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  • Janelle Issis from So You Think You Can Dance coming to give dance lessons Sunday!

    Posted by Corey Carter

    Janelle from SYTYCD Season 9 will be flying in from L.A. and teaching two master classes at the Best Western in Ashwaubenon on Sunday Dec 9th from 6:30 to 7:30 pm. One class is $15 two is $20. She will be teaching Contemporary and Belly Dance. Contact Seth atProdigyDanceAcademy@gmail.com. Facebook.com/ProdigyDanceAcademy or call (920) 288-2732.

    Listen to the interview below for more info

    If you don't know who she is...

    Janelle Issis

    Janelle Issis - So You Think You Can Dance - Dance Lessons In Green Bay

  • My Dream - & AWESOME Reality Show Idea

    Posted by Corey Carter

    Guess What?!?!

    I've had a few ideas for reality shows over the years and I can't believe nobody has done them yet.

    I had a crazy dream the other night, you know, the kind that you wake up and are freaking out because you think it's REAL.

    With 3 kids under 3, my wife and I have talked about whether we're "done" or not yet...we haven't totally decided but think we are.

    Anyway, I dreamt that my wife (and her sister, who also has 3 kids under 5) suprised me in my basement with positive pregnancy tests...

    Then I freaked out...went through a whole range of emotions.  Angry...sad (I was crying in my dream), then excited...flabbergasted....etc...

    So I woke up and BANG!  It hit me...why hasn't somebody turned this into a reality show?!?!?

    It could be called "GUESS WHAT...." and it would follow couples around and suprise husbands with pregnancy tests.   I know it sounds a little "Jerry Springer", but they could do it so it wouldn't be trashy (if it was on TLC) or make it trashy (might get better ratings lol) and put it on E! or something....

    Okay, so if anybody runs with this idea...I WANT A CUT OF THE MONEY YOU MAKE!!

  • (PIC) Eminem's Daughter Halie has BEEF with Taylor Swift - See what she looks like now. Wow!!

    Posted by Corey Carter

    There's BEEF on Twitter between Eminem's Daughter Hailey and Taylor Swift.  Appearantly, Hailey is a HUGE fan of Harry Styles of One Direction and isn't happy that he and Taylor are dating. (C'mon, does ANYONE think it's going to last really?!?!  She's just getting material for another song!)

    Anyway, check out the article here!  http://www.examiner.com/article/eminem-s-daughter-hailie-slams-taylor-swift-on-twitter-over-harry-styles

    In case you're wondering what Halie looks like now (she was just a cute little girl when Eminem rapped about her 10-12 years ago...but now she's in High School) here is a pic from her on her HS Volleyball team.  


  • Check Out Who Was Spotted At Lambeau Field!!

    Posted by Corey Carter
    Check out who was spotted at Lambeau Field!  This is part of a fun marketing campaign
    for The Neville Museum in Green Bay.  Mama and Baby Bones are being re-structured 
    and re-lit soon!  See below for ways YOU Can get involved in the Scavenger Hunt!

    Mama and Baby Bones

    The Neville Public Museum - Dinosaur Scavenger Hunt
    Start in the Discovery Room

    How many T-Rex’s are in the painting on the wall?_______

    How many of your feet would it take to fill a T-Rex footprint?______

    Find a T-Rex tooth. Is it real or a replica?

    Find another dinosaur in the room. What kind is it?____________________

    Up to the Ice Cave

    How many plastic dinosaurs can you find in cases from the ice cave to the antique car? 

    Keep track____________

    Find some big bones. Are they from dinosaurs? Yes / No
    If not what are they from? __________________ & ________________________

    Did mastodons ever run into T-Rex? Yes / No

    Find the plow. Look up. What animals do you see? Are these dinosaurs? Y/N (the answer 
    might surprise you)

    Find the farm animals. What thing would be as tall as a T-Rex in this case?
    Hint: it starts with a B. ___________

    Find the car. Which could go faster the car or a T-Rex?

    Hmong Exhibit 

    Look in the case below the gong. Is there something here that 
    is shaped like something from T-Rex? Draw it here.

    Prange’s Exhibit

    Can you find the T-Rex in this exhibit? Where is it located? _____________________

    Return your scavenger hunt to the Neville Gift Shop by November 30, 2012 (or the 
    admission desk, if the Gift Shop is closed) and receive one free root beer token from
    Titletown Brewing Company and a dinosaur sticker. Also, receive either one free
    admission to the NEW Zoo, Children’s Museum or Green Bay Botanical Garden (while
    supplies last).
  • If You've Ever Got Your Lunch Stolen from Work Fridge - Check out This Technique

    Posted by Corey Carter

    We've all brought food to work at some point in our career and used the "community" fridge.

    And, unfortunately, we've all had our food stolen at some point.  (If you work in a place that has more than like 10 employees and this HAS NEVER happened to you, tell me - I'm amazed!!)

    Last week I openend our fridge here at Midwest Communications and I found this, which I thought was kinda funny for a few reasons that I'll explain below...

    I'm imaging that somebody had this bright idea to greatly reduce the possibility of getting their salad dressing taken.


    Duke Ranch in Fridge


    (BTW: Duke is Duke Wright, the owner of Midwest Communications including WIXX and 5 other stations in Green Bay/Appleton and over 60 total in the Midwest...he's the guy who signs ALL of our paychecks - but a nice guy I might add...)

    Reason's why this is a FAIL:

    1-I've NEVER witnessed Duke eat a Salad at work.  Knowing what I know if him, he might enjoy a salad at home or at a restaurant, but bringing a salad (and then salad dressing) to work, is just not the way he rolls.

    2-Even if he DID bring salad to work and bring his own dressing...would he really take time to use a red Sharpie to put his name...IN ALL CAPS and underlined ?!?!?  

    3-I'm 98% sure this Otis' handwriting.  

    Okay - please share with me any humorous stories you might have about people stealing food at work...or how you or somebody else may have prevented it from happening. Comment below!! 

  • ((Audio)) Coach McCarthy's Packers Radio Network Post-Game Interview

    Posted by Corey Carter

    What a suprising game for the Packers.  If you were like many of the fans that went to bed at half-time and you didn't hear the post-game interview, here is what Coach McCarthy said on the 

    Remember, Coach McCarthy is on with Murphy/Maino/Kaite each Friday morning at 7:50am.   You can listen to previous interviews HERE.


    Coach McCarthy - Interview Packers Radio Network 11-25

  • Fat Blocking Pepsi - First Commercial

    Posted by Corey Carter

    Apparently, you have to be hallucinating to have this stuff actually work?
    (BTW:  This won't be available in the US for quite a while...if ever...)


  • Met Jet deal that everybody is asking about

    Posted by Corey Carter

    Here are more details on the Met Jet flights to Florida that we are talking about and getting a ton of texts/calls about today:

    METJET IS FREEZING PRICES! MetJet has discounted its prices on all January and February flights for a limited time. Tickets at these prices will be frozen and are the lowest they will go.  And here’s the really big news—Buy a round trip ticket before Dec. 21st, to fly before March 15th and get a free round trip ticket for your next flight!!!!

     Act fast to take advantage of a lower ticket price on the fastest way from Green Bay to Orlando and Fort Myers, and get a free ticket for another flight while supplies last! 

    • Its time to act if you want a warm break from winter.
    • Book before 12/21, fly by March 15th, and as an added bonus METJET will give you a free ticket for another flight. Free tickets will be issued when you return.
    • If you missed the last great offer, don’t miss one. 
    • This great offer and lowest fares won’t be around long—act fast.
    •  TRAVELERS HAVE BEEN GIVING METJET RAVE REVIEWS— Flyers named Mike and Dorothy flew to Fort Myers and said the plane, pilots and food were great…..flyer named Barbara it’s the best flight ever offered to people in NE Wisconsin…and Lori wrote us to say that she loves supporting MetJet because it’s a local company, and an incredible difference compared to flying out of Milwaukee.
    • MetJet is now allowing in-cabin pets on flights!
    • Tickets can be booked at 855-5 METJET , or online at www.metjet.net
    • You can even fly into Orlando, and return from Fort Myers, or vice versa if you want to tour Florida.
    • No need driving to Milwaukee and paying for parking just to get a decent airfare to Orlando or Fort Myers.
    • If you want to go non-stop, Met Jet is the only nonstop option from NE Wisconsin to Fort Myers and Orlando International Airport
    • Fares from Green Bay are based on the average ticket price out of Milwaukee and less than flights out of Green Bay
    • Another great benefit-- no baggage fees—go to MetJet.net for details.
    • You won’t find MetJet on those confusing travels sites, you have to go to MetJet.net.
    • MetJet gives you more of what you really want--actual vacation time, so you can relax.  
  • Special BATMAN LIVE Black Friday $12 Ticket Deal!!

    Posted by Corey Carter

    Batman Live


    Northeast Wisconsin is BUZZING about Batman Live coming to the Resch Center on 11/27 and 11/28.  It's going to be an AWESOME show...and now with Black Friday they just released a SPECIAL deal:

    From 8a-4p on Fri. 11/23, you can get your Batman Live tickets for only $12!!!  A huge discount!

    Just go to ticketstaronline.com and enter the promo code BLACKFRI or call 800-895-0071 and mention the code to get the discount.  

    It's going to be GREAT!!  


  • Sad Day for Elmo

    Posted by Corey Carter


    This story from TMZ.COM

    Kevin Clash, the voice of Elmo, has resigned from Sesame Street ... in the immediate wake of a new lawsuit accusing him of having sex with an underage boy -- the second such allegation in 2 weeks.

    TMZ broke the story ... Clash is being sued by Cecil Singleton, who claims he met Kevin in a gay phone chat back in '93 ... when he was 15 and Clash was 32.

    Sesame Workshop says, "Unfortunately, the controversy surrounding Kevin’s personal life has become a distraction that none of us want, and he has concluded that he can no longer be effective in his job and has resigned from Sesame Street. This is a sad day for Sesame Street."

    Sesame Workshop had previously told TMZ, "Elmo is bigger than any one person."

    Read more: http://www.tmz.com#ixzz2Cn9xReVn