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  • Funny Things Packers Fans Yelled at the Bears Game

    Posted by Corey Carter

    Corey at Lambeau

    So I was lucky enough to score some pretty sweet seats to the game on Thursday night. (Section 116)

    It was about 95% Packers Fans and 4.99% Bears fans (and .01% Vikings fans - ME)

    Anyway, heard some funny Packers fans screaming insults at Bears fans.   My favorite 3 were:




    God, I love drunk Packers fans.  Those quotes were actually more entertaining than the first half lol....

  • First Pics from The WIXX Phillip Phillips Experience!

    Posted by Corey Carter

    Here is one our winners of the Phillip Phillips Experience.  Tammy and her daughter had a BLAST!!!
    (He performed a SPECIAL, EXCLUSIVE performance just for WIXX listeners before the Idols Live tour in Milwaukee on 9/11/12.   Click the "MEDIA" link on the front page at WIXX.COM soon and look under "Pics" and "Video" for more from this performance soon!)


  • Green Day Coming to Green Bay

    Posted by Corey Carter

    ...and it rhymes!! How clever! lol...

    We've got tickets before they go on sale this Sat. 9/15 BEFORE they go on sale.

    Win tickets with Murphy in the Morning ALL WEEK on WIXX!


    Green Bay (Sept. 10, 2012) - Green Day has announced the first leg of its ¡UNO!, ¡DOS!, ¡TRÉ! TOUR. The full-scale North American tour will kick off in intimate venues this November and December.  In January, the band will bring the ¡UNO!, ¡DOS!, ¡TRÉ! TOUR to arenas around the country, starting Monday, January 7 at the Resch Center in Green Bay at 7pm!


    Green Day’s fan club, Idiot Club, pre-sales go on sale on Wednesday, September 12, at 10AM. To become a member, make sure you purchase your pre-order bundle that comes with an Idiot Club membership at http://splash.greenday.com.


    Green Day, which is vocalist/guitarist Billie Joe Armstrong, bassist Mike Dirnt, and drummer Tré Cool, are touring in support of their upcoming trilogy of albums Green Day ¡Uno!, Green Day ¡Dos!, and Green Day ¡Tré!, which Rolling Stone described as "…heavier and hardened from their time in the trenches but back in the garage, ready for rapture." Green Day ¡Uno! will be released by Reprise Records on September 25 followed by Green Day ¡Dos! on November 13  and Green Day ¡Tré! on January 15, 2013. The albums are the follow-up to the Grammy Award-winning 21st Century Breakdown and were produced by the band’s long-time producer Rob Cavallo.


    Tickets on sale this Saturday, Sept. 15 at 11am

    General admission floor tickets are $54 while reserved mezzanine tickets are $54 and $29.50 and will be available at all Ticket Star locations, including the Resch Center box office, by phone 800.895.0071 and online at www.ReschCenter.com.


    Fans that purchase tickets online will be entitled to one free digital download of Green Day ¡Uno! – a $9.99 value – with each ticket purchased.



    Media contact:

    Terry Charles, Resch Center



  • New Packers Song - Actually Not Bad!!

    Posted by Corey Carter

    Okay, so every year we hear a good handful of Packers-themed songs by local or regional non-professional musicians wanting us to play their Packers song.

    To be honest...most of them SUCK.



    Once in a while we come across a good one.  I think this is a good one.  We don't play too much rap on WIXX, but I thought whether you are a rap fan or not, you might enjoy this:



  • Best Ice Cream in Northeast Wisconsin

    Posted by Corey Carter

    It's tough not to totally CRAVE ice-cream....especiallly on a warm Summer night...and we've had enough of those.

    With celebrating the birthday of the Ice Cream Cone (andstill being relatively new to the area-2 years-), I want to know the BEST Ice Cream in Northeast Wisconsin.


    I put it out on the air yesterday and here are some of the texts I got:


    • Door county ice cream in sister bay.
    • Smart Cow
    • Cedar crest in manitowoc!
    • Kelleys Creamery has the best ice cream.eden,wi
    • Dairy Queen in West De Pere has a kick butt cone
    • Anyone who sells chocolate shoppe icecream. Look for the signs with a happy cow on an icecream cone. Org origin madison wi
    • Best ice cream...the Timberlia in Abrams!!!!
    • Dairy Cove in Cecil
    • Maggie Moos in appleton
    • Zesty's has great cones
    • Frosty Tip in Dycksville
    • Best cone= dairy queen in seymour
    • Vandewalles candies in Appleton has the vest ice cream
    • Hansens dairy
    • Cold Stone! In the middle of Lambeau Field and the Mall
    • Dippys ice cream shop in fish creek wisconsin
    • Cherry on top Neenah! Yum!
    • Brainfreeze for sure!!!!!!! Yummy!

    Okay...that's quite a list.  Who did we miss???  COMMENT BELOW!! :)


  • Teen Choice Awards 2012 - Winners!

    Posted by Corey Carter

    If you're like me...and your Sunday night TV watching consisted of DVR'd Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Sesame Street to put your kids to bed, you may have missed the  Teen Choice Awards.  Here is a rundown of the winners...now you may rest easy lol...


    Choice Comedian: Ellen DeGeneres

    Choice Web Star: Sophia Grace & Rosie

    Choice TV Show — Sci-Fi/Fantasy: The Vampire Diaries

    Choice TV Actor — Sci-Fi/Fantasy: Ian Somerhalder

    Choice TV Actress — Sci-Fi/Fantasy: Nina Dobrev

    Choice TV Male Scene Stealer: Michael Trevino

    Choice TV Female Scene Stealer: Candice Accola

    Choice Movie Actor Drama: Zac Efron

    Choice Movie Actor Romance: Zac Efron

    Choice Movie Drama: The Lucky One

    Choice Hotties: Miley Cyrus & Ian Somerhalder

    Choice Music Group: Selena Gomez & The Scene

    Choice TV Actor Action: Adam Rodriguez

    Choice Movie Comedy: 21 Jump Street

    Choice TV Show — Drama: Pretty Little Liars

    Choice Movie Actress — Sci-Fi/Fantasy: Jennifer Lawrence

    Choice Male Scene Stealer: Liam Hemsworth

    Choice Villian: Alexander Ludwig

    Choice Actress Comedy: Emma Stone

    Choice Actress Drama: Emma Stone

    Choice Breakout In A Movie: Rihanna

    Choice Hissy Fit: Charlize Theron

    Choice Movie of the Summer — Comedy or Music: Katy Perry’s Part Of Me

    Choice TV Breakout Star Female: Hannah Simone

    Choice Breakup Song: Payphone by Maroon 5

    Choice Female Movie Star of the Summer: Kristen Stewart

    Ultimate Choice Award: The Twilight Saga

    Choice Movie Romance: The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 1

    Choice Movie Actress Romance: Kristen Stewart

    Choice TV Actor Comedy: Chris Colfer

    Acuvue Inspire Award: Miranda Cosgrove

    Choice TV Actress Comedy: Lea Michele

    Choice Summer TV Star Male: Tyler Posey

    Choice Female Artist: Taylor Swift

    Choice Female Country Artist: Taylor Swift

    Choice Single By A Female Artist: Eyes Open by Taylor Swift

    Choice Country Song:  Sparks Fly by Taylor Swift

    Choice Movie Voice: Taylor Swift

    Choice Male Artist: Justin Bieber

    Choice Single By A Male Artist: Boyfriend by Justin Bieber

    Choice Male Music Star of the Summer: Justin Bieber

    Choice Male Fashion Icon: Justin Bieber

    Choice Movie Actor — Sci-Fi/Fantasy: Josh Hutcherson

    Choice Liplock: Josh Hutcherson & Jennifer Lawrence

    Choice Movie Sci-Fi/Fantasy: The Hunger Games

    Choice Book: The Hunger Games

    Choice Summer Music Star Group: One Direction

    Choice Music Breakout Group: One Direction

    Choice Love Song: What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction

    Choice Actress In An Action Movie: Zoe Saldana

    Choice Actor In An Action Movie: Taylor Lautner

    Choice Summer Movie Star Male: Chris Hemsworth

    Choice TV Comedy: Glee

    Choice Female Music Star of the Summer: Demi Lovato

    Choice Twit: Demi Lovato

    Choice Breakout Artist: Carly Rae Jepsen


  • Someday my daughter will kill me for this...

    Posted by Corey Carter

    So my daughter is just over 2 1/2 years old.

    Jenna and Cole

    She's a good girl, and we're blessed enough to have Mommy be able to stay at home with her and her twin 9month old brothers.  It's a slightly busy/crazy/loud house...

    Anyway, she's potty trained - for #1.  She's very good about that and hasn't had any accidents in about a month.  So I think we're good there.

    However, she can't quite grasp the concept of going "#2" on the potty.

    She has done it a FEW times, but not many.   She still goes in her pants, and it's very frustrating/disgusting...(as you parents know..)

    So HELP!!

    What can we do to reinforce her to tell us BEFORE she goes in her pants so we can go in the potty???

    We've tried the treat-bowl for #1, which worked...but it does not work for #2.

    We don't want to get mad or yell at her....but it's starting to become hard not to...

    PARENTS:  Do you have any suggestions as to what to do to help???  (comment below)

    Me and my wife THANK YOU!!


  • Brand New GREEN DAY Single

    Posted by Corey Carter

    Green Day is back with a NEW Song!!

    Green Day Album Cover


    It's called "Oh Love"

    Check it out here and let us know what you think:

  • Will Ferrell Turns 45! Top 5 Will Ferrell Movies

    Posted by Corey Carter

    In MY humble opinion.  Since Will Ferrell is my favorite actor, I felt compelled to make this list?
    (These movies have Will in one of the "lead" roles...that means "Wedding Crashers" and "Austin Powers" don't count...)
    How does it stack up to YOUR list???


    5-TIE:Step Brothers / The Other Guys


    4-Old School

    Best Line: 

    Marissa: [after seeing Frank running naked along the streets, she slows down her car] Frank, what are you doing? 
    Frank: [out of breath] We're... We're going streaking! We're going up the quad and to the gymnasium. 
    Marissa: Who is? 
    Frank: Th... W... There's more coming. 
    Marissa: Frank, get in the car. 
    Frank: But... everybody's doing it. 
    Marissa: Frank! Now! 
    Frank: [still out of breath] Ok. 


    Best Line: 

    Buddy: You smell like beef and cheese, you don't smell like Santa. 

    2-Talledega Nights

    Best Line:

    Jean Girard: But you have forced me to do this. You are now mocking me and making me look ridiculous. Just say, "I love crepes." 
    Cal Naughton, Jr.: You know, just to put this in there, I had a whole mess of crepes this morning. They're just like pancakes, maybe even better. 
    Ricky Bobby: Wait, are they the really thin pancakes? 
    Cal Naughton, Jr.: Yeah. 
    Jean Girard: Yes they are. They are the really thin pancakes. It's just a French word for them. 
    Ricky Bobby: Oh, my god, I love those. 
    Cal Naughton, Jr.: Put any syrups you want on them. I'm just saying, think about it. 
    Ricky Bobby: They come with cheese sometimes? 
    Jean Girard: Yes, of course, a fromage-crepe. 
    Ricky Bobby: Well, why didn't someone yell that right-right away? 
    Jean Girard: Do you know what's in the crepe suzette? 
    Ricky Bobby: Oh, I love the crepe suzette. 
    Jean Girard: With the sugar and lemon juice... 
    Ricky Bobby: Yeah, the sugar and the lemon juice. Sure. 
    Jean Girard: Grand Marnier. 
    Ricky Bobby: I wo - I wish I could crawl into one of those right now. I'd eat my way out from the inside. 



    Best Line: 

    Ron Burgundy: I don't know how to put this but I'm kind of a big deal. 
    Veronica Corningstone: Really. 
    Ron Burgundy: People know me. 
    Veronica Corningstone: Well, I'm very happy for you. 
    Ron Burgundy: I'm very important. I have many leather-bound books and my apartment smells of rich mahogany. 

    (The only other one that was VERY hard to leave off the list was the "The Lost Anchorman Movie" which was only available with a special DVD set sold in 2004/2005. Not many people have watched that tho.  I have - it's HIGHLY recommended.)


    Just for reading this whole blog post, here's a treat:  The trailer for Anchorman 2!!


  • BUCKCHERRY Live at the Fond Du Lac County Fair

    Posted by Corey Carter



    Get ready for Buckcherry at the Fond Du Lac County Fair!


    **Win tickets this week on the Murphy in the Morning Show this week!**


    2012 Miller Lite Grandstand Schedule

    07.17.2012 Service Motor Company WTPA Tractor Pull 7:00pm
    07.18.2012 Tractor Tracks Tractor Pull TBD
    07.19.2012 Easton Corbin 8:00pm
    07.20.2012 Buckcherry 8:00pm
    07.21.2012 Horse Pull 9:00am
    07.21.2012 Truck Pull 12:00pm (Noon)
    07.21.2012 Foreigner 8:00pm
    07.22.2012 Demolition Derby TBA


    Grandstand VIP SECTION Tickets
    1,000 reserved admission tickets will be available for purchase for the FAIRS GRANDSTAND VIP section in front of the grandstand on all three grandstand show nights. Tickets will be sold on a first come, first serve basis. Cost per ticket, per night is $20.00. VIP Section will include separate restrooms and a separate beverage tent. VIP section is reserved admission and chairs will be set up/provided for seating. 


    2012 Ticket Information

    Buy Tickets Online!