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  • Spring into black and white!

    Posted by Melissa

    A big trend this spring is definitely black and white! Such a simple trend with so many options, which means there's almost no way to go wrong lol! I looked around and found a bunch of different black and white looks all that can be found in NE Wisconsin! Everywhere from Express, Macy's, Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, Gap and DSW so no matter what your budget this is definitely an attainable look! 


  • I had a weird dream ...

    Posted by Melissa

    Last night I had a dream that I was shopping (shocker lol) and was so in love with some shoes that looked very similar to these.... Except they were brown!


    I haven't seen these anywhere in forever so, I don't know where this idea came from. But just for fun I thought I would ask.. Would you wear these or any version of these? 

  • Let's just make another statement!

    Posted by Melissa

    As I finished my last post about the statement necklace I thought about statement earrings! They aren't intended to be worn together, but they make just as much of a statement! I would recommend wearing statement earring when your hair is up to really show them off! Here are a couple looks! 

  • Make a statement!

    Posted by Melissa

    Statement necklaces have been and are everywhere. With spring and summer approaching (I'm so excited FYI) I think we will see them even more, since the necklines of tops are dropping. Also with prom season approaching a statement necklace would be a great touch to your dress! Here are a few looks!

  • Double Jeans?!

    Posted by Melissa

    The launch party of Rihanna's new line was last night in London and she wore these $150 jeans from her line.... What do you think about them? 

  • Rihanna's look...

    Posted by Melissa

    Rihanna wore this exact jumpsuit the other day..

    It's from Opening Ceremony ,the store where her new line is going to be sold. They had a note next to the jumpsuit about bringing back looks from the 90s. I'm curious to see if this is going to catch on. Here are few other versions of the sweat jumpsuit. They look pretty comfy! What do you think? 

  • If you find this let me know!

    Posted by Melissa

    I know it's simple but that's what I love about it! I am currently on the hunt for a plain gray or black racer-back maxi dress (preferably gray) I considered ordering it on-line but I prefer to try on things because fit is so important!  A dress like this is a staple for summer and spring! It can be thrown on to go almost anywhere! It's a dress that is easy to dress up or down!



    If you find one let me know! :) 

  • Thrifty find!

    Posted by Melissa

    I hear people say sometimes that they are not so comfortable with thrift store shopping. I am proud of my thrifting! There are often great finds that are unique and sometimes you can find on trend things too! My favorite thrifting place in the area is Plato's Closet! I usually come out with somethings great at a great price! Often times i even find things that are still in the original store! I found these yesterday...

    They still have the tag on them, and were originally $29.99 at Charlotte Russe ..I paid $12.  #winning 

  • Camo is clearly in!

    Posted by Melissa

    I was out and about yesterday and I kept seeing camo peaking around every corner. There are so many different ways to add camo to your outfit. Here are a few things i saw that can all be found in Green Bay and Appleton if this you like this look! 


  • Pattern+Pattern=Pattern Blocking.. yes or no?

    Posted by Melissa

    Pattern blocking is a trend that is looking to make its mark this spring. Honestly it's a look I never really expected to be a trend.. but here it is! What do you think about this pattern on pattern look? 

  • Different take on sneaker wedges...

    Posted by Melissa

    I have accepted sneaker wedges (swedges) and I like them a lot surprisingly (I have 4 pair $10/ea couldn't resist a sale on a style I'm unsure about) I saw these two takes on the and.. uhm.. well.. What do you think?