to his brain.

    They also gave him a strong dose of radiation. He went through extensive treatment & had so many bad days, but as you are coming to know Eric, he is all about the fight & never giving up no matter how hard it might be. In all of this, Eric has been told he was dying so many times. Doctors would say he was at the end, Eric would look at them & say "NO, THIS IS NOT THE END!" and he would prove the doctors wrong, put on his game face, and fight this fight. Overtime he was given the nick name "Batman" & Cari would take the nick name "Robin". The two of them would face challenges but at the end of the day they were untouchable. Eric impacted the lives of so many people. He became a household name & L.I.F.E would become a household brand.

    He isn't just your average guy. He has changed so many lives not only in Two Rivers, Manitowoc, Port Washington, Green Bay, Milwaukee, the larger area of Wisconsin, but also all around the USA & around the world. Eric McLean, well, there truly aren't the right words to explain him, other then the fact that the guy is a hero to many. As of today, August 14, 2012, I learned that Eric's cancer has taken over 96% of his body. His doctors told him there is absolutely nothing left that they can do.

    There have exhausted all their options. Hospice has started coming to his parents house in Two Rivers, WI to care for Eric & make him more comfortable until the end. His doctors from Milwaukee came to visit him today & told him that a guy with his type of cancer should've only lived 18 months. Eric surpassed the odds & lived over 10 years longer then expected. He has completed college, worked at a job he so very much loved, gotten married to an amazing woman, been there with his family & friends sharing in everyday moments.

    All this time Eric has NEVER asked for anything. He has simply gave, with his whole heart. My question for you is, how neat would it be for Eric to meet his movie star hero Christian Bale & check off one of the major "goals" on his Bucket List? Placing the Movie Star Batman (Christian) with the Real Life Batman (Eric), would be a pretty neat moment for Eric before he leaves this world. Given the fight Eric has had, I do hope you consider honoring this request.

    I do understand you get so many of these, but given the circumstances, I do hope you make an exception. You can check out the L.I.F.E web site at www.givetolife.orgOne last thing I would like to share with you is that Eric is very strong, but now, facing death, he is very scared. My hope is that meeting with Christian will help with this. It might sound silly, but when you have nothing left to give, sometimes it's nice to be given to. I am not sure how much time Eric has left. The sooner Christian could make the trip to WI, the better. I do understand he is filming.

    I do apologize for the inconvenience. It's just, this is truly the end & death is so unpredictable. My hope is that Christian can get here & share in Eric's life before he passes. What a neat memory to make between 2 superheros! Ask yourself, if this was your friend, your brother, your son, what would you do? My contact info is listed below. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind Regards, Beth Lasak

    For everyone else please share this NOTE with everyone on your friends list.  The more it passes, the more people join the FB group, the better the chance we have at getting Mr. Bale's attention.  Thank you all for your help! :0)


    Eric's Confession Final

  • Jake Kelly's Mail Sack! Ladies can you help Emily?

    Posted by Jake Kelly




    Jake!!! Help!!  My co worker and I were having a large discussion yesterday during lunch about how often women on average shave their armpits. 

    I’m usually an everyday pit shaver—especially when I’m dating someone.  When I’m single however, sometimes I’ll skip a few days here and there. But I never go very long—I just feel dirty when I neglect my pits. My coworker says that she will not shave for  a week or even several weeks without even thinking about shaving under her arms.

    So I want to know how common it is to give the razor a bit of a rest? How often do you shave under your arms when it’s jacket or coat weather? Do you still do it fairly regularly or just when you know someone might see your pits? If you go long periods of time and you’ve got a special someone, does your significant other mind?

    Can you please ask on your show?





    So ladies can you help her out?  If so comment below!

  • Kristen Stewart dropped from Snow White and the Huntsman 2!

    Posted by Jake Kelly




    Lesson learned: Having an affair with your married boss can get you fired!

    Weeks after admitting a fling with married director Rupert Sanders, Kristen Stewart has been dropped from a sequel of "Snow White and the Huntsman."

    Sources say Sander's estranged wife, Liberty Ross, had warned him-- if he wanted to have any hope of saving their marriage he had better never work with Stewart again.

    Meantime, Universal Studios has decided to shelve the scheduled "Snow White" follow up in favor of a "spin off" movie concentrating on Stewart's co-star, Chris Hemsworth's Huntsman character -- and not including Stewart at all.

    A studio spokesman said, "The studio is currently exploring options to continue the franchise."

    You can read more here 

  • 4 things to never joke about with a man!

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    For most guys, a great sense of humor in a woman ranks right up there with a nice rack. But some material is no laughing matter. So while it's cool to clown around, stay away from these supersensitive topics. 

    1. His Future Hair Loss With the exception of Vin Diesel and a few others, most guys with shiny chrome domes are not deemed the sexiest men alive. That's why many guys stress about potential future loss. And if there's even a hint of thinning, it's certain to be a really sore subject. 

    2. His Paltry Paycheck Yes, it's a little Stone Age, but many men still like to think they can bring home the bacon. When their salaries don't stack up, they may feel emasculated. So while you may find it funny to joke about your sugar-mama status, it's not exactly the idea of good stand-up comedy to your guy. 

    3. His Mom He's allowed to goof on his mother's muumuus, burned Bundt cake, and obsession with dancing with the stars---but when you chime in, it's a different story. Guys find it disrespectful for girlfriends to rip on their moms. 

    4. His (Lack of) Height Ever notice how guys tend to add about two inches to their height when asked how tall they are? That's because they're sensitive to the notion that tall people tend to have more power. Plus, if you make him feel like he's small outside the bedroom, he might wonder what you really think about, ahem, his other physical attributes. 



    Ladies!  What is a topic that should never be brought up or joked about with a woman?

  • Top 3 guilty pleasure songs! Do you agree?

    Posted by Jake Kelly

    RANKER.COM has a list of the top 3 guilty pleasure songs by female artists.  


    Let me know if you agree.   



    Christina Perry "Jar of Hearts"




    Natasha Bedingfield "Pocket Full of Sunshine"




    Miley Cyrus "Party in the U.S.A."



    Do you agree?




    For you listening pleasure!  Just make sure nobody is around.