Back to School Show

Back to School Show

We started the school year off right with a free show!

We had a great show Monday, August 18th at the Outlet Shoppes of Oshkosh even though the weather wasn't exactly cooperative! There was a great crowd to see MKTO, AJR, Todd Carey, The Lately, and BBQ.

See Instagram photos, Tweets, and video from the show below! Can't get enough? See the official WIXX concert pics.

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Back to School Show Lineup

MKTO 7:00pm

MKTO is a duo act with Malcolm Kelley and Tony Oller who first met on the set of their TeenNick show "Gigantic" where they played best friends. MKTO stands for their initials as well as "Misfit Kids and Total Outcasts" which describes how they often felt in high school. Their sound is a unique combination of pop, soul and rap.

AJR 6:00pm

AJR is Adam (bass/vocals), a 23-year old Columbia University graduate, Ryan (guitar/piano/vocals), a bespectacled 20-year old Columbia student who serves as the band’s main songwriter, and Jack (vocals/guitar), the 16-year old force-of-nature who splits time between lead vocals and attending high school in NYC.

Todd Carey 5:15pm

“I set out to make an album that reflects me—playing these songs makes me feel alive. This has been the most painstaking, frustrating and, ultimately, rewarding artistic process,” Carey says. “It has established my identity for the rest of my life.”

The Lately 4:30pm

The Lately is a high-energy indie rock outfit built around memorable songwriting and a muscular rhythm section. The band avoids the pomp and pretentiousness the permeates the genre—focusing instead on boisterous hooks and raucous celebration. The unique voice of Samuel and melodic guitar work of Ryan has earned the band radio play throughout the country, while the focused songwriting and rowdy stage show has earned them the respect of fans and contemporaries.

WIXX's Big Break Winner 4:00pm

BBQ gets to be the opening performance at the WIXX Back to School Concert with MKTO on August 18th, have their song played on WIXX, and a live, in-studio interview on WIXX!


Will the concert be cancelled or delayed if it rains? The show goes on! The acts are prepared to perform even if the conditions aren't ideal. Please dress accordingly. If severe weather approaches, we will make announcements on WIXX and at the concert with the proper plans for such an event.

What time do I need to be there? Usually the first people there are there very early in the day (around 8am) however it's not necessary to be there that early to get a "good" spot. With the size of the roped-off area for the crowd even being at a place a ways back from the stage will still give you a great opportunity to hear/see the show.

How do I win meet and greet passes? On the Top 9 at 9 the weekend of August 15.

Can I take pictures? Yes - please bring your phone and use #WIXXBTS on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!

How do I win the $500 Shopping Spree? Share your Back to School concert experience by sharing your photos on Facebook and Twitter for a chance to win a $500 shopping spree. Twitter: @OutletOshkosh Facebook: OutletShoppesatOshkosh

Can I drop my child off and shop during the concert? Absolutely. There will be great deals in the mall. While we will have security on-hand, keep in mind that we are expecting thousands of people - so please use common sense.

Will there be water to purchase? Yes. Please bring cash.

Will there be food to purchase on-site? There will be a charity tent selling snack foods, but there won't be "meal-like" food served. There is a Johnny Rockets restaurant on premises as an option. It is a sit-down restaurant.

Where are the bathrooms? There will be porta-potties on-site and available to use within the concert area.

What stores are in the mall? All mall information can be found here.

How long is the mall open for? All mall information can be found here.

Any more questions? Email