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Precision Agriculture. The Future Has Arrived.

by Tom Boodle

Precision Agriculture. The Future Has Arrived.

By: Swiderski Equipment

The popular conception of farming as low-tech is woefully out of date. Modern farmers are high-tech operators; they use GPS (Global Positioning Systems) to guide field operations and auto-steer systems to make tractors follow that GPS guidance without human hands.

Most new tractors come with at least some GPS capabilities and many older models can be fitted for them as well. Swiderski Equipment will have several models on hand at this years Farm Technology Days for demonstration.They also have three of the best precision agriculture experts in the industry on staff to answer your questions and help determine solutions that best fit your operation.

One of the biggest misunderstandings about precision agricultural equipment is that it is only for the large farms that can afford huge capital expenditures and that it would never pay off for the smaller family farms. This is not the case. There are a variety of systems available at multiple price points and even the most basic systems have proven to save farmers time and money while increasing their yields.

Precision farming allows a grower to increase efficiencies, while decreasing input costs.Producers are able to control rate and flow of materials for seeding and spraying applications, while monitoring crop and equipment performance to increase hay and forage yields.Moisture and yield sensors give real-time updates during harvest, allowing operators to adjust combine or harvester performance at crucial times to maximize yields.These technologies provide a more accurate, cost-effective and user-friendly way to produce the crops and food needed to feed our ever-growing population.

Through the use of crop and water management options, information needed for improving land and water use can be collected. Increased accuracy with auto guidance and assisted steering systems reduce the number of in-field passes needed and reduce fuel consumption.More efficient use of inputs including water, fertilizer, and fuel, also help to regulate the environmental impacts of farming.

Precision farming continues to progress, with enhanced GPS signals that will improve both the quality and efficiency of agricultural operations well into the future. To learn more about this time and money saving technology, visit Swiderski Equipment Inc. at Farm Technology Days in lots 156-164/225-233.

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