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  • Our Holiday Party Style!

    Posted by Melissa

    Our holiday party was this weekend (I know we're late lol) I was asked to blog what I wore so, here it is! For special event I try to challenge myself to spend as little as possible since I might not wear it again, or for a while. I spent a total of $17 on my outfit!  (Clearance Dress $10 & Shoes $7) 


    I noticed there were a lot of cute shoes in the building so I put together some of the highlights! 



  • These are everywhere!

    Posted by Melissa

    I have been seeing these all over! I wasn't sure about the two tone thing but I think I NEED some! (Can you tell I'm a shoes girl?) What combo would you rock?



  • Hmm these are "Interesting"...

    Posted by Melissa

    My friend and I came across these shoes this weekend.. They're "interesting"... What do you think? Would you wear them? Do you think they would be comfortable?? 


  • Friday's Fashionista! - Shanna

    Posted by Melissa

    This week's fashionista is Shanna! I met her out in Green Bay, she owns a store called Azure in DePere (really cute stuff!) She's in her third trimester and she looks fabulous! We talked for a few minutes and she said that doesn't let being pregnant stop her from dressing up! She still wears outfits that she loves and fit her personal style! Congratulations to her growing family! 



    Remember if you know someone who's style really describes them let me know! @WIXX_Shopaholic 

  • Shark Attack your feet!

    Posted by Melissa

    How fun are these?!! I randomly found them! Would you wear these? and Where? 




  • MC Hammer's style still around!?

    Posted by Melissa

    I was out the other day and I came across a woman wearing MC Hammer exclusive, parachute pants!! I forgot all about these! They go by harem pants now, it sounds much better that way. I looked around and found that they are still worn pretty often. Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian, Naomi Campbell and Rhianna all wore them. It's definitely a trend I'm not sold on, but I can see how it works in some of these.. What do you think? 



  • Trying out new primer...

    Posted by Melissa

    I used to think foundation primer wasn't necessary but now i am a huge believer! It really does help the foundation last longer and acts a barrier between your skin and the make up. My skin is temper-mental, so I used to have pretty messy acne and it still acts up from time to time, but i feel like the primer has helped my skin be safe against the foundation. I have been trying new ones and I'm currently testing out these two: 


    So far I feel like my foundation lasts all day with both. But I feel like the Revlon one gives a more matte finish, while the Almay one is more of a dewy look. I do like the way the Almay one looks, I think it look more blended and natural because it's not matte. But I love the look of a matter finish...So I would recommend both! 




  • Look! I bedazzled my camera!

    Posted by Melissa

    I got this camera and I thought the color was pretty but I wanted to make it a little more fun, so I bedazzled it! How do you like it? 


  • How cute are these?

    Posted by Melissa

    I was at my friend's house and her daughter had on these headphones! I couldn't resist! How cute are these!? 


  • I finally got printed pants! Now what to wear with them?

    Posted by Melissa

    I went thrifting and I bought these pants (I paid $10 and I saw them at the original store for $35 = Sold!) 

    I think they are a little summery but I am determined to make them work during the winter! So i was thinking gray boots, white top... What would you wear with these? 

  • I kinda want one.. What do you think?

    Posted by Melissa

    So I came across this sweater and I kinda want it. Do you think its a little corny?  Lol... I think its cute! But I can see how wearing a top with the first letter of my name is a little cheesy lol 



  • This can't be real!

    Posted by Melissa

    During my fanny pack research I came across this! Apparently it's a real thing.. I'm not sure they make them anymore but I'm still in shock it was ever made!