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VIDEO :: James Jones on Greg Jennings :: 1 on 1 With The Boys

by Paul Heling

On the 10/24/13 episode of 1 on 1 with the Boys, an audience member asked how James Jones felt about seeing Greg Jennings in the upcoming match-up in the Metrodome.  Side note:  Greg had  called James' phone during the show just prior to this question.

In this video, James says he hopes Greg gets 3 catches for 3 yards, stays healthy, and the Packers come out with a win.  The "stay healthy" part alluded to their quarterback struggles and how that could put receivers in positions to get injured.

Then it got funny.  Seems Greg's kids were Facetiming with James' wife and kids this week where Greg's daughter said "Yeah I told My Dad, you not gonna beat the Packers".  Hear it all in this video: