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  • My favorite Grammy accessory!

    Posted by Melissa

    As I was going through the pictures again of the Grammy arrivals I noticed Natasha Beddingfield's belt! It was a metal plate belt, a style I noticed that Kim K was wearing this summer. I completely forgot about how much I love these belts! I'm planning on wearing it with a maxi skirt and a dress like in these pics!... 


    I found one for $5 in Green Bay if you are interested in the style! I love it! 

  • Jennifer Lopez Grammy Inspired Shoes!

    Posted by Melissa

    You know I couldn't watch the red Carpet or look through the pictures after the Grammy's without focusing on the fashion! I was looking to see what I noticed that was everyday appropriate. The first thing that caught my eye was Jennifer Lopez's shoes! I loved them! They had metal ankle cuffs on them! So I found some shoes with similar looks, and more realistic price tags! 

    This is definitely a style I plan to enjoy this summer! 


  • Chain link - Emmy Rossum inspired!

    Posted by Melissa

    Today I came across a cute picture of Emmy Rossum ( she was in The Day After Tomorrow, Mystic River, Phantom of the Opera .... ) and she had on a pair of green pimups with a chain link that went across the ankle.  It was so cute! So as usual I investigated and found Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna and Hilary Duff also had a pair. I love it! As spring approaches it's time to start planning what to add to your closet! And I think these are a must for me! What do you think? 


    I also found a website that has a DIY version and I'm kind of interested in trying it out! If I can find the time I will definitely try and let you know how it goes! 

  • Get ready for V Day! - Mani!

    Posted by Melissa

    As Valentine's Day approaches i know everyone is planning outfits and dates. I saw pics of Kelly Osbourne's nails at the SAG Awards and I got inspired! So I looked around and found these cute ideas for Valentine's Day! :) 


  • Cargo vs Camo

    Posted by Melissa

    This trend has been hanging out for a few months now and I still can't decide on these!... I thought this trend was very N.E. Wisconsin appropriate! I love how the look is still feminine but also got a masculine edge! And it can still be casual!... Are you more cargo or camo? 


                            CAMO         CARGO




  • Is Rihanna on to something?

    Posted by Melissa

    So lately Rihanna has been wearing these like they are the only shoes she has... (Rita Ora worn them too)


    Considering Rihanna has a new fashion driven show coming out and she is clearly into fashion, it got me thinking. Is she starting a new trend? Do you like these? Here are a few outfits I found with them....


  • Help Me Pick a Birthday Dress!

    Posted by Melissa

    I have been so busy the last few weeks I haven't even gotten a dress to wear for my birthday! I want to have a dinner on my birthday with an all black dress code.. well that is except for me. I would like to wear pink, my guests can have a splash of pink. So far the only dress I have seen that might work is this one... What do you think? Any ideas? 

  • Instant boot makeover!

    Posted by Melissa

    How cool is this! They're called boot wraps! It's kinda like a sweater for your boots! You just put on over your boots and it gives that completely new look! It's much cheaper that buying new shoes!.. I'm thinking I'm going to get some for my UGGs (they're supposed to be black but they're almost gray lol) 


  • Guess who's back from the 80s!? Jelly Shoes!!

    Posted by Melissa

    When I was younger these jelly shoes were my life! lol I know I'm not the only one! Have you been missing them??! 

    So last spring we really saw a revival of jelly shoes! But they were in a different form. There were all kinds of styles! Most of which I didn't agree with. Suddenly the other day as I was thinking of ways to revive trends, i remembered my beloved Jellies! So I'm going to try and bring it back! I think I'm going to go with a clear T-strap style! I found these BCBG ones that fit my criteria 100%. But I also like this other look!...

    As I looked around turns out lost of designers are already part of the movement! (Coach, Jimmy Choo, Guess, Micheal Khors etc) I have to admit I was also excited when I saw Anne Hathaway, Kate Bosworth, Katy Perry, Michelle Obama, Cameron Diaz and Rhianna were also a part of themovement! Will you join in on the fun??

  • Batman inspired!

    Posted by Melissa

    While I was "researching" my new obsession (thigh high socks) I found these batman ones! How funny! Would you wear them? 


  • Clueless/Mean Girls inspired!

    Posted by Melissa

    So I was watching Mean Girls the other night (one of my fave movies) and there's that scene when Lindsay Lohan is wearing a pleated skirt and knee high socks, and it reminded me of Clueless (another movie I love). I started thinking about how to incorporate that look now. It's always fun to try and revamp looks from movies/TV. So instead of knee knee high socks, I think thigh high socks are how I'm going to do it. The trend actually hit the runways again a couple yrs ago. The look cute with shorts and booties or even knee high boots. I think I might be in love with this looks... What do you think? Does it take you back?