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  • I know it's early for this...

    Posted by Melissa

    I know the fourth of July is several months (and an entire season) away but I love this! How cute would this dress be to wear on the fourth? Imagine it without boots also lol.. What type of outfits do you wear on the fourth?




  • Selena Gomez and Eve Mendes chic!

    Posted by Melissa

    Over the weekend i found a couple more celebrity inspired looks I wanted to try for less! For anyone instersted in the looks the shows are all DSW and the dresses are from Forever 21.. Enjoy!





  • Interesting...

    Posted by Melissa

    I feel like interesting looking shoes are attracted me or something lol. I always seem to find them while looking around for other stuff (that I don't end up finding) ... Check out these two style of shoes! Which ones would your wear.. if you HAD to pick? 



  • Vanessa Hudgens' look.. for less!

    Posted by Melissa

    I saw this cute picture of Vanessa Hudgens today.

    Floral prints are so cute for spring and I wanted to share the look in case anyone else liked it too! I recreated the look with pieces that can be found in the area for less than $100. The dresses are both from Chralotte Russe and the Shoes are from DSW. I think I might try and make other celeb inspired looks too! 

  • Art in Motion

    Posted by Melissa

    This shirt is definitely art in motion! Would you wear this? With what? 

  • New Designer Target Collection!

    Posted by Melissa

    A new designer collection is appearing at Target and I couldn't be more thrilled! The most recent collabo is with Prabal Gurung. He is a designer whose designs have been seen on so many people from Oprah, Lady Gaga, Demi Moore, Jennifer Lawrence Michelle Obama and Kate Middleton! I made a little collage of some of my favorite looks from the collection! What do you think? 

  • This dress makes me want to work out

    Posted by Melissa

    I keep seeing this type of cutout dress and I found it interesting. Definitely a dress that would encourage/ motivate me to work out... What do you think? 

  • Should I buy these??

    Posted by Melissa

    So i have been going back and forth on these shoes at DSW for like a week or two now ( I know I make every shoe purchase a big deal sorry)... With all the discounts and coupons they're going to drop down from $120 to $10. I really just can't decide what to wear them with.... Would you get them? What would you wear them with? 


  • Tame frizzy hair!

    Posted by Melissa

    My hair can get seriously out of control especially as the spring and summer approach I know it's going to get worse! I always look though the clearance section when I go to Walmart, I love sales! Usually there are often products that I want to try but I don't want to pay full price since I don't know if it works. I bought this Organix treatment..



    I couldn't be happier!! It says it lasts 14 days, I'm at day 5 and I love it so far! My hair is so soft no frizz in sight! I'm thinking I might try the 30 day version and their flat iron spray next! If you do get it make sure you have plenty of time to do your hair because you have to let it sit for 30min and then flat iron your hair in small sections for best results. Also you can not out any product or hair ties in your hair for 48 hours. It is so worth it! 

  • Cute bag!

    Posted by Melissa

    I was out shopping today and saw this bag! I thought it was cute for anyone who is into the camo trend that's happening right now! It was $28 at JCPenny if you are interested! :) 

  • Successful Pinterest nail idea!

    Posted by Melissa

    I saw this on Pinterest and decided to try it out! 

    I wanted to change it a little bit to match my mood.. What do you think? (Disregard the messiness around my cuticles lol)