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  • I need this in my house!

    Posted by Melissa

    At the Prom Extravaganza (check out some of the dresses) this weekend one of the booths was Prom-tinis! (They were really good!) The coolest thing was the ice sculptures they poured them in! I need this one! The question is how do i preserve it 24/7.... lol 



  • I want to go to prom again!!

    Posted by Melissa

    On Saturday I went to the Visuelle Productions , Prom Extravaganza and saw lots of cool stuff! There was a fashion show, they had make-up samples, and even had people doing hair! Here are just a couple of the amazing dresses.  I want to go to prom again lol! 




  • Sparkly mouse flats?!

    Posted by Melissa

    While I was out shopping today I came across these flats... What do you think would you wear them? 


  • Cute winter boots do exist!

    Posted by Melissa

    A couple weeks ago I started looking for cute winter boots and I finally found some! They're Kate Spade so I know they're good quality, and they were on extra clearance so they were a great price! I was excited to wear them today! 




    I love the bow on the side! (you can't see but the inside is pink! so me!) I know it seems like the wedge might not be a good idea w/ major snow, but for days like today it was great! I felt cute and weather appropriate! 

  • Like Checkers? Why not dress like a checkerboard!?

    Posted by Melissa

    If you have been watching the red carpet lately you might have noticed the sudden pop of checkerboard patterned dresses! I first noticed it on Kerry Washington at the 'Django Unchained' photo call in Berlin. The checkerboard pattern was all over the Louis Vuitton runway for spring 2013. I'm not sure it's a look I see myself in.. How do you feel about the checker print pattern? 


  • Beyonce's GQ cover inspired me!

    Posted by Melissa

    There has been a huge buzz about Beyonce's GQ cover out next month. I was looking at the pics and I noticed the body chain she was wearing on a few of the pics. I love the way it looks on her so, I looked around and noticed a lot of people wearing them including Miley Cyrus and Rhianna. I saw one of theses in a store a few months back and I wasn't sure about it, but seeing it one I like it! This might end up being one of my fave accessories this summer! 

    I found a lot of different styles! I think the simple one strand down and around the waist with a bathing suit or under a crop top is more my look. Some of these are interesting and others I think are just a bit much. What do you think? Which would you wear and how would you wear it? 



  • Am I the only one that's confused about these?

    Posted by Melissa

    So I love the look of peep toe booties but I'm always so confused about wearing them. I feel like in the summer my feet will be too hot, in the winter I'll be cold. But theyr's not quite spring shoes, I guess fall but even then aren't your toes going to be cold? Have you worn peep toe booties? Where/ When? 



    I really want some but I'm just so confused! 

  • I've been sucked into leather!

    Posted by Melissa

    I never tthought I would say this but, the leather trend has won me over! I already found leather leggings (well pleather for $5) and I love them! I'll post a picture next time I wear them!..

    Anyway now I want a leather skirt! I have seen pictures of Mila Kunis, Jessica Alba, Vitoria Beckham and so many other celebrities wearing them and I love the look! At first I only wanted an A-line or pleated skirt, but I'm warming up to the idea of a pencil or mini skirt.. What do you think?? 







    Maybe both?? 




  • Are these shoes or pants?

    Posted by Melissa

    Someone sent me a picture of these yesterday.. How long do you think it takes to put these on?  Would you consider these pants or shoes? It's like a onesie... 


  • Spider exhibit in your shoes?

    Posted by Melissa

    I have been getting lots of messages about "interesting" fashion and since I wrote about clear shoes earlier.. I thought these were appropriate.. I guess you can take your favorite insects with you anywhere.. Or maybe fill it with candy and snacks! Would you wear these? 

  • How do you feel about clear cap toe?

    Posted by Melissa

    So yesterday I posted about how cap toe shoes are everywhere and then I came across clear cap toe! It's a completely different look, especially since you can see some of your toes. I guess you have to get the right size, and hope your feet don't get hot lol.... So how do you feel about your crunched toes being seen?