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  • Shorts and Tights?

    Posted by Melissa

    I saw a picture of Ashley Tisdale with shorts and boots and it made me think about the shorts and tights trend. This trend got popular last year and I have been unsure about it ever since! I like it sometimes but I haven't felt compelled to actually try it.  In my search I found denim and black shorts with tights! I'm kind of interested in the black but not sold on denim. Is this trendy or just tacky? 





  • Red Accent

    Posted by Melissa

    Red is a strong color and it screams confidence! I have noticed red accents more than usual, it might be the holiday season. Around this time this trend starts to pop up! So far these are two or my red accent pieces.

    I love the idea of adding a a scarf to the mix! It can be a stand piece with little effort to the outfit! I think I will add that next! Here are a few cute ways to add a red accent to your life...


    What red accent pieces do you have? Or would you like to add to your collection?

  • Crossbody Bags!

    Posted by Melissa

    I bought cross-body bag recently (and another on black Friday)  honestly just because I noticed the trend and thought it was cute. I used it on a quick grocery run and was so busy this week I didn't have a chance to switch back. After this week I'm in love! It's so great on a busy day! I can put it on and leave it on all day and it doesn't get in the way! It doesn't hold much, but it can handle the basics! ( Wallet, phone lipgloss lol)

    Excuse my head getting cut off, and the not so good quality pic lol 


    I found these other styles, I definitely want at least one more! There are different sizes that can fit even more. For a first time purse I think it would be great too! 





  • Pumps Glitter!

    Posted by Melissa

    Especially during the holiday season, every girl needs a pair of glitter pumps! (Really glitter anything but thats for another post) I have a pair of mixed glitter pumps but, I was thinking about adding black or gold to my collection! These are mine...



    I'm loving all of these colors! Which would you get? 

  • Hot or Not??... Overalls!

    Posted by Melissa

    Last week Justin Bieber met the Prime Minister of Canada to receive the Diamond Jubilee Medal,  it's an award given to Canadians who achieve major success abroad. (Congrats!) ... He wore OVERALLS!! I was in shock! Not so much about the event he wore them to (although that was pretty bad) but the fact that he wore them. 

    I looked around and found pics of Heidi Klum, Katie Holmes, and Liv Tyler wearing overalls. So... are overalls making a comeback (not that they should have ever had a moment)... Hot or Not?? 











  • Stripe Manicure

    Posted by Melissa

    Since my marbled nails failed miserably, I tried stripes! It definitely worked out better! Not prefect.. but better! I used tape to help keep the lines straight, but I think I took it off too soon and it almost got messy lol.. But it worked! 



    What fun nail design have you tried?

  • Marble Fail!!

    Posted by Melissa

    So I tried the water marble trick on my nails.... FAIL! The first one was the the second not as bad but I didnt want white to show up as much as it did!.. I think I'm going to try again in a few days. 



  • Daily Quote!~ Oh Harry!

    Posted by Melissa

    Oh Harry! He understood what kind of best friend women want! #diamonds

    LOVE this!! Words to live by! 


  • Tights!!!

    Posted by Melissa

    I wanted to wear this dress with plain black tights and then I thought how cute would it be with burgundy tights? Minor issue I don't own anything but black! So in addition to my lipstick challenge I am going to do a tights challenge! Colorful tights look fun and change an outfit so much! I also want to try black pattern tights! I'm excited! ... I looked around and across these..




    How funny are the twitter tights! Don't worry I don't plan on getting those! :)

  • Daily Style Quote

    Posted by Melissa

    CoCo Chanel always knows what to say! :) 



    How will you be different today?

  • Daily Quote!

    Posted by Melissa

    CoCo Chanel always knows what to say! :)