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  • Seriously.. Would you wear a fanny pack?

    Posted by Melissa

    I was out of town last week in Washington DC. While I was there I saw a few people wearing fanny packs! Yes! Fanny packs! They weren't just any old tourist shop fanny pack, they were "designer" fanny packs! So I looked them up and it turns out they were all over the runway and it might end up being a trend for Spring 2013. What do you think would you wear a "designer" fanny pack? 




  • Who says you can't look cute and work out!

    Posted by Melissa

    It's 4 days into the New Year and resolutions are in high gear! A lot of people I know have said they are going to start going to to the gym/ work out more (including me) It's time to start gathering work out gear! ... Here are some things I found so far in my search 


    After working out I feel good and healthy, why not feel good while you do it?! All of these can be found at Bay Park Square and/or Fox River Mall! 

  • Would you feel like a gift in this...

    Posted by Melissa

    I was out after Christmas shopping (YAY!) Day 1 I found this belt! It's clearance for $3!



    I was thinking about wearing it with the dress I picked for the wedding (I'll post my final pick on Sunday)... But I thought it would make me look like a present lol.. When I looked up other ones I like them! What do you think?? 


  • No Christmas is complete without this...

    Posted by Melissa

    No Christmas is complete without ugly sweater parties! A friend of mine went to one and it looks like it was a success! MERRY CHRISTMAS!! 



  • Friday's Fashionista!

    Posted by Melissa

    This week's fashionista is Jorie! I met Jorie at Bay Park Square, this week. Jorie's outfit looked comfortable but still had edge and personality! When I asked her how she would describe her style she said, she likes things thats are comfortable and make her feel good, but with a little edge! She chooses pieces that will last, classics, that can be mixed and matched! I think she did a great job of expressing herlsef in her outfit! 


    Jorie, 19



    Don't forget each week I'll be showcasing someone new. I'll be looking around Northest Wiscsin looking for next weeks fashionista! If you want to nominate someone (or yourself lol) tweet pics to @WIXX_Shopaholic 

  • Why can't snow boots be cute?

    Posted by Melissa

    So all this snow got me thinking about how snow boots aren't particularly fasionable. I'm on a mission, find cute snow boots! I think found a few pretty good options what do you think? 



    This is a tough mission! lol

  • I wore them!

    Posted by Melissa

    Yesterday I finally got to wear my sneaker wedges! What do you think? (I thought I would use a fun pic) 


    I think they would have looked better with jeans, but I had to go to the gym. Next time! 

  • Ballerinas!

    Posted by Melissa

    When I was shopping last week I found these ballerina flats! They're cute for winter since they're crochet.

    It reminded me how much I love them! They can really add spice to an outfit, or complete it. I love printed ones because they're fun! So I found a few fun patterns! Just about any outfit can work with the right ballerina flats! 


    What fun patterns have you found? 



  • I found this amazing deal!

    Posted by Melissa

    I went shopping this weekend and found these amazing shoes on an incredible sale! (I have a cardigan that matches perfectly too!) The winter is the best time to shop for summer/spring pieces! 


    Last week I wrote about how I plan my shopping, and these were another perfect example! I haven't been waiting on these, they kinda came out of no where! But  when I find a good sale, I just can't resist! 

    I could't believe how much the price dropped! 

    I think the shoes are kinda fabulous! What do you think?  Have you found any amazinf deals lately? 







  • Fringe Boots?

    Posted by Melissa

    While I was out shopping this week I came across these fringe boots!

    It took me back.. I actually had a pair of tall black one when  was in high school that I loved! (I wore a hole in them literally lol) I looked around and noticed they're every where! How did i miss this?

    A found pics of Miley Cyrus, Vanessa Hudgens, Kate Hudson and few other people wearing them. I'm really thinking about getting another pair, can't decide on color or tall vs short ones..What do you think about fringe boots?