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  • Survive an Avalanche - Get laughed at!

    Posted by Corey Carter

    A Skier in Canada Survived an Avalanche . . . Then His Friend Started Cracking Up


    A guy in British Columbia was skiing down the side of a mountain when something triggered an avalanche.  And he was wearing a camera, so he got the whole thing on video.  Luckily, he didn't get buried very deep, but the footage is still crazy.

    --As soon as it starts, the guy screams "avalanche", and the next 20 seconds are total chaos.  Then one of his friends who was also wearing a camera skis over, sees him buried up to his waist in snow, and starts cracking up.


  • Which Celebrity is this?

    Posted by Corey Carter

    Guess who this pic is of?  Comment below...I never would have guessed it!! 

    Guess Who?

  • How to Identify a Meth Lab

    Posted by Corey Carter

    It's actually a lot easier than people might think


    Scroll down....







    Meth Lab

  • Follow Brad Bennetts blog starting tomorrow.

    Posted by Corey Carter

    Brad Bennett will start blogging tomorrow Tuesday March 22nd.  What will be coming are views from the rolling chair behind the computer of Brad.  What are his reactions to callers.  How does he find his stories.  When will he get the coveted doughnuts. Is his producer Andrew really that good looking.  All of this to come in the future.  Make sure that you follow and post your opinion on his words as he tells you his opinions every day anyway.  Right?

  • Cool Version of Gnarles Barkley song by WI's next big thing!

    Posted by Corey Carter

    This week I was fortunate enough to see this new artist from Wisconsin KEVIN HAMMOND as he stopped by the WIXX studio to sing a few songs.  Kinda reminds me of Adam Levine, from one of my favorite bands Maroon 5.  Let me know what you think:


    Here is his official website.  Check him out:  http://site.iamkevinhammond.com/


  • See The Script Live in NYC with WIXX

    Posted by Corey Carter

    The Script

    See The Script LIVE in NYC's Central Park with WIXX!



    • Concert is on June 4th 2011 in New York City's Central Park - Rumsey Playfield
    • Trip includes:  2 round-trip airline tickets, 2 tickets to the show and overnight hotel stay
    • Click the following link for complete contest rules:  http://one.wixx.com/pdfs/TheScriptNewYorkFlyaway.pdf


  • Amazing U.P. Survival Video

    Posted by Corey Carter

    Anybody with ties to the U.P. will appreciate it.  My in-laws are from the U.P. and I have spent a lot of time there in the past 10 years...I know there are a lot of listeners from that area too, so check this out...



  • Yes! The Wisconsin Dells Season Opener Cards Are Coming!

    Posted by Corey Carter









    The Wisconsin Dells Season Opener Cards are coming!  Staring in May, listen to WIXX and check WIXX.COM for all the details.  It will be another chance for you and your family to save BIG in the Dells this summer...exclusively with WIXX!  

  • Another Green Bay vs. Pittsburgh Matchup - for a great cause!

    Posted by Corey Carter

    CokeCheers is a campaign in which people can go to this website

    (www.cokecheers.com) and upload a picture to cheer to either the

    Green Bay Packers or Pittsburgh Steelers.  For each person that does a

    cheer, Coke donates $1 to the National Boys and Girls Club, up to

    $200,000.  If the Green Bay Packers cheers exceed 10,000 cheers,

    Coke will donate an extra $25,000 specifically to the Green Bay chapter

    of the Boys & Girls Club.

  • Congrats to our Grammy Trip Winner!

    Posted by Corey Carter

    Nicky Yeomins of Ripon was our winner.  Listen below to her astonishment of winning, and how WIXX makes her happiest!  Congrats to Nicky, we'll be getting updates from her and pictures to tell the story of this once-in-a-lifetime trip!!  


    Nicky Yeomins Interview