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  • Colorful Men!

    Posted by Melissa

    As I was leaving the station yesterday I ran into Bradly C, and noticed he had on a nice colorful sweater! He's definitely the most colorful guy I know! 

    Men ususally shy away from color, but I have to admit I like a man in colors! I found a few other nice colorful sweaters that I think would look great on any guy! How do you feel about a guy in colors?  The holidays might be a good time to buy him a colorful sweater, he'll have to wear! :) 


  • DIY... Cheetah Nails

    Posted by Melissa

    Last week I posted pictures of some fun animal print nails. Well I finally got the chance to try it out! This was my first try and I think it went pretty well! What do you think?? 

    Polishing one nail a different color or design adds a pop to any manicure. Plus,  some colors and designs are a little too much to do on every nail. It's the best of both worlds! 


  • HAPPY VETERANS DAY!...Military Looks

    Posted by Melissa

    In honor of Veterans Day, I thought I would post about military inspired looks! Military inspired styles hit the runways back in 2010, and have been a staple ever since! I'm a huge fan of the combat boot look, and the cargo pants! All of these can be dressed down or up depending on the event! You can find similar looks at stores in the area! 



  • Style Watch... Color Purses!

    Posted by Melissa

    I was at the Pick Your Purse Party yesterday and I came across this purse!...

    And it got me thinking about how a bright color purse  really add some fun to your outfit, all year! The outfits on here are summer outfits but I think this is definitley a look you can take into winter to brighten up the day! I found some colors you could match with  almost anything! 



     I have a pink and a yellow purse I always forget about, I'm definitley going to bring back out.. What color would you try or already have?? Or is this a look that is only for the warmer months?



  • Hot or Not??.. Printed Pants!

    Posted by Melissa

    Printed pants are kind of a big deal this season. But for some reason I just can't get with this trend.  I'm not sure if its the type of patterns or what.... What do you think? Hot or Not??

  • Style Watch... Bright Blazers!

    Posted by Melissa

    I know blazers have been around for a while now, but I still can't get enough! And now that blazers come in all colors, I'm even more in love! Blazers are a great way to glam up your outfit, with minimal effort! (that's always great on the run!) Blazers can pretty much be worn with anything! 


    If you're looking to add or start a collection, there are a couple stores in Bay Park that have them on sale right now too! 

  • Manicure Madness!

    Posted by Melissa

    Manicures have taken center stage the last few months! I change my nails almost every week! So I'm always looking for fun new things to try! I've been feeling cheetah and zebra! I'm thinking about trying these! It can be bold or subtle so it can be worn for any occasion! 


  • Trend Spotting...Colorful Jeans

    Posted by Melissa

    Color jeans were kind of a big deal all summer. I loved this look and saw it one so many people in the mall. Just because it's getting cold, well it is cold ... doesn't mean we have to let go of this look! Here are a few ideas to warm up this summer look!



  • Trend Spotting!.. On a budget!

    Posted by Melissa

    Bright colors have been in all summer!Bright pumps add spice and fun to your outfit! Great thing is.. it doesnt have to cost a lot! Here are some ways to wear it and even take bright pumps into fall/winter! 


    I bought these for $8! So i can get the same look! For the same price as lunch! 



  • Shopping Addict!

    Posted by Melissa

    Hey! It's Melissa! You might remember me from listening to Saturday nights 11pm- 5am including relationship questions from 11pm-1am. Off the air I'm known for having a serious addiction to shopping and fashion! Now I can share it all with you! I definitely want to hear your opinion too!!

    I thought I would start with something I have been battling! Sneaker Wedges! HOT or NOT??? 





    I think I want some! Seeing how they wore them insipred me! I'm thinking solid black! Probably a trend I'm going to hate to love!... What do you think? HOT or NOT?