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  • New Adele Song - "Skyfall" LISTEN HERE

    Posted by Corey Carter

    ABC NEWS - After much anticipation, Adele 's James Bond theme, "Skyfall,"  debuted Thursday night at 7:07 p.m. Eastern time. That would be 0:07  Friday morning in her native London.

    The majestic track features a 77-piece orchestra and hopeful lyrics  from Adele. She sings in the chorus, "Let the sky fall/When it  crumbles/We will stand tall/Face it all together."

    The song, named after the new Bond movie of the same name, debuted on Adele's official website,   Adele.tv . It's now available for purchase.



  • WARNING: Worldwide Diaper Shortage Coming???

    Posted by Corey Carter

    Baby in Diaper

    A few months ago my wife and I were lucky enough to say that we had THREE kids in diapers, so safe to say, they consumed a large amout of our budget.

    We did go with cloth diapers, which are more work - but might be worth it after this story:

    Parents of young children are expressing concern today after it was reported that an explosion at a Japanese chemical plant could result in a worldwide disposable diaper shortage.

    Get the full story --------------------> HERE


  • ((LISTEN HERE) The BEST (or worst) WIXX Replacement DJ's

    Posted by Corey Carter

    We just wanted to thank EVERYBODY for putting up with our replacement DJ's on Wed. 9/26.  Thank goodness that the real refs came back, so we could get our real DJ's back...although it was kinda fun.  (We take at least partial credit for that lol)

    WIXX Replacement DJ's

    Listen below to the BEST (or worst) of WIXX's Replacement DJ's!!

    WIXX Replacement DJ's

  • Casey Abrams - Autographed Set List!!

    Posted by Corey Carter

    This is a prize that money can't buy...but it could be YOURS!

    Casey signed his set-list from the stage at the charity concert on 9/26/12 at the Kroc Center.

    Here are shots of what you will win!  A great memory from an American Idol Favorite!!







    To win, just comment below with your first name and email address and bid how much you would pay to add this to your collection!

    ALL money raised goes to the WIXX Christmas Wish Fund!! 

  • WIXX Features "Replacement" DJ's

    Posted by Corey Carter

    Green Bay, WI - In protest of the NFL's replacement officials and the series of blown calls in the Packers vs. Seahawks game on Monday night, radio station WIXX will be using "replacement DJ's" until the NFL referee labor dispute is settled this Wednesday (9/26) starting at 9am.

    WIXX has a proud tradition of live and local DJ's in the studio 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. 

    "Our DJ's are just as fed up as the rest of the Packers fans and NFL fans are. We hope by using our public forum - our airwaves - we can raise awareness about this problem and encourage the NFL to get the real officials back quickly," said WIXX Brand Manager Corey Carter, "The NFL needs to know that having replacements on in any job that affects large amounts of people just isn't the way it should be."


    WIXX's daily lineup:

    5a-9a: Murphy/Maino/Katie
    9a-1p: Otis Day

    1p-2p: Corey Carter

    2p-6p: Jake Kelly

    6p-11p: Tommy Fox

    11p-5a: Rachel Leigh


    Comments or questions about this are being taken at 920-406-1011 and can also be texted into the number 31011.  


    WIXX is a Top 40 Radio Station serving Green Bay, The Fox Cities and all of Northeast Wisconsin and can be heard on 101.1FM and streaming online at http://wixx.com/listen-live/

  • "Call It Maybe" - NFL Ref Parody

    Posted by Corey Carter

    Got this off the Youtube from my favorite Sports station in MN: KFAN 100.3 in Minneapolis.

     Seth Haake wrote and performed this parody

  • Facts from the Game - Coach McCarthy Post-Game Interview

    Posted by Corey Carter

    Three Facts from last-night's Packers vs. Seahawks game:

    1-That was an interception, not a touchdown.

    2-We need the real NFL Officials Back.

    3-Now Packer nation know what it feels like to be a Vikings fan.

    Seriously, being a Vikings fan, I'm still having a hard-time grasping:

    -How the Vikings hung on and BEAT the 49'ers on Sunday (that NEVER happens - the Vikings get an early lead and actually still WIN the game...WTF?!?!)

    -How the Packers lost such a heart-breaker, in a style that usually is reserved for the team with the horns on their helmets.  Usually, the Vikings will do JUST enough to get their fan's hopes up, then will ultimately either shoot themselves in the foot...or they will lose on a fluke play - much like the Packers did last night.

    Don't worry Packers fans, it's a long season and the Pack will be just fine.  They'll have a test against the Saints this Sunday, but the Saints suck this year and the Packers will be playing with a chip on their shoulder.   Pack win by over 10 is my prediction..

    Here is the interview from the Packers Radio Network of Wayne and Larry interviewing Coach McCarthy after the game. (I'm assuming everybody went straight to bed after the last play...)


    Coach McCarthy Post-Game Interview

  • New ONE DIRECTION Song! Listen Here!

    Posted by Corey Carter

    They were recently #2 on Billboards "21 Hottest Musicians Under 21" (behind Justin Beaver).

    Here is their new single.  What do you think?



  • How DO we Pick the Music

    Posted by Corey Carter

    Lambeau Field

     Lambeau Field.  Duh.  You're probably wondering what Lambeau has to do with how we pick the music we play on WIXX?

    72,928.   That's how many seats there are in Lambeau.  That is a TON of people. 

    WIXX's average weekly audience approx. 290,000 (according to a company called Arbitron.)

    So imagine FOUR Lambeau Field's....FULL of people.  That's a lot of people.

    Now, it's our job to pick music that ALL of those people will enjoy. mjg

    Daunting task?  Yes.  Impossible?  No.

    If you've ever had a meeting of more than about 2 or 3 people trying to get those people to agree 100% on ANYTHING, it's nearly impossible.  

    So what we do, through weekly "research" (fancy term for our Music Advisory Panel) we figure out what songs that MOST of the people enjoy the most.    

    So, does that mean that EVERY song we play, EVERY person is going to LOVE.   Absolutely not.   

    Will we play a LOT of YOUR favorite songs.   Yes.

    Will you occasionally hear a song that you don't like (or are sick of?)   Yes.

    Just remember, when you hear one of those songs, think of all of those other people in the 4 Lambeau Field's that are listening and that there are still a LOT of those people who still enjoy that particular song.  Hopefully, we're not playing too many of THOSE songs, but there will always be a few.   Just being real. 

    (We've had some questions lately as to why we play the same songs so much...so I just wanted to explain it.)

    WIXX has been doing it successfully since 1977, so THANK YOU for listening.  We truely appreciate it.  

    And if you want to help us pick our music, we'd LOVE for you to sign up for our Music Advisory Panel.  It will only help us to play the songs you LOVE more often!!