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  • How Would Barbie Look If She Was A Real Women?

    Posted by Jake Kelly

    If she were real she would look more like a Sci-Fi alien than a model. 


    If Barbie was a real woman she'd be forced to walk on all fours and would be physically incapable of lifting her over-sized head - perhaps a far cry from what the designers of Mattel envisioned.

    A disturbing chart that converts the doll's body scale into a real-life human being's reveals the outrageous proportions that transforms her into something out of a Sci-Fi movie.

    Starting from the top down, Barbie's head would be two inches larger than the average American woman's while resting on a neck twice as long and six inches thinner. 

    From these measurements she'd be entirely incapable of lifting her head.


    Her 16-inch waist would also be four inches thinner than her head, leaving room for only half a liver and a few inches of intestine.

    Like her fragile 3.5 inch wrists, her 6-inch ankles would prevent her from heavy lifting. Then, as far as holding up her entire body - despite so much of it missing - it'd be an entirely impossible feat requiring her to walk on all fours.

    Check out all the other deatials and graphs ---------------------> STORY

  • Awesome!

    Posted by Jake Kelly

    Jacob's Well is a significant karstic spring, the largest perennial spring in the Texas Hill Country.

     It flows from the most extensive underwater cave in Texas, opening in the bed of Cypress Creek, a few miles north of Wimberley, Texas.

    The twelve foot (four meter) diameter mouth of the cave serves as a popular swimming and water recreation spot for the local land owners whose properties adjoin Cypress Creek.

  • Crazy! Dove did a project proving that women don't realize how beautiful they are

    Posted by Jake Kelly

    Dove uses forensic artist in beauty experiment to show how women see themselves 

    When asked what they look like, women give more unflattering descriptions than a stranger would. The dramatic differences on are display in Dove's latest ad project, 'Real Beauty Sketches.'


    Check out the video below  





    Left: The sketch a forensic artist made from Jenise’s own description of her looks. Right: The more flattering sketch a stranger helped create


    Fornesic artist Gil Zamora asked Maria questions about her facial features and hair to create the first sketch (left). Then he drew a second sketch (right), using someone else’s description of Maria.



    Kela said the sketch she helped the forensic artist create was ‘sadder.’