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  • How much are you willing to spend?

    Posted by Melissa

    Whenever I go shopping I try to go out knowing what I'm looking to buy. (keyword TRY) I decide what I want and how much I would be willing to pay (within reason) . If I dodn't find it for that price, it wasn't for me to have. And 90% of the time I get what I want for the price I want! ( Yay me!) Here's how I did it recently:

    1. One of my first posts was about sneaker wedges. I want them!

    2.  Find styles I like, price them out ($40-$70)

    3. How much are they worth to you? : I will only pay $20-$25 ( I don't like them that much lol) 

    4. Hard part.. wait! Find out when sales are at each store. Ask when sales change

    5. Hunt! Keep an eye on them, check back when you can 

    6. When they drop the price down to your price range attack! 

    *7. Depending on the store/price/availability you might be able to wait for the price to drop lower! (It feels great when that happens)


    I bout these yesterday $17 (Original price $45).. In budget an a style I like! It took about a month, but it was worth it! 


    I started this to help me budget my spending. Style isn't about how much you spend but how you feel. Try it! Need help?? Tweet me @WIXX_Shopaholic 


  • Friday's Fashionista!

    Posted by Melissa

    I wanted to think of a way to post about your personal style! My best friend, Melissa (I know we're twins lol) was heading out to run a couple errands and had on a simple but cute outfit! It was her on just a random day and it was an expression of her! I got the idea to showcase someone and their personal style each week! So Melissa is the first Friday's Fashionista! 


    MELISSA: Likes to stick with black/ dark colors, stays in the box (a sparkly box)! 



    I'll be looking around for next weeks fashionsita! It's about dressing for you, and expressing who you are!  Want to nominate someone, tweet me @WIXX_Shopaholic 

  • My Shopping Finds: Glitter Heels!

    Posted by Melissa

    Recently I wrote about glitter pumps, and today I went shopping in Green Bay and found a few cute styles! It's holiday party season, and glitter shoes are definitely holiday party must. Also most of these are on sale!! (Sales are my favorite part of shopping!)


    There are different levels of glitter, you can find what works for you! 


  • Faux Fur.. Still taboo?

    Posted by Melissa

    Faux fur is all over the place right now! I have seen so many pictures of celebrities wearing it, and every store you can think of has some faux fur pieces. Fur has always been a taboo look! Now that its having its moment, I'm wondering is it still taboo? Would/Do you wear it? Is it too much? A Confidence piece? ... I'm torn too! 

  • Crackle...Over it or Still into it?

    Posted by Melissa

    So I couldn't decide what to do with my nails this week and finally decided on crackle! After I did it i realized, i haven't seen much crackle lately... So i was thinking, is crackle still into it, or are you over it? ...



    Dark color nails are a staple for me in the winter! 



  • Boyfriend Jeans...

    Posted by Melissa

    Boyfriend jeans were everywhere this summer, and I assumed they would stay there. But it looks like they are still here! I just saw pictures of Jennifer Aniston, Gwen Stefani, and Rachel Bilson wearing them with boots! I love masculine and feminine mix these jeans give us! The look really reminds me we can do it all! 

  • Monarch and Dusk!.. Which are you?

    Posted by Melissa

    While looking into the color of the year (Emerald Green) there were a few other colors listed to be "important" in 2013.

    I love color! They can be fun, creative and express who you are! 

    Today I thought I would spotlight two shades of blue.. Monarch and Dusk! 


    I found a few pieces in each color, to give a better idea of what it looks like! Which color is more you? I think I'm dusk...

    DUSK: Soft, feminine, fresh


    MONARCH: Bold, regal, dominant

     VOTE NOW!


    These colors will be most noticed in spring, and probably run into summer. The next few days I'll write about those colors, so you can start pulling out those colors (or shop for them, yay!) 

  • Part 2

    Posted by Melissa

    Like I said earlier I continued my research on the peplum look! While I looked around I found pictures of Kim Kardashian (she clearly loves them) Nicole Scherzinger, Vitoria Bekham, Emma Stone and so many other celebs in this look! It was definitely a red carpet favorite all spring and summer long! 

    As promised here are a few peplum dressed and tops! I have to say the more I look at them I'm starting to fall for them... What do you think? 





    A couple of those dresses won my heart! 

  • Peplum!

    Posted by Melissa

    So the peplum skirt trend has been hanging out for a while now, and I'll admit I wasn't a huge fan! But i have seen people wearing them in such cute ways, I think I might join in on the fun (well if it looks right on me) I was out and about this weekend and came a across Rochelle. She had on this patterned peplum skirt and the tights I blogged about a few days ago! I had to capture it! 


    So as usual I looked around and found some other cute peplum skirts. They pretty much go with anything and have styles for almost any occasion! The striped on is my fave! 


    I guess while I'm on the topic, I should look into peplum shirts and dresses!... Stay tuned....


  • 2013 Color Announced!!

    Posted by Melissa

    Every year has its own color (2012 is Tangerine) and the 2013 color was just announced!  The Pantone color of 2013 is Emerald green! Naturally that means that we will see shades of green taking over. Honestly green isn't one of my normal color choices but, I looked around and I found some cute ways to wear it! If you already own some Emerald pieces time to start pulling them out.. or stoking up! (YAY! shopping)



    Now that I think about it, I have some Emerald wedges and I think a shirt.... I should probably buy a few things too, just in case.. lol 

  • Help Me Choose!

    Posted by Melissa

    I am going to a wedding in a couple weeks with my mom ( hi mami! ).. And I have nothing to wear,  well I want to wear something new lol. So I've looked around and it has come down to these five! Before shopping for a special event I always look on-line first so I have an idea what I'm looking for!

    I figured these might also give you some ideas for holiday parties! What do you think?






    Can you tell I love open backs lol... My next step is to go try on! Fit is so important!  


  • Leather Leggings

    Posted by Melissa

    Leather bottoms are sometimes a touchy subject! Leather pants were kind of a big deal a few years ago, now leather leggings are taking over. Leather leggings definitely make a statement. I think the look is sleek and sexy, but can still be classy!

    As much as I like them I have heard lots of negative comments too! Leather bottoms get a bad name but if its done right I think it's great! Another piece that says confidence! I went back and forth on them too but, as I looked around I fell in love! What do you think?