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  • My FAVE accessory right now!

    Posted by Melissa

    I have been getting lots of compliments on my iphone case so I thought I would post it!.. It's a purse! My mom found it and bought it for me and I have to say not only is it cute but it's so convenient (that was an unexpected bonus lol ) 

  • LATE!

    Posted by Melissa

    I spent this Thanksgiving with a friend and was out of touch (sigh) so I'm late with this post... Her cousin had on this lace dress that I thought it was such a great look for the holidays. THe look is especially great if you are hosting and wearing heels isn't in the plan! Lace is having its moment right now, and I'm kind of loving it! This outfit was so fitting for Alyson! 


    I am now on the hunt for a lace dress thats me! :) 

  • Fashion Quote!

    Posted by Melissa

    Found  this, and felt like it was plagiarism! lol I always say this! lol... but really!



    Posted by Melissa

    I did the shopaholic ritual Black Friday midnight shopping! I had a blast!! I didn't do as much damage as I planned, but I'm not worried... there's still Cyber Monday! Honestly the best deals for clothes are after Christmas, but how could I resist a shopping national holiday!? Here are some of my finds,  all of these (and then some) for less than $150  


     What did you find??

  • Top 6 Thanksgiving Sweaters

    Posted by Melissa

    Not sure what to wear today to dinner?... These will definitely make a statement! I had no idea that Thanksgiving sweaters like these existed! So I had to share the top 6! I'll leave it to you to decided the order! .... Hot or Not?


  • Marble Nails!

    Posted by Melissa

    I know marble nails kinda got popular over the summer but I'm just now getting around to trying to learn how to do it! 

    I'm definitely going to try this next week on my nails! I'll even take pics of all my failed attempts.. I imagine there will be a few! lol Here's how its supposed to look! 


  • Zebra vs Polka Dots

    Posted by Melissa

    I like to try something new every week when I do my nails. I can't decide which one I like better so, I did each hand different until I decide lol...









    Which one?? or Keep both? lol 



  • Start Wearing Lipstick!

    Posted by Melissa

    Lipstick has always been kinda scary to me lol. Choosing the right color for my face and outfit can be overwhelming. So I have always stuck with lip gloss, its easier. I recently had a talk with a friend and decided its time to take the plunge! I started looking around to see what colors are popular that I should start with, and not scare myself or anyone else looking at me! 


    Bright red is big now! And it definitely says confidence, but still is elegant and classic! 


    Pink! I noticed that its more of a matte pink  that's having a moment right now! I'm still a little nervous about this but I like the way it looks on some people! It stands out and adds a little spunk! 


    Nude! I think I'll be starting here! Nude lips look great with almost any style of eye makeup and outfit. Plus its unlikely to scare any one! 


    I'll post pictures with any colors I try... which would you try or do you currently wear? I'm ready to challenge myself! 


  • Winter Headphones!

    Posted by Melissa

    I'm sure I'm late but I come across these fun earmuff headphones this weekend! 

    All I could think was how convinient they are. Not just for listening to music but for talking on the phone! I looked around and found so many other styles! There's definitely a style for everyone when you look online!! 


  • BOOTS... HELP!

    Posted by Melissa

    Black Friday is just days away, clothes and shoes are also going on sale! I actually don't do much winter shopping until this time of year because the sales are great!!

    I found these boots on a great sale, and I can't decide which styles to get! I love how they are great for fashion and function (Usually I pick fashion over function lol) I need help... Which one? All?... So torn! HELP!



  • High Fashion Snuggie!

    Posted by Melissa

    Ever thought your snuggie could be a high fashion gown? Well it can! My friend wrapped up her snuggie, added a belt and heels..and its now a gown! LOL.. Honestly you can't really tell it's a snuggie!... Now I just have to convince her to wear it out!



  • Cover Your Neck!.. In Style!

    Posted by Melissa

    Now that its cold scarves are back! A colorful scarf adds accent to your outfit and makes it look like you put effort into it, even if you didn't! ( Which is always great! ) So far I have collected these four....


    I want to add a few more to my collection, I found these other ones that I want, or even something similar would work! I love being warm and cute all at the same time! How do you wear your scarf?