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  • How much would you pay for these?

    Posted by Melissa

    I came across these dresses and when I saw the price tag I was in shock! I was already a little unsure about the patterns of the dress and to add such a price tag! These dresses are $2000 - $3500... How much would you pay for these? 

  • #TBT Heeled Timberlands

    Posted by Melissa

    The other day I watched some old Jennifer Lopez videos and was reminded of the heeled Timberland styled booties. The trend was popular in 2002, and took me back to high school. Do you remember these?? Would you bring this trend back? 


  • Literally kitten heels.. lol

    Posted by Melissa

    So while I was looking for kitten heels for my post earlier I found a pair of heels that are literally kittens! lol... Would you wear these? 




  • Kitten Heels.. yes or no??

    Posted by Melissa

    I was reading an article about how kitten heels are making a come back. Kitten heels are under 2" high and originally came out in the 50's. They were called training heels at one point and then kinda became trendy in the 60's for the first time. What do you think about them? 

  • Flower bomber?

    Posted by Melissa

    I am loving the floral print trend, so much so that I am considering a floral print bomber jacket. I found this one for $10 so, I know it's not a huge investment investment Do you think this look is too much? Would you wear a floral bomber jacket? 

  • Become Next Fresh Face and win $2500 cash

    Posted by Melissa

    Great opportunity coming this summer! The Model Your Brand division of Visuel Productions has The Next Fresh Face competition coming up. This competition is not just about looking great in pictures, it's also about how you how you carry yourself on the runway, commercially, giving a speech.. it's an all around competition. The other great thing, is that as a finalist you get to take classes and meet industry professionals  Oh and did I mention the prizes are fabulous! 


    Winner Prizes include:

    $2500 CASH

    $2500 Scholarship for Higher education

    5 magazine photo shoot, including a cover shoot

    TV Appearances 

    On location International runway show, commercial and fashion shoot


    Here's the link to sign up! Good luck!!! 




  • Ear laces? Yes.. No?

    Posted by Melissa

    I was at the store today and I saw a woman walk in with earrings that connected. I had never seen this before! I got home and quickly looked them up. They are called ear laces, not so suprprisingly Rihanna has been seen wearing them. What do you think about this look? 


  • Thrifty finds!

    Posted by Melissa

    I went thrifting this weekend and found some pretty great stuff! The common misconseption about thrifting is that the clothes are not on trend! FALSE! When you go thrifting it's best to have time and go in with no expectactions. I spent less than $20 and found these two tanks, camo shorts, and booties. Have you been thrifting lately? 

  • These tees are graphic!

    Posted by Melissa

    Graphic tees are definitely definitely a major trend for this spring/summer. It seemed like it was originally just concert tees, but it looks like it's pretty much anything you think is a throw back. The fun thing about these graphic tees is that they can be causal or be dressed up. For example example a blazer and heels go just as well as jeans and flats. How would you style a graphic tee? 


  • At home gel nails success!

    Posted by Melissa

    I recently bought an at home gel nail kit. Honestly I was a little skeptical but, so far I am in love! I was unsusare about only being able to get gel polish becasue it's so expensive, but I did it with regualr nail polish and it's just fine.

    I did my toes first and they still look like the first day, a week and a half later. My nails are just few days in but they are still very shiny and are much harder than just with regular polish. I will post my nails after a full 2 weeks. In the mean time, this is the kit it bought! I'm pretty sure they all work the same though. 


  • DIY Lace Shorts

    Posted by Melissa

    I found this simple way to make your own lace shorts. I'm an artsy kind of person so, making my own sounds like a good idea (probably time consuming). The good thing is you can make them exactly the way you want, and it might cost less! 

  • 300 lives on in shoes!

    Posted by Melissa

    The last time gladiator shoes were trending, I was in college but I don't remember them being quite as stand out as they are now. I remember before they were mainly below the ankle, which is still trending. Gladiator sandals that are treding, more with celebrities especially, this around are going all the way up the calf, and just below the knee. What do you think about this look? Too much?